February’s Planetary Activity

After our record-breaking blizzard this past week, and news of another winter storm approaching for Monday, I fear the famous Ground Hog prediction on February 2nd will be forecasting another 6 weeks of winter for all of us! However, New-Englander’s are made of strong stuff — and will endure and even thrive through the most difficult of natural or man-made disasters, as has been shown in the past. But what does this snowy and frigid month of February have in store for us astrologically speaking?

The Full Moon crests on February 3rd, at 6:09 PM EST, at 14 degrees of the sign Leo. Since Leo is a fixed fire sign, it will impact both those born near August 6th to 8th and those born February 2nd to 5th by opposition! It will behoove those folks to take a little extra care in driving (especially in icy weather), and to watch their tempers while this aspect is in place. Of course, we all should be aware of our surroundings during this time-span, and try to remain calm — we are also dealing with Retrograde Mercury in Aquarius which adds to the confusion and delays that abound now. If traveling be aware that weather may impact your ability to travel whether by land, sea or air. There also can be hiccups in any area where the sign Aquarius lives in your chart. Mercury goes direct on February 11th, but as always this transition takes a little time to get rolling into more positive territory.

Our New Moon this month is unusual as it crests on February 18th in Aquarius at the karmic 29th degree — at 6:47 PM EST — here’s the New Moon by the numbers — at 6:47 PM EST we have the New Moon — a few seconds later the Moon enters the sign Pisces, and two minutes later, the Sun enters Pisces! So this is as close as you can get to a zero degree New Moon! The 29th degree is considered by many a karmic degree, because it is as if the orbs hesitate a nanosecond before leaving one sign and entering another, building pressure and intensity, as if it has to tear itself away from what has become “home” for the last 29 degrees! Often those born at 29 degrees have a more karmic existence than the rest of we mere mortals. I do feel this is a new cycle for all Pisces whether born near the New Moon or not. There is a karmic cleansing sweeping through the sign bringing new opportunities and perhaps some karmic blessings. Mars still in Pisces until the 19th will be keeping passions high, and will enter Aries at 7:12 PM EST, happy to be at home in its fiery domain. Emotions will be bared, secrets can be revealed, and the opportunity to clear the air in any long-standing strife can be addressed. Energy is ramped up during this New Moon period, and so we should prepare our wish list of our affirmations ahead of time in order to be sure we are writing out exactly what it is we want to express. Meditate, cogitate and originate your New Moon list with the potential that change is possible and will bring improvements to your life and the lives of your loved ones. February 19th also ushers in the Chinese Year of the Green Wood Sheep or Ram. This begins a new cycle for those born in a Sheep Year to improve upon their lot in life and to make forward progress in their jobs, self-improvement and their relationships.

We are also in countdown mode for the final  Uranus in Aries square to Pluto in Capricorn later in the month, raising once again our zeal for change — personally there is a feeling of transition that things will not quite be as they were a few years ago. We are also facing a Saturn in Sagittarius square to Neptune in Pisces allowing us to dig deep into our hopes and wishes realistically — perhaps opening our eyes to whether we have the ability to make them our reality. Also Mars and Venus connect on the 22nd at 1 degree of Aries — at 12:13 AM EST — bringing our passions to the fore urging us to make our move! Take a moment to make sure whatever you are planning will be the right move at the right time. The energy of these two Love Planets will last throughout the week. The Sun will enter Pisces in the early evening hours of the 18th bringing our mindset to all temporal things — timing is everything. The Sun will square Saturn on the 23rd so we must try to be strong deep into our spiritual core, and it will conjunct Neptune on the 25th bringing our thoughts to our loved ones with gentle thoughts, and piquing our creative juices for all things of an artistic nature.

Last — but not least — we must remember Valentine’s Day is on February 14th — celebrating Love! Early in the day there are mixed elements that could go either way — really great or completely misses the mark. It might be better to wait until after 6:00 PM, when the Moon enters the sign Capricorn for any evening event — a cozy dinner, an evening at the theater, perhaps just a quiet night at home with some popcorn and a chic flick, or a wonderful weekend tryst! We might want to strive for a conservative rather than boisterous night, some earthy warmth and a no-nonsense practical gift that says you understand and truly care in the most loving way.

For a shortened month, February brings us a mixed bag of ups-and-downs. Uncertain weather, school vacations, frustration with ice, snow and cold — it’s up to us to smooth the daily stressors of life into manageable quotients that we can handle with a modicum of ease. Life is about living no matter what is on our plate! It’s our life — we must cherish the days we have upon this Earth, and realize how precious each and every day is to our evolution. We must learn not to hate, not to envy, not to be bitter — but instead rise above these petty human faults to the truest and most noble of human abilities — our capacity to Love.


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