New Moon Reminder — Aquarius/Pisces — February 18, 2015

This month’s New Moon is so unique that I hope all of you take advantage of this burst of ethereal  energy to write out all of your affirmations, wishes, desires or needs. New Moon power is cleansing and refreshing every month, giving us a needed reboot to start a new cycle and to contemplate where we are at the moment and where we want to go from this point on. Work with the natural vitality of the Planetary movements, and you will quickly find that your life becomes more orderly, smooth-flowing and organized. Fight against the natural order, and things quickly become unhinged and irrational. We humans need an orderly existence to work efficiently, and the Universe is always sending us messages through the movement of the stars and planets so that we might be in concert with the Natural world. Learn to go with the flow!

With the New Moon at 29 degrees 59 minutes of Aquarius we are spurred on to think of our loved ones and our fellow man — we know that our interconnectedness is Universal. There is a conscious and subconscious link between each and every one of us. Then as the Moon slips immediately into the sign Pisces followed by the Sun, our super-conscious is piqued as we immerse ourselves into the Watery abyss of  Pisces realm. Telepathy, ESP, intuition, perception, instincts, clairvoyance, premonition, and our sixth-sense are all being enhanced and stimulated, especially with Neptune riding alongside the Sun and Moon. Allow yourself to become immersed in the dynamism of all of this power! Feel that frisson make your entire body tingle with the realization that you have that ability of “knowing”! Do not just cast aside these actual manifestations of tuning in to the aura of all those around you, of being able to sense the love or friction that is crackling outward from those in your vicinity. Breathe in the tiny fragments of intuition and prescience that is your human heritage. You will instantly have the edge in any situation, because you will know that what you feel and sense is the naked truth. No filters or fillers will negate your “truth” — believe in your inner spiritual integrity.

What is our journey here all about? Why are we chosen to be here at this time and in this place? Is there some master plan that we are a party to? Are we just jetsam and flotsam awash in the ancient streaming timeline of infinity? My belief is that we are here to evolve into ever more “human” beings. That is not to say “perfect humans” — rather a more compassionate, caring and loving being that can encompass all of humankind in an empathetic manner. I also believe that our families, our closest companions and friends and any whom we contact on a regular basis are our immediate concern during this particular life. We must realize that our familial interconnections are the absolute most important matter in our lives. How we treat, care for, love our children, parents, close relatives, friends and companions of any ilk is the one truth we must come to know. We are with those who will bring the most loving and compassionate feelings out of us. We get to know who we are through our closest kin. Our psyche is totally immersed in our need, desire and yearning for the closeness we can only get from our loved ones.  Ignore this mandate at your peril, for you will have to replay this scenario over and over again until the lesson is learned. Face up to your responsibilities, your karma, and your fate or always be in the miasma of ignorance. Be true to yourself and your family and reap the rewards of evolving into the most extraordinarily super-human you can possibly be. Okay — stepping off of my soap box — and taking a deep breath!

I think the totally white snowy blizzard conditions of the last three weeks is beginning to take its toll — the snow drifts are approaching over the ten foot mark — the wind is howling at blizzard speeds — there are white-outs constantly — and what once was a beautiful scene has taken on a grim and cold reality — there is danger out there — however, I am safe, warm, well-fed, entertained by technology, and have to find my inherited sense of humor to overcome this amazing time-span of excessive snowfall. I will look back one day and recall the “Winter of 2015” with some sense of fond reminiscence. But for now, as my husband is going out to check our heating vents to make sure they are clear — I worry about his safety in the face of drifting, blowing and excessively falling snow! We are no spring chickens, however — we are New England born and bred — and Boston Strong! We will not only survive this snowiest February ever but we will thrive — and look forward to our, however brief, beautiful Spring!

So to the mundane manner of putting our most ardent wishes out there into the ether. Since the New Moon crests in Aquarius at 6:47 PM EST we can use the energies of Aquarius realm to write out those affirmations that have to do with creativity, humanity, originality, and devising new ways to get our message out there. Also, as the Moon slips immediately into the sign Pisces, we can use the emotionally charged power of Neptune’s intense feelings to write out other categories of wishes and desires. With an interest in the magic of the Universe, we can tap into our inner spirit to that place of light to bring a plethora of mystical energy to our requests. Use your natural instincts and write freely just what you are feeling, even if it doesn’t seem like a request or affirmation.  Your innate consciousness will bring out your most fervent ideas and will present them in an appropriate way. Just allow yourself to “BE” in the moment — let there be a natural stream-of-consciousness from your soul to your hand and give yourself permission to let it all out! You will find your true needs and desires appear as if by magic — and you will begin to clearly see your perfect pathway through this journey we call our life. Believe!

 PostscriptHubby is back in the house safe and sound! It’s all good!!!


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