March’s Planetary Activity — Spring Equinox — Solar Eclipse

March bodes well for bringing the end of the winter season to a close, still there are a few weeks to go before the Sun enters Aries, ushering in our Spring Equinox on the 20th at 5:46 PM EST.The Spring Equinox always seems to bring a freshening of the atmosphere that cleanses our psyches. Perhaps this is more noticeable here in New England where the winters can be severe, difficult and depressing day after day. A constant venue of snow storms, difficult driving conditions, gloomy days, and the cold winter Sun that brings little warmth. Earlier on the 20th the New Moon in Pisces arrives at 29 degrees  blossoming as a Solar Eclipse at 4:37 AM  EST. This New Moon degree is at a “world” point and carries some serious messages for those in charge. This near zero degree Full Moon touches on a sensitive Universal point that will bring public issues to the fore. There may be a need for crisis management for those in power, and perhaps some unwelcome changes will be on the agenda for many world leaders. It’s a wake up call for doing the right thing before devastating news becomes public. On a personal level, it is the opportunity to begin a new chapter in your overall spiritual health and your ability to connect with loved ones and friends on  a deeper level. Tune into the karmic and mystical vibes of this Pisces New Moon, and cleanse yourself of any angst, unhappiness or anger. Feel the intense emotional depths of your inner light, and allow yourself to become one with your spirit guides. Tap into the magnificent aura of you!

On the 5th of the month the Full Moon in Virgo crests at 1:06 PM EST, at 14 degrees, and brings with it all the intensity of a tidal wave of emotional angst! Virgo is a sign that likes precision, order and analysis — with the friction of our current planetary lineup, Virgo’s usual calm and ordered Universe is in for a major shakeup! If you have a Planet at or near 14 degrees of Virgo, it is a time span to be especially wary and keep an eye out for any disproportionate moodiness or anger issues. Keep a cool head whilst there is agitation and angst roiling around. Use Virgo’s common-sense approach to any situation and reap the satisfying rewards of being able to traverse the vicissitudes of life with ease.   On the plus side Jupiter in Leo is in good aspect to Uranus in Aries, so some of the exasperating vibes may be modulated a bit. These two dynamos can bring inspiration and creativity — so dust off those old plans, paintings, ideas, and projects in order to refurbish your concepts and make them happen. You may be inspired with renewed vigor and fresh ideas so that even you are amazed!

Mars our Planet of passion, energy and ire, conjuncts Uranus (Planet of the unexpected) on the 11th at 15 degrees of Aries which also squares Pluto (Planet of karma and intensity) in Capricorn! Boom! Lots of energy and power schussing through the atmosphere to keep all of us on our toes! It will be best to avoid any lunacy and/or unwise situations if possible — be alert to controversial activity that is spiraling out of control. Also avoid any dangerous activity and/or medical procedures on or around this date — be hyper-aware of things becoming totally unraveled. Mercury enters Pisces on the 12th and is under pressure as it meets up with Neptune — be aware that all may not be as it appears and monitor your communications so you won’t regret any outbursts at a later date (think before you hit send). Think before you speak, and be wary of any legal issues that may pop up unexpectedly that put you in an awkward position. We all must remember that there are consequences not only of our actions, but of our words.

As the Solar Eclipse and Spring Equinox arrive on the 20th, it is wise to recall that projects begun before these events usually don’t work out as expected. If you can — plan to implement any new ideas or ventures after the Eclipse has passed. Mercury will enter Aries on the 30th, and then  Mars will be going from Aries to Taurus on the 31st. Communications may pick up in intensity, and it might be difficult to change folks fixed ideas of what is right and wrong. A busy and intense month of unpredictable happenings worldwide, bringing  a need for wiser heads to rule.

On a more local level, we must be aware of our surroundings and be prepared to act when unexpected things occur. Planning ahead is always a good idea, however, we also must be flexible to any new information or situations that come along. Use your intuition, your inner knowing, and your ability to “see” what lies ahead. If we can instinctively plan our pathway throughout this life, with the ability and acuity to bend instead of break with unexpected changes, we will be able to reach out goals with aplomb and grace. The Universe is always giving us a heads-up as to what is going on in the World, the stars impel they do not compel — work with the energy and power at your disposal and make your way through this lifetime with precision and focus.

Break through your Winter blues to the magnificence of the Spring Equinox — refresh, renew, re-establish your true pathway, and work with the wonder of the Galaxial momentum and vitality to maximize your potential. Peace!



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