Chinese Year of the Green Wood Sheep — February 19, 2015

Overview —

The Year of the Green Wood Sheep/Ram/Goat — begins here in the USA on February 19th with celebrations locally in our Chinese communities and worldwide throughout Asia. Many Asians travel hundreds of miles to visit their extended families to celebrate their good fortune and prepare for the changes in the year ahead. It is said to be the largest migration in the world with hundreds of millions of Chinese traveling on planes, trains and automobiles to get to their family farms and homes in order to be together at this auspicious time. There are colorful, noisy and happy celebrations in homes, businesses, and restaurants all over the world. Gifts are exchanged and those who have been away will share their stories of the year past. For many this will be the only time they connect with their family physically until the next New Year’s celebration. Some will be seeing their children, who are being cared for by grandparents for the first time in a year! Especially those who were born on farms or in rural areas, who are forced by monetary needs to seek employment many miles away in the big cities, and cannot afford to travel more than this one time a year. It is a happy, bittersweet, momentous time in their lives and the importance of this occasion cannot be overstated.

For we here in the United States it is a time to appreciate the ancient culture and vast importance of Asian history and tradition. Having attended many New Year’s celebrations at the invitation of  friends at restaurants in the Boston area, I can say that no expense is spared — the food is lavish with many courses, the drink is unending and top notch, and the entertainment artistically exquisite! Martial Arts exhibits, singers and musicians, local school children all dressed up to share the excitement of the Dragon Dances that will scare away any evil or demon waiting to cause trouble — while dancers make the Dragon whirl and gyrate, undulate and breathe smoke — all the time its huge eyes seek out those troublemakers with clanging gongs, slapping sticks and all manner of noisemaker. It is a sight to behold — and the eyes of the children are wide with awe, mouths agape at all the splendor and tradition of their culture.

This is the Year of the Green Wood Sheep/Goat/Ram and is considered to be a positive year for many in business and commerce. In many instances, the business world may take second place to the needs of family and friends however. The Sheep is a herd animal and their families are of utmost importance to them.There is a vast array of personality traits among those born in Sheep years, depending on just when they were born during the year. Our Sheep folk’s characteristics can run from honest and artistic to emotional and needy. Sheep people dislike controversy and will avoid it at all costs, they enjoy the finer things in life and would be happy to be taken care of throughout their lives if they could live in luxurious surroundings and have things handed to them on a silver platter. Sometimes lazy, emotional, empathetic and also a bit bossy — they might try the patience of their loved ones. On the other hand — we have the artistic, creative, inspiring and intuitive Sheep who bring us an appreciation of all beauty and the ability to see the majesty of our world.

With the creativity of the Sheep persona, this will be an awesome year for any truly unique and novel ideas that can be brought to fruition. Art in all of its forms will be highlighted during this year, whether your forte is classic painting, sculpture, or mobile, or perhaps cooking is your favorite artistic expression — decorating a home or office area — creating beautiful gardens — even jewelery making or a home-based craft will have an appreciative audience. Music, theater, film — all will have a better chance of success during this ultra-creative Year of the Sheep! Plan now to unveil your best art work, sketch, quilt, screen play, music or any innovative or original idea you might have while there is so much acceptance to be had.

We might find the absent-minded professor in this group, a top-notch ballerina, decorator, artist, fashionista, musician, landscape gardener, philanthropist, or even an advertising executive! Bold ideas, social conscious, considerate, difficulty in choosing, responsible, honest, needing love and approval, adventurous — but needing guidance — our Sheep are a showcase of all that is human. They can be diplomatic and are always in forward motion. Some famous Sheep people are — Mark Twain,Barbara Walters, Julia Roberts,Mick Jagger, John Wayne, Mel Gibson, Sir Laurence Olivier, Anne Bancroft, and Bruce Willis.

This Year of the Green Wood Sheep will prove to be a mixed year indeed, with the first half less successful than the second half — we must use the first part of this year to plan our strategies so that a good foundation is laid when things start moving forward, and we will be able to implement our plans in order to move in a successful direction. It will be best to be a little conservative during the early months so that we don’t upset the apple-cart of our entire year by some outrageous actions that will impede our future dealings. Avoid any over-the-top schemes and remember the old axiom, “If it seems to good to be true — it probably is!” Don’t subject your future to get-rich-quick schemes. The future is in your hands, and it behooves you to take good care of all of your assets, and make sure you are doing what is right for yourself and your loved ones. The Sheep, although a bit lazy and indulgent still cares mightily for his family and wants only the best for them.

You may be seeing a lot more green, red and purple this year — and those are the colors the Sheep prefers — steer away from golds and browns! If you have had a rift in your family or a friendship, this is the time to heal those wounds with sincerity. Personal relations can improve this year with a little work from both parties involved. You can transform your life this year with the help of the good fortune emanating from the intuition and instincts of the Sheep Year. Use all of your inner spiritual grounding and senses to find just where you can bring your own special touches into fulfillment. Take the time to pursue any creative pathway you may have an interest in — take classes, hone your craft, find a teacher to help you master and promote your agenda. When you have mastered your craft or art — be bold in getting it into the public eye. Don’t hide your light — believe in your talents and unique abilities. We all have our innate gifts and those we have honed with practice and patience. Bring your A-game to the fore in this Sheep year to find your true worth and continue with your own personal bliss! If you love and care about what you do, you cannot go wrong in the long run of your pathway throughout this lifetime. Believe you can succeed, believe you will prevail, and present the best work you can produce. Allow yourself to be your own best friend in allowing yourself to reach for your dreams. Believe in yourself!

East Meets West

Aries Sheep — this Sheep persona is a little more bold than one perceives with most Sheep folks, they will take that leap of faith because they have a bit more confidence and competitiveness than other Sheep. Not one to take a back seat they will ram forward into any and all obstacles in their pathway. The only difficulty is that they might come on too strongly and will put others off of their ideas. Great in communicating their agenda — they might become overbearing at times. It is best if the Aries Sheep take the time to “know” their audience. When they do their homework, and know that what they have to offer is just what the group truly wants or needs — they can be their usual charming and audacious selves and convince anyone of the rightness of his/her ideas. More sensitive than their outer facade will show, their feelings can be hurt with the slightest of perceived insult. They dislike being thought of as unproductive or marginal where they work, so will put forth an amazing amount of effort in getting their job done well. Passionate and ardent in their beliefs, our Aries Sheep will be sure to take care of his family, friends and cohorts. Almost always energetic and capable, this Sheep can be a leader of his flock!

Taurus Sheep — our Taurus Sheep folks are the epitome of the Sheep profile, indulgent, a bit lazy, loves the good life, can be petulant and whiny. However, they are also creative, boldly enthusiastic, extremely sensitive for themselves and intuitively for others. They can be strongly opinionated and it is difficult to change their minds unless you have compelling facts and figures, and can be determined to listen to a plethora of rhetoric. The Taurus Sheep has a bit more fortitude than average, and if they truly believe in their pathway, they will be doggedly determined to see it through to its final stage. Wanting only the best for themselves, they also want what is the best and finest for their families. Talented and creative, but following a conservative style of fashion and keeping themselves above the fray of any outre ideas. Quality is their mantra — and long service would be their goal — they’d rather spend a bundle on one outfit to be used in many fashionable ways, than to have five mediocre ensembles that would not come up to their high standards. The Taurus Sheep will almost always be able to rise to the top of their social scale — charming, witty, and genuinely likeable — they enjoy the company of others and will endear themselves to all.

Gemini Sheep — Here we have the quixotic and perhaps eccentric Sheep, having too much on their mind at all times. Difficult for them to make even minor decisions, and impossible for them to easily follow a drawn-out plan for their future. They are articulate, intelligent, creative, and always on the move. It is difficult for these Sheep to stay in one place for a long time — and even when in their comfortable home, they are always moving about finding odds and ends that are in need of attention. A little bit on the fringe of societies norms, they often are the artist, crafts-person, hair stylist, fashion designer, or even the absent-minded professor. Brilliant and mentally open to the latest of fashion, science, art, or even medicine — they can be the leaders in creating new fields of study in all of these areas. They are a wonder to behold when they are professing their love of their craft or industry. True believers in we human’s ability to solve any mundane or esoteric questions about anything in the Universe, they are always stimulated to push the envelope of our evolution. How dull would our lives be without our Gemini Sheep folks — they bring us joy unbound, open our eyes to all that is new and refreshing, and make groundbreaking strides in any field they choose to study. Our Gemini Sheep are aware of and are seeing the future — and never ask ‘why’ — but always ‘why not?’

Cancer Sheep — Sensitive, caring, kind, family oriented are our Cancer Sheep brethren — always aware of the needs of their loved ones, they will move mountains in order to care for those they love. Often overlooked because of their shyness, they will work ardently in the background seeking nothing but to be of service to others. This watery mix will bring much turbulence during their lifetime, yet they will carry on. Feeling everything more than most, they are constantly aware of the sensitivity of others and are loath to hurt anyone’s feelings. They know all too well how devastating a callous remark or unthinking gaffe may injure someone for many years. They enjoy being able to entertain family and friends within their home base — children are their joy and stability throughout their lifetime. Needing little praise or thanks, the Cancer Sheep will give his/her all to their family. Hard working, loyal to a fault, a bit clinging, and sometimes needy — our Cancer Sheep will always be there in times of need. A good provider and steady helpmate — they will trudge along on their forward path until they can trudge no more — happy to have been the loving husband/wife, parent, son/daughter, friend!

Leo Sheep — Now this pairing is a bit out of sync — Leo loves attention, adoration, and all manner of honor! The Sheep on the other hand seldom wants the spotlight, preferring to serve while under the radar. So how do these two extremes ever find common ground? Both are sensitive and a bit insecure (of course, Leo would disagree) — and they both enjoy the finer things of life — while Leo is industrious and enjoys creating his lifestyle — our Sheep folks would prefer to just have things handed to them and if it is luxurious — all the better! I think the Leo persona will somewhat overcome the Sheep’s usual demeanor. So what we might find is a person who will find their true pathway and begin to work diligently towards their goals. They may have a lazy streak that takes them off course on occasion, but they will have the fortitude to return to their agenda with sheer (no pun intended) willpower. Loving, generous, and true to his loved ones, our Leo Sheep will strive to make life comfortable for himself and for his family. A natural in competing throughout their lives, they will climb the ladder of success in this Year of the Sheep.

Virgo Sheep — attention to detail, fussy, perhaps a bit bossy, almost always sure of themselves, our Virgo Sheep will be able to find a way to improve his/her pathway this year. Having the ability to cut through any red tape, working diligently, and being able to see what is wrong and knowing how to fix the problem, our Virgo Sheep will move forward with assurance and confidence. They will instinctively know how to correct any impediment that is in their way. The Virgo Sheep won’t have the usual Sheep quandary when facing any important decision, they will have researched all manner of how to handle their problems. Usually on top of all their daily chores, the Virgo Sheep is unique in their zeal and busyness. A problem solver, an eager worker, and an efficient homebody — our Virgo Sheep has the best of both worlds — creativity and elan, fashion sense, an orderly mind, and the work ethic to get the job done. They can run their homes and families with precision, get their jobs done efficiently, and still have time to volunteer at the food bank! Virgo Sheep should make plans to move forward with their agenda and they will surely be on top of the world at the end of this  the Sheep Year.

Libra Sheep — Beauty abounds with the Libra Sheep — loving all things of an artistic nature and relishing the natural order of the world. Always inspired by their ability to sense and feel the aura of a beautiful scene, painting or even fashionable ensemble — our Libra Sheep will be connected to all forms of sensual and/or intellectual stimulation. Often brilliant, talented, and having the mind-set to seek out those things and experiences that will enhance and improve their lot in life, our Libra Sheep will find a way to immerse themselves in some luxurious forms of living. Their abode might be of modest means, however — every item will have been chosen for its unique beauty, quality and its intrinsic place where it  resides in their home. Never underestimate our Libra Sheep, for although seemingly soft and acquiescent they are quite forceful when challenged, and will not back down when they feel they are right. Often put aside because of their gentle appearance,  these Sheep will have a plan, will be able to move it forward, and woe betide any who get in their way. Beauty, art, fashion, business, family — all will be well taken care of by our Libra Sheep — and they will reign with nobility.

Scorpio Sheep — Aah, here  we have a strong minded and more forceful Sheep persona than many others. Deep thinking, needing answers, and knowing how to get them, our Scorpio Sheep is a force to be reckoned with indeed. A sharp mind and cutting insight will bring this Sheep through whatever fate has in store for him/her with an ancient knowledge of mankind at his best and worst. There is no fooling the Scorpio Sheep, they can see through subterfuge with ease, and usually are in the know long before others even have an inkling there is any problem. Our Scorpio Sheep will make a master detective, a keen researcher, and a capable story teller. They have the ability to cut through any difficulty with ease, often bringing solutions to the fore that no one had ever thought about. They can cut through any rhetoric and “see” the truth of the situation with their intuition and understanding of the human spirit. Loyal, honest, a true friend, a lifetime partner, and often much less intimidating than one’s first impression. They are a strong and fearless individual who will fight for all that they believe is good. The Scorpio Sheep doesn’t suffer fools — but they are sensitive to those who really try their best. We all would be better off with a Scorpio Sheep in our fold.

Sagittarius Sheep —  Our Sagittarian Sheep is the most optimistic of our Sheep folks, always looking ahead for their next adventure. They don’t like to be bookmarked into any one category, preferring to move about with different friends and acquaintances in many and varied areas. They are usually up for anything new and unique — loving the outdoors, enjoying the bounty of Nature’s gifts you may find them in Caribbean waters during the winter months or perhaps on the ski slopes of New England — they love to travel to distant lands and love meeting folks of every ilk. Accepting and welcoming to all they meet, they have friends in far-flung place. Closer to home our Sagittarius Sheep needs plenty of room to roam — disliking to be tied down to any routine. Creative and intelligent, they would do well as a photographer, newsman, reporter — or they could also be one’s favorite professor in Archaeology who arranges digs all over the world. They love learning and can often be found reading a book under a sunny summer sky. A walk in the fresh air is their ultimate remedy for all that ails them. Funny, loyal, loving in a carefree way, a good friend in need, and always striving for the highest morality and justice, our Sagittarius Sheep are our best friends, our favorite uncle/aunt, someone we always look up to, a fascinating raconteur, and an awesome human being. Having a Sagittarius Sheep in the family is like winning the jackpot of humanity!

Capricorn Sheep —   Here is a more conservative Sheep persona — stable, moral, industrious, family oriented, and having an exaggerated sense of the work ethic. Reliable, steadfast, and always willing to help — we count on our Capricorn Sheep for so much of our productivity and output. There is less indecision with this Sheep, and they enjoy knowing the exact pathway they will travel. They always seem to have a plan and work tirelessly towards their goals. Perhaps off-putting to those of us who occasionally enjoy taking some personal time — our Capricorn Sheep are dogged in their desire to move up the ladder of success. The most diplomatic of our Sheep folks, they do well in business, politics, accounting, and anywhere there is  hierarchy and order. Never one to enjoy a lackadaisical or laid-back environment, they are always looking to improve their lives. Regimented, steady, and slogging ahead with every breath, they will succeed in their quests. Aware that their responsibilities lie with their loved ones, they are always concerned with their well-being and comfort. A good husband, father and worker, our Capricorn Sheep are the pillars of the community. They will ensure that their area of the landscape is neat and tidy, lush with greenery, safe and secure, and comfortable for all of their brethren. The Capricorn Sheep should wisely use this year to accomplish some of his/her long term goals — they will be successful!

 Aquarius Sheep —  The Aquarian Sheep is in tune with the herd — having a deep understanding of what it means to be part of a whole. Still they enjoy their alone time — they have difficulty in relating to just one person. They can and will undertake any measure to insure the survival of the group — they have an infinite capacity for empathy and caring. However, they are somewhat of a law unto themselves. They don’t just bend the rules — they often ignore that there are any at all. Because they want autonomy for themselves, they are willing to allow others the same privilege. Often brilliant, free-thinking, and usually sure of themselves and their pathway, they offer others  the same freedom of independence. Aquarius Sheep usually don’t need approval for their lifestyle or their philosophy, but will always be concerned about the care of their loved ones. Artistic, unique, staying on the fringe of “normal” society — our Aquarian Sheep show us that our differences are truly what bring us to see how “human” we all are. Acceptance is this Sheep’s byword, and they will lovingly encompass all who enter their realm. Freedom is not just an idea or ideal, more a lifestyle choice throughout their time here on Earth. Loving life, being in love with love, being able to “see” the beauty in every individual, our Aquarian Sheep will move mountains to maintain their oneness with their inner spirit. They see the light in every living creature, and their warmth will be spread out upon all those who need sustenance and nurture. Having an Aquarius Sheep in the fold will ensure that there will always be a caring loved one on your side. This year, our Aquarian Sheep should begin to think ahead for their own agenda — plan (however lightly) for their future, and allow themselves to be a little more self-loving. Of course, they would always include their loved ones in any of their future plans — and that will work wonders for them in this the Year of the Sheep!

Pisces Sheep —  Our Pisces Sheep is the most sensitive of this group — having empathy and concern for all of their kindred. Perhaps too soft and easy to sway, our Pisces Sheep can easily be taken advantage of by those who would use them unkindly. Still they have an uncanny sense about who is or is not a friend or foe. They seem to look not at the outer person, but rather through their eyes into their souls. Artistic, creative and a generous person — they enjoy being around beautiful and patient people. They can also excel in medicine and science if they have that gift — idealistic, they often volunteer their time to those who are in dire need. Pisces Sheep can also be quite diplomatic in dealing with the red-tape issues of archaic laws or governmental boondoggles. They are often champions of those who cannot speak for themselves — both human and animal. Sometimes shy about speaking up for themselves, they can be dogged in their zeal to help the underdog. The Pisces Sheep does have difficulty in choosing between two or more choices, whether a pair of shoes or a would be job offer. When shopping they may often come home with two of everything they liked, because they couldn’t decide which color, fabric, or size was the most appropriate! Our Pisces Sheep will succeed this year because they will work toward their ultimate goals with renewed zest, and they will realize that time is slipping quickly into the future. If they want to reach their highest fulfillment they must make haste in planning their journey this year and keep their eye on the prize to realize their maximum triumph! Never underestimate our Pisces Sheep — they will work while others rest, move mountains to attain their ideals, and will always be aware that their pathway here is intimately involved with their nearest and dearest. They are our light in the darkness!

Summing Up —

So we come to the end of our journey through the Year of the Sheep — we all can blossom if we are true to our best nature, ignore any biased controversy, work hard towards our highest goals, and be aware we are not on this pathway alone. Humans are social beings, and we need the closeness and warmth of others — we need companionship, we need to care for others, we all need to know we are loved unconditionally —  we are all on this tiny blue planet together and it will behoove us to work as a team, to treat one another as equals, to love one another as brothers and sisters, to try our best to preserve all that is sacred and natural in our world, to work towards Peace in our day!




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