Mars Enters Pisces — January 12, 2015

Mars our Planet of energy, action, movement, anger, passion and war enters the sign Pisces on January 12th at 5:40 AM EST until February 19th at 7:12 PM EST when it enters the sign Aries. Mars in Pisces is a reluctant warrior, a passionate lover,  a concerned leader,  and a beloved hero! Within all of Mars manifestations, it is of course, most at home in its own sign of Aries — herein we get the most powerful energy and passion available to mankind. Used wisely this is a magnificent gift to us of honor, duty, love, and order — however on the other side of the coin it can be fanatic, brutal, angry, controlling and a very unappealing despot. While in Pisces we get a kinder and more compassionate Mars — not completely happy in this watery and empathetic sign, still Mars will put a bit of backbone into Pisces who will be able to follow through with some of their more worthy deeds and charitable works.

While in Pisces, Mars will square Saturn in Sagittarius on the 15th for a momentary dust-up at 2 degrees of the signs — if you have any Planets at this degree just be aware of some controversy within your realm. On the 19th, Mars will conjunct Neptune with a steamy combustion that may bring some very passionate moments, or will bring a flood of tears and vexation. Your chart holds the answer to the way Mars and Neptune will manifest while sharing this brief connection. On the 30th Mars in Pisces will sextile Pluto at 14 degrees of the sign Capricorn — these two powers can work their magic and help you go forward with an important plan — (however remember there still is Rx Mercury to deal with now) — so you might be better served if you take this time to be sure your ideas and plans are able to be implemented in a conscientious and straightforward way.

Mars in Pisces will bring heightened dream states, a more compassionate love of mankind, intense feelings, over-the-top ideas about service to others, and an emotional depth most of us find difficult to encompass. Too much emotion makes Mars uneasy and so there may be a backing-off when things get to hot to handle. It’s not fear of taking action — rather fear of emotions getting out of hand. Mars is fearless in all activities that require strength, valor, sacrifice, loyalty, brotherhood, country and family. Where Mars gets a little apprehensive is when emotions soar to heights that require total submission to actually feeling everything! Mars forte is not an over sentimental or  saccharine kind of love, rather a passionate encompassing of all emotion put into fierce and aggressive action.

Mars in Pisces Love Style

Here we have a crusty outer shell, with a mushy inner core! You may never get the vocalization of love that you want from your Mars in Pisces mate, but under that seemingly unruffled exterior beats a heart full of passion. Mars in Pisces is a difficult combination when it comes to the loving game — they become besotted with their loved one, tongue-tied and heady with emotion that they cannot easily process. They are feeling so much emotion that their psyche kind of short- circuits and they are left with mutterings and breathless sighs in trying to connect to you. It’s as if a volcano is ready to erupt but then temporarily subsides — smoldering under its mantle, seething with undying love. You may find you have a tiger by the tail in this wildly passionate creature who doesn’t know how to let you know how much you mean to him/her. Much of their behavior will depend on how you manage to get your own message across to him/her about your own feelings. Once all your cards are on the table, it’s as if there is a truce — and both sides can be forthright and honest about their interest.

Mars in Pisces is the most mystical and karmic of Mars placements — bringing in the magic of past lives and the karma they owe to those they come in contact with in this life. Mysterious, magnetic, enigmatic, compelling and hypnotic, they will draw you into the web of their captivating persona. Mesmerizing in their ability to capture your interest and love — once they set their sights on you — you are as good as theirs. Loving in a deep and ardent way, they will be faithful and true, loyal to a fault, and always passionate well into the later years in life. Not to say they don’t enjoy flirting and getting attention from others — they are masters of finding those who would admire them. Still — if they committed themselves to you — they are yours forever! Allow them their occasional flirtations, knowing it’s all a facade, and they are always comparing others to you.

Mars in Pisces can be a difficult aspect to have in one’s chart, and it is also a challenge to love someone with this combination of Fire and Water! However, it is worth the effort for a once-in-a-lifetime love that can last through eternity. Give of yourself, abandon any hesitation, and be majestically rewarded with a forever love.


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