New Moon in Aquarius — January 20, 2015

Our New Moon this month crests at 8:14 AM EST at zero degrees of the sign Aquarius on January 20th. Not only is this a new cycle for those Aquarians whose birthdays are near the New Moon date, but for all Aquarians. There is a waft of new energy and opportunity for all of us, but those that might benefit the most will be our Aquarian brethren. Their unique outlook on life will be meted out to include all of us — we will be enlightened to a new way of thinking that will allow us to “see” a new passage for our future. Also combining Saturn in Sag’s piquing of Neptune in Pisces has the potential to open our eyes to intense dream states and their messages of the possibilities we have to change for the better. Listen with your whole heart and soul to the subtle (or not so subtle) messages of the Planetary interplay. We are being given the opportunity to move ahead with unusual plans and one-of-a-kind visions that may bring us to new conclusions about our pathway here on Earth. With Mercury also in Aquarius, our thinking will be acute and edgy — however, when Mercury goes Rx on the 21st, it might be time to rethink your monumental ideas and bring them down to Earth to be implemented in a more mundane fashion after Mercury goes direct on the 11th of February. Not to say that you should ignore any brilliant flash of inspiration — just be sure it has a solid foundation, and can be realized with well-orchestrated planning.

Since Mercury rules such fields as communication, transportation, neighbors and contracts, it will be wise to be amenable to changes, late arrivals or departures, community issues and connecting with old friends whom we have somehow drifted away from in the past few years. With Venus also riding along with the Sun, and Mercury in Aquarius until the 27th, we have an opportunity to be more open-minded, to draw towards us those who would be favorable and compatible with us, and to begin to see those folks we often take for granted in a new light. Our eyes can be opened to our own unique abilities and traits, and to the unique qualities of those we love and any new folks who enter our realm. Renewal is in the ether, and we can partake of this time to awaken in us that ability to tap into our spiritual center. We will, if we choose be able to “see” ourselves and our place on this Earth, and how our interactions affect all those with whom we come into contact on a day-to-day basis. An expression of comfort, a token of affection, or a word of praise may make a lifetime of difference to one person. You can be the beacon of light to one who is suffering and in need. A smile, an acknowledgement of thanks, a momentary touch or hug — is sometimes all that is required.

The Planet of passion, energy and courage, Mars enters Pisces on the 12th — this is such a good opportunity to become enlightened and in tune with your deepest mystical transcendent self. Mars will be meeting up with Neptune on the 19th bringing a blazing crescendo of Fire into the magical watery depths of Pisces. A frisson of energy will burst forth as the roiling mystic waters of Neptune meet the super-heated desires of Mars. There will be confusion in the misty, swirling, foggy air that obfuscates the scene, but the mists will lift, and we will be able to use these two in combination to dig deeper into our psyches than ever before to find our truest bliss — our most positive pathway, and the best karmic road to our personal fulfillment. Work with all of the dynamism of Mars whilst it piques the depths of Neptune’s abyss. Find your own personal road to your highest goals, your most empathetic nature, and your most visceral persona. Strip away any shadow of what is not your truest self and become the hero/heroine in your own saga.

Allow the current Planetary actions to move you to create your own  personal positive environment. Work with the transits, placements and orbits of your personal Planets to meld your future with the dreams and goals you have made for yourself. One of the ways to enhance the pathway you have chosen is to use the energy of the New Moon in Aquarius to awaken you to those ideas and desires you have always known you could achieve, but somehow the difficulties and vagaries of life forced you to deviate from your intended course. Our Aquarius New Moon crests at 8:14 AM EST on the 20th at zero degrees of the sign. This New Moon has a lot of power to help push forward your own agenda — all of your intentions for charity and all good works will be enhanced by the energy being expelled into the ether at this time. This is the best time to put forth your own dreams, wishes and affirmations within the 24 hours following the New Moon’s blossoming. Whilst the Moon is in Aquarius, you can write out your requests with abandon — nothing is off the table with the far-reaching aura of our Uranian-ruled Fixed Air sign Aquarius. Use your imagination to pique your usual affirmations to include awakening your funny bone, seeing through the eyes of a child, finding the new and unusual fascinating and rewarding, rather than something to be feared. Open up your spirit to the most admirable ideas you ever imagined, and write out those “impossibly outrageous” requests that push the envelope of your comfort zone! Loosen the reins of the mundane and ordinary — with Aquarius in the house a world of miracles is at your fingertips. Free yourself from any burden of complacency and dormancy. Give yourself the gift of being completely open and vulnerable to the karma you were born to fulfill. We are not just the flotsam and jetsam of life here on Earth, rather, we are the blessed inhabitants of this  unique world of wonder, to maintain its natural  beauty — to keep the Earth safe for future generations — to love, flourish and bring all that is sacred to fruition! Peace!





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