Venus Enters Aries — February 20, 2015

Loving Venus will move out of her mysterious and illusory area of Pisces and enter the bold, passionate, and vibrant sign of Aries on February 20th at 3:06 PM EST! Going from a watery abyss to a fiery dynamo is quite the change for our Lady Venus.  The Moon enters Aries a few hours later, and catches up with Venus at 6:30 PM, making our dinner hour pleasant and a bit spicy! Later, the Moon catches up with Mars stirring up emotions, as Mars comes into contact with good old Jupiter in the sign Leo, bringing big ideas and a bit of bravado to the mix.

We love Venus in Aries although this isn’t her usual comfort zone — still she enjoys the deep and vigorous passions that powerful Aries brings to her demeanor. Venus in Aries is more aggressive and determined to find her true love. However, in Aries — Venus might be a bit obsessive and not be as in tune with their partners  feelings in the moment. Emotionally and mentally, Lady Venus in Aries is like someone who has tunnel vision — her mind is swirling in an eddy of hyper-emotions, fervent yearnings and impatient desires. Usually sweet and caring — our Aries Venus is sexier and a bit needier than usual. She enters a room with elan and elegance, but also with a touch of assertiveness and defiance! As always she is a “head-turner” and will immediately garner the attention of those of the opposite sex. Knowing her worth, she is abundantly confident and poised. Some might think she is too “full of herself” — and be repelled by her demeanor. Still others are drawn as a moth to a flame — helpless to resist her charm, charisma, and mystical appeal.

Heady with being in love with love, our Lady Venus is willing and able to capture the love of any whom she sets her heart on — many are helpless in the throes of a full-on assault by a Venus in Aries persona. Using overwhelming emotion, zealous feelings and over-the-top passions, it is a strong individual who can resist the siren call of this sensuous temptress.  Having a spirited beauty, an athletic inclination, and an appetite for excess — Lady Venus in Aries is a force to be reckoned with indeed.

For those who are willing and able to take advantage of a relationship with this emotionally charged spirit, they must be ready to give as good as it takes. No middle ground on the Aries playing field of love — it is all, always, forever! If you are ready for a once in a lifetime companion with a fiery and super-heated emotional love of life in all of the deepest and most meaningful human ways, then you might be ready for a Venus in Aries partner! Never a dull moment with this individual, always on the edge of excitement and vivacious activities. Cardinal Aries will bring the deepest of human feelings to our Lady Venus — often overwhelming her natural whimsical persona, but infusing her with passionate depths like no other. Lady Venus soon absorbs the complexities of Aries emotions and makes them her own, allowing true love to shine with a fiery halo. Careful not to allow a relationship to burn too hot — or you may be left with ashes — a slow-smouldering banked fire will burn forever with gentle care and a loving touch.

Hint —  Find your Venus in Aries love at any sporting event, taking cooking lessons, at a rave, at a film noir, in a hot tub, at a tropical resort, buying chocolates infused with spices, at a water-fire event, at a friends barbeque, in a hot-air balloon, at a race car show, driving a red car, at your gym, at a parade, at your hairdresser, getting a tattoo, at a fire-station!




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