Venus Enters Pisces — January 27, 2015

Lady Venus our Planet of love, empathy, kindness and romance will enter the sign Pisces on January 27th at 10:00 AM EST residing there until she moves on to the sign Aries on February 20th at 3:06 PM EST. Things are always a bit light-headed and woozy when Venus visits Pisces — she is swept into her most loving artistic mode and is wearing her rose-colored-glasses! Everything seems loving and exciting and romantic wherever she looks. With Neptune also in Pisces, we must be aware that there is a will-o-the-wisp element in play that might make things look better than they truly are at this time. Mercury is in Retrograde mode, and Neptune is the master of subterfuge — so let a little time expire before going off on a tangent in thinking you have found your forever love at first sight. Time will be the arbiter of what is honest and true, and what might be passionate first impressions. Still, we love to have our Lady Venus in Pisces — she is loving, warm, fuzzy, imbued with passionate feelings, open to all who enter her realm with dreams of forever love. She enjoys her stay in Pisces every year because emotionally they have such rich compatibility and harmony together. Swooning and undulating to the rhythms of the waves, Venus submerges herself with  deep thoughts of love and adoration! Neptune piques Venus desires and yearnings to a heightened crescendo — bringing her own emotions and sensations to the fore. Together they are the epitome of true-love, unabated passion and unbridled desire. There is no stopping their intense feelings until there is an emotional release of their ultimate demands.

Meeting up with Neptune on February 1st, there will be an increase in our emotional levels released into the ether that might catch us up in a tidal flow of passion and uncontrollable desires. This could be a wonderful connection that will turn out to be our dream come true — or just a passing fancy that takes us to the apex of our emotional mountain top. Allow yourself the gift of time to assess the real nature of any new relationship or indeed friendship that develops during this very emotional interval. Still — Venus in Pisces is such a loving, self-deprecating creature, she will bow to the will of those stronger and more aggressive most of the time. With Neptune also riding along with our Lady Venus, she has an ally in being able to “see” deeply into the soul level of those she meets. Not one to be fooled for long, Venus in Pisces can and will dig deeply into the psyche of those she encounters — looking into the depths of their souls and spirits — if found wanting, she will waste no time in purging herself of  any unworthy partners. Sweet, naive, compassionate, kind and loving is our Lady Venus in Pisces — but — she is definitely no pushover, she well knows her worth — and she will have her due!

HINT: Find your true love at an antique store, art gallery, aquarium, psychic fair, at a seance, at a music recital, in the theater, buying organic veggies, on a fishing trip, aboard a local ferry, watching “Rocky Horror Picture Show“,  at a friends craft party, while having a pedicure, a cooking class, shopping for shoes, or indulging in a hot fudge sundae!



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