Mars Enters Aries — February 19 — March 31, 2015

Mars will enter its own sign Aries on the 19th of February — changing from Mutable Water Pisces to its true realm Cardinal Fiery Aries will bring lots of fireworks to the fore. Delighted to be back into his comfort zone — Mars will luxuriate in his time spent within the passionate halls of Aries flaming desire. Now at home Mars will bring lots of energy and passion to whatever Zodiac house he resides within. Look to your chart to see where Aries lives and there you will find an explosion of power that you may do with as you will. Need to begin a new job, project or mission — Mars in Aries will give you that “get-up-and-go” energy to get off to a great start. Never shy or lacking in confidence, Mars will stir up lots of activity within the house wherein he will rule until March 31, 2015. Mars wants to ignite any new plan or idea you might have, and will bring his mighty vigor to the game. In Aries Mars is all powerful, full of excitement, ready to rumble and is always up for any major tasks that are put to him. The caveat here is that Mars is also very rambunctious in Aries and might not take the time to plan or even to think before jumping into the fray!

The secret to using Mars power is to channel the enthusiasm and zeal into a workable scheme before things take on a life of their own — blazing out of control and threatening to overwhelm your own ideas. Mars wants to move, to be active and to get things accomplished. Mars style is to crush the opposition without taking hostages — it’s our duty to control the massive urges of Mars with an intelligent use of mind over matter. We want to avoid negative conclusions that will hamper your end game and delay your true goals.

Mars will conjunct Uranus in Aries (both volatile Planets) on March 11th at 15 degrees of the sign — urging caution when engaging in any precarious activity — using power tools, electrical devices, or putting your life in danger with any over-the-top activity! Moderation and common-sense are the bywords to live with during the days surrounding this date. Especially if you have a Planet, ascendant or Mid-heaven at this degree — you are forewarned to be aware of what is going on in your vicinity, and to use all of your mental capacity to avoid negative actions and consequences!

Once again on March 20th we encounter our New Moon and Spring Equinox — we must remember anything begun the week prior to these aspects will probably come up against some impediments, and will have to be addressed again after the Equinox has passed. We are buoyed up by a positive aspect between Jupiter in Leo and Uranus in Aries during the month that helps to expel some of the unfettered energy that is being expelled into the ether. We will be feeling the need to push forward, to get something accomplished — however, any unplanned precipitous actions will not work out as you wish. This month with all of the fiery energy being emitted, we must use our heads to make solid plans and work in a steady and moderate manner to get things done correctly the first time. Use the power of Mars, Uranus and Jupiter — but use it wisely to accomplish your goals with as little bluster as possible. Venus will also be in Aries until the 17th, try to tap into her less bombastic vitality, and her more individualized passions and loving emotions. Work within the boundaries of restraint and balance to achieve your personal goals without tromping on the feelings and sensibilities of others.

Mars in Aries is our enthusiasm, our passion, and our zeal for life itself — we love the feeling of Mars in Aries to give us that desire to accomplish our goals. Within the realm of Aries we have new ideas, the energy to begin new projects, and the enthusiasm to push for our goals. Aries is a great “starter” — but sometimes when the going gets a bit mundane — that eagerness wanes and we have to look to Mars entering the sign Taurus in order to regain the determination to finish what we’ve started. How wonderful is the Zodiac — giving us the tools to keep moving forward toward our ultimate desires with so many different ways to arrive at our bliss! Work with the wonder and miraculous dynamics of the Universal flow to arrive at your goals.

Mars in Aries Love Style — It’s all about the passionate feelings overwhelming any manner of common-sense! Love at first sight is definitely one of the sure signs of a Mars in Aries persona. They can be in love with love, and always seem to find someone who fits their idea of perfection. Yes, Mars does seem to require a certain perfection in their loved ones — and therein lies a problem. Mars requires lots of energy, passion, and excitement in a partner, yet they are easily bored! So the “perfect” companion for someone with Mars in Aries is one who can consistently find fascinating channels to keep their loved ones hyper-personality from becoming indifferent. They must always be engaging and ready to move on to the next project or interest of their partner.

Still — a Mars in Aries person needs someone to keep them from completely fizzling out with their constant motion and activities. Someone with a resilient and capable disposition that is willing to manage their continuous restlessness and perpetual need for something new and intriguing! The Mars in Aries persona needs balance and a measure of responsibility to reach their most ardent goals and dreams — it’s as if without some boundaries they are just motion for motions sake. A knowing mate can harness their substantial dynamism and help them focus on one thing at a time. Otherwise their usual disposition can be one of wasteful gadding about, accomplishing little in the way of progress, yet creating a voluminous amount of angst and disquiet in their lives and the lives of their loved ones.

If you have a Mars in Aries loved one, it will behoove you to try to persistently channel their energy to one project at a time, and try to enhance their ability to focus on the task at hand. Of course, you will have to give way to their peripatetic personality trait of trying to do too many things at once — or getting bored in the middle of a project. It will take a strong and loving persona to keep the mind and heart of a Mars in Aries person engaged in them and their lifestyle. It can be done because this individual knows they need a true love that will inspire, stimulate, motivate and encourage them throughout their life. With that “perfect” helpmate there will be passion aplenty, lots of excitement, and a forever deep and lasting love. Your Mars in Aries companion will be worth the effort!



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