New Moon Reminder — January 20, 2015

With our New moon in Aquarius at zero degrees, cresting at 8:14 AM EST, we have the opportunity to use this fixed airy energy to boost our own agenda. Open your eyes to the possibility of changing your life for the better, and enhance the lives of all those you love with a little effort and thought. The sign Aquarius holds so many different ways to see your world — with Aquarius energy we can find the beauty in almost everything — we can learn to appreciate our world of wonder. Sometimes we get stuck in a rut of not really “seeing” a situation — and we repeat and repeat what we hope is a solution to no avail. Perhaps it is time to revamp your outlook and push the envelope of possible solutions to your issues and/or problems. Air signs are the intellectuals of the Zodiac and can figure out just about anything they want — Aquarius has the most unique way of relating to their world — they put their special spin on whatever is going on in their lives and can come up with startling conclusions. Tap into your own Aquarius house of “smarts” — look to your chart to see where Aquarius lives and bring this New Moon energy to bear upon those things that particular house has rulership over. Use the power of the Universe to help you figure out how to renew, repair, reflect upon your current agenda. Ready for a do-over — use the exceptional dynamism available with this New Moon in Aquarius.

The process is simplicity itself — find a quiet corner — calm your mind by meditating, breathing, or praying — allow your mind to wander just a bit to find those issues, wishes or affirmations you want to alter, improve or bring into your life. When you feel a steadiness and deep sense of soul silence, begin to write out your dreams, desires, wishes and affirmations in a clear and concise manner. Name names, be specific, allow your consciousness to just write freely — after a few requests — stop — look at what you’ve written. Are you sure these are the most important things you want to come into your life, are there some things you hesitate to mention? Feel free to write all positive and optimistic affirmations you truly wish to see come true. Bring in your hopes for your loved ones, you could even write out a wish for someone who is a thorn in your side — to make them happier, to allow them to see that they are harming themselves with negative actions. Include a couple of totally outside the box requests — something you think might never happen! Your words, your hopes and wishes, and your sincere needs can be met with a little faith, hope, and perhaps the occasional mini-miracle! Never say never to anything you feel would improve your life, or would bring more peace and love into your realm.

Learn to work with the magical energy in the ether — sense the opportunities around you — allow only”good” to infuse your life! Draw toward yourself all that is happy, open and wondrous — feel that you deserve all the good things life has to offer. Our journey here is one of learning, experiencing and teaching — each of us can be an inspiration to someone. Bring your unique light into the open and allow all to see your beauty — it shines from within — and can be a beacon of hope! Keep smiling — it is contagious and will bring more positive people into your life. Peace!


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