Venus Enters Aquarius — January 3, 2015

We begin 2015 with Venus our Planet of Love and our Loved ones in the last few degrees of the sign Capricorn, before moving into the humanitarian sign of Aquarius on January 3rd at 9:49 AM EST, remaining in Aquarius until entering Pisces on January 27th at 10:00 AM EST. Venus is a little tipsy in Aquarius, she isn’t used to Aquarius quirkiness,  and doesn’t like surprises which Aquarius ruling Planet Uranus is apt to find amusing. Venus wants beauty, kindness, and caring. She wants love to be romantic, chivalrous, and gallant. However, in Aquarius she finds herself befuddled at the whimsy of Uranus humor and sense of capriciousness. All of these combine to keep our beloved Venus in a state of flux — she is apprehensive, cautious and decidedly uncomfortable.

Of course, Aquarius is the sign that cares for all of humanity — and Venus will relate to this compassionate side of the sign. I like Venus in Aquarius, because she is almost required to let her hair down and become more folksy! No Ivory Tower whilst inhabiting this Airy Fixed sign. In a way Venus must up her game to include all of the many manifestations of the various and sundry visages and personalities of Mankind. We are a disparate and incongruous  grouping of race, creed, ethnicity, height, weight, color, politics, wildness, sedateness, community, frumpiness, beauty — blonde, brunette, red-black-white-grey-ginger-haired, and even sometimes purple, blue and gold! We are a wonder to behold, and Venus is often overwhelmed by the variety, diversity and variability in all of us.

Old, young, impaired, healthy, bright, dull, brilliant, rash, irresponsible, angry, loving, wise, loyal, dishonest, giving, needing love  — we are a nebulous combination of all that is good, bad and indifferent among all men. Venus doesn’t find this kind of intense immersion into the psyche of Mankind in any other sign or with so many variables as she does in Aquarius. It’s no wonder she might find being in Aquarius a bit awe-inspiring and yet terrifying! Still, she relates to all of us as individuals — bringing us her special kind of favor, her gifts of loving kindness and acceptance. She does indeed see the beauty in all of us — in every manifestation. But, oh dear, to have to make allowances for every nuance of Mankind’s needs and desires — our Lady Venus has to be so very wise understanding and forgiving.

Venus is above all willing to participate in the playfulness of Aquarius, and her outre personality will come forth and shine when she pushes the envelope of  fashion using the ingenuity of an artist with a magical paint brush of colorful fabric, glitter, and an enhanced imagination! How cherished is our Lady Venus — enveloping all of us in her embrace of unconditional love. She will bring us the ability to look upon our loved ones with a new appreciation — showing us their unique qualities and allowing us to remember just why we fell in love in the first place! Lady Venus will allow us to appreciate those who are a bit different than ourselves, she will pique our appetite for something more — we will be well served by being open to all of the new people Venus brings into our lives. With Venus in Aquarius there is magic, mystery and karma in the air — partake of her generosity to find your truest love.

HINT:  Find your one and only at a farmer’s market, volunteering at an animal shelter, at a Goodwill Store, at a local swap meet, selling hand-made jewelery, pottery, paintings, or candles at a craft fair, eating at a gluten-free restaurant, at a protest march, reading to children at the library, teaching dance, at a psychic fair, or at a poetry reading.




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