New Moon in Aquarius/Pisces — February 18, 2015

Our New Moon this month crests at 29 degrees of Aquarius at 6:47 PM EST. This is quite a unique New Moon as a couple of seconds later the Moon enters the sign Pisces, as does the Sun another second later! So the New Moon is in the karmic 29th degree for merely a second or so! On the 19th the celebration of the Chinese New Year of the Sheep begins — a new cycle in the year 4713 according to the Chinese calendar. I always enjoy this New Moon as it seems to try to open the doorway to our fragile Springtime, that is still unfortunately a month away, and since we are expecting a whopping 30 inches of snow throughout this 9th day of February — I fear our Spring may be even more elusive this year!.

Ruled by Uranus our Aquarian Moon brings some changes we cannot avoid — it has the ability to shake us out of our Winter doldrums, and spur us on to action. Having reign over science, the occult, inventions, blockbuster ideas, electricity and telepathy — and shaking up the status quo only  to rebuild on a stronger foundation, we celebrate our ability to rebound and restore. The world has been a topsy-turvy place for several years now — leaving many of us to flounder around wondering when there would be some stability and common-sense restored. With the New Moon in such a karmic degree — it seems as if there will be one door closing but swiftly followed by a freshening breeze opening a new door with a whole new vista for all of us. As the Sun moves into the watery sign Pisces, our emotions will be piqued and our inner radar on high alert. We will be using our intuition, all of our senses, and our inner spiritual “knowing” to move in the right direction. We must listen with our hearts and our souls — and then use our brains to complete the integral trinity of our complex humanity. There will be new opportunities, new pathways will open, and we will find  better prospects for a more rewarding tomorrow. We must be ready to pounce with knowledge, understanding, and awareness. So to be sure you can take advantage of anything positive and innovative — prepare yourself with study, apprenticeships, training, and any further education you may deem necessary. Those who are prepared properly will find a clear path for them to reach their goals.

Saturn in Sagittarius is bringing us a wake-up call to get real — stop thinking the answer to your future is winning the lottery. For most it’s just not going to happen, and we are just spinning our wheels if we are waiting for that magical moment when our personal numbers pop up! Your future will be ensured with the work you do, the plans you make, and the confidence you have in your own ability to make your dreams come true. Jupiter in Leo is helping us to see the big picture, however, we will only achieve that end game if we start with those baby steps and work hard towards each level we want to climb. Plan your forward advancement with those goals you know you can reach within a certain amount of time — when that is conquered, move on to the next level. In time you will have easily climbed that ladder of success.

Success is different for each of us — some want that corporate CEO position, others want a little peace and quiet in their own world of craftsmanship and creativity. Whatever your personal goal is you can reach it with planning, acceptance of the way the real world works, and molding your ideas into a workable whole. One of the big secrets of life that we must realize, is that we cannot walk our pathway alone — we need to interface with others, especially our family. Our loved ones are so entwined in our personal karma, and we in theirs, that none of us is an island. We will never fully complete our journey here without interaction with our closest kin. We all know how family dynamics can be fragile, perhaps volatile, endearing, loving, filled with angst and joy! We must account for our relationships during our time here on Earth — any long-term or intimate connection is to be honored and cared for with all of our attention, caring and love. Now is the time to reconnect with those with whom we have lost touch, to repair any grievances, and to assure those we love that we are here for them for the duration of their lives. Anything else is short shrift, and will have to be addressed somehow, somewhere, probably with additional karma added on to our already debited life. This lifetime is the one you must work with to evolve into the most fulfilled human being you can become — don’t allow yourself to just wallow around without addressing any issues with your nearest and dearest — this is the time to act for the betterment of yourself and your loved ones.

With the New Moon at Aquarius karmic 29th degree moving into Pisces just a second later, I feel we are challenged to combine both of these signs into our New Moon affirmations this month. It is a complicated feat we must attempt — Aquarius is a Fixed Air sign, relating to all human frailties, and growth, intellectual, and often aloof — Pisces is a Mutable Water sign stimulating our inner spirit, our imagination and our psychic abilities — often confusing the reality of what we are seeing. So — how to combine these conflicting energies? The symbol of Aquarius is the Water-bearer pouring water into the ether — which the old tomes say symbolizes our deepest feelings being poured out upon the earth — and Pisces whose symbol is the two fish swimming in opposite ways — wants us to dig deep into our core to connect with our inner light! So we must dig deeper than ever before,  and perhaps go into that abyss wherein our most ardent and secret wishes are stored, and bring those things we fervently want or need into the open. There is so much energy being expelled that we must take advantage of this time-span to write our wishes, desires and affirmations with the knowledge that we are bringing to the fore our most private and innermost secrets. Do this with forethought, insight, and your own truth — and change your entire outlook for the future!

If we want we may use the energies of both Aquarius and Pisces when writing out our affirmations. Aquarian wishes may include new ideas, launching into a new area of interest and reconnecting with friends and family we have been distant with for some time. Pisces wants us to improve our inner core, to become the highest moral and ethical being we can possibly become. Together they impel us to reach higher and broader to expand our psyche and our humanity. Creativity will be enhanced — especially combining Aquarius unique talents and outlook with the Chinese Year of the Sheep which promotes all new ideas and ingenuity — it is piquing our innate talents and allowing us to see how far we can take them. Pisces — with its ruling planet in house — is taking us into new areas of our inner selves, bringing our deepest wishes into the light. The buzz words are creativity. vision, inspiration and resourcefulness. Take the chance on writing out something you think might never come to fruition — write out those secret wishes that will change your life for the better. Think of just what would make yours and your loved ones lives improve, be more inspiring, and would add a loving touch to all that you accomplish.

On a practical note — Aquarius can allow us to see our frailties with new eyes, and Pisces can help us rid ourselves of any negative habits that are holding us back.Request that any negativity be removed from you, ask that only those people who have your best interests at heart come into your life. Ask for guidance from a higher power, and listen with your soul. Be assured the Universe is listening to your ardent and sincere wishes — your optimistic thoughts and petitions go into the ether and can be manifested into the real world — you have the power within your being to improve your corner of the world. Believe in your abilities, your ideas, and your love. Peace!






2 comments on “New Moon in Aquarius/Pisces — February 18, 2015

  1. Nancy Willard says:

    Hi Nancy. That’s my name also. 🙂 I just started getting your newsletter and like it a lot. Have you written elsewhere about the karmic nature of the 29th degree – or has anyone else? My rising is 29.29 libra. My mars is 2 Scorpio. Venus 0 cancer. Sun 1 cancer. I am launching new materials on bullying prevention. Was thinking maybe I should do so on the 18th. Just really interested in the karmic nature stuff. First I have heard of this. Thanks in advance. Nancy

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    • Hi Nancy — I haven’t written anything lengthy about the 29th degree — it is something I remember from some very old books (we are talking 40 + years ago) and a teacher I had who felt really strongly about this special degree. As stated, it is as if the Planets don’t really want to leave an area that they have become comfortable in for the previous 30 degrees — or longer if there has been a Retrograde period involved, and there is seemingly a nanosecond of hesitation, creating tension. I have observed over many years that those with a significant Planet or ascendant at this degree have a more karmic passage than others. Circumstances just seem to happen to them, and they are compelled to adjust over and over again. It’s not that it is a negative or positive position — more a leftover from previous existences. With your Venus and Sun in Watery Cancer in good aspect to your rising sign and your Mars in Scorpio — you were able to combine these empathetic and caring signs into a positive forward movement on your own personal pathway through this lifetime. The Water signs do have more ability to accept man’s frailties with compassion. It would seem you are just where you should be in developing a program against bullying! The 18th after the New Moon crests, or the 19th will both be beneficial for you to initiate your material. Good Luck! Nancy

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