Infuse Your Food With Love — Jone Victoria — April 11, 2009

There are a multitude of outlets to practice your energy and healing work. One of them is in the kitchen. An important principle of preparing and cooking food is to infuse it with love. I learned this concept years ago when enrolled in workshops at the Michio Kushi Institute, then located in Brookline, to study Macrobiotics.

Being mindful when preparing food is not a psychobabble concept. It’s essential to understand that our thoughts are actually tiny electrical impulses. Therefore our thoughts can magnify and be impinged on others.

Whenever I prepare food, I make a conscious effort to be aware of my state of mind. Anger, sadness, envy, resentment or despondency can translate into the food you are preparing and serving. The puffy white gluten boy who said, “Nothin’ says lovin’, like something from the oven”, touched on a cardinal truth.

Your skill level as a cook is inconsequential. It is the intent of the preparation that gives the food an infusion of love. Select the finest of ingredients from the local grocer, then lovingly prepare them. If you’re slicing carrots, do so in an unhurried way and with a peaceful mind. Be in the moment of preparation and cooking your food. Think on how the food you prepare will sustain the physical body and feed the soul.

Jone was particular about how fresh and pure the food she prepared was for her family and friends, and she was conscious of how they would feel while enjoying the repast. She was an awesome cook, and I remember especially how she would bake her Sabbat cakes for us being concerned about using a Venus (love) hour to begin her task. As always — they were not only delicious, but when tucked under one’s pillow to dream about a future love — they were fun and entertaining also. She was a vegetarian long before it was trendy — and realized that she and her daughter had issues with gluten that she addressed with research and a whole new way of preparing meals. An innovator and visionary — she is missed every day!





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