Venus Enters Taurus — March 17, 2015

Just what we’ve been waiting for — lovely Venus moves from Fiery Aries into Earthy Taurus on the 17th of the month at 5:15 AM EST (add one hour for DST). Venus is in her most exquisite element in Taurus — sensual, loving, tactile, physically demonstrative, and profoundly erotic. Lady Venus immerses herself in her most earthy and corporeal nature. She feels and senses the atmosphere around her physically and emotionally. Of course, in Taurus our Lady Venus needs to be surrounded with luxury, extravagance and love. She is awakened by the lightest of touches, the softest whisper of a loving word — and relishes all manner of human interaction and connection. Our Taurus Venus is also loyal, dependable, on time and organized. That doesn’t mean she doesn’t know how to make an elegant entrance fashionably late!

Above all she is aware of her charms and her charisma in Taurus — she is a dynamo in the boardroom and the bedroom — she creates beauty wherever she may be. Her surroundings (however humble) will be tastefully decorated and her wardrobe a Fashionista’s dream. Never underestimate our Venus in Taurus — she has an agenda and she will move Heaven and Earth to attain her goals. Never crass, inane or tactless, our Lady Venus in Taurus has a diplomatic air and the bargaining ability of a used-car salesman. A bright and beautiful bombshell, Venus in Taurus commands attention wherever she goes.

This month our Lady Venus has a brief skirmish with Saturn on the 21st in the morning — perhaps some of us will awake in an ornery mood — not ready for the day to begin. However, on the 24th she relishes her meeting with Neptune in the wee hours after midnight and her heart is warmed with the influx of intuitive feelings of love and romance. In good aspect to Pluto on the 30th, Lady Venus emotions intensify and she wants only the best for her loved ones and indeed for mankind. Later in the day she connects with Uranus for some unexpected fun and a spontaneous outpouring of joyous celebration. As always she shares her immense capacity for love and kindness with all she encounters along her path. On April 11th our Lady Venus moves into capricious and flirtatious Airy Gemini where she will pique our inner child and allow us to feel that sense of awe and amazement at the glorious world we inhabit. Enjoy Venus transits throughout the Zodiac, where she will bring her own loving persona and will shine like a beacon of light and love. Move to her earthy and torrid pace while she is in Taurus and find your sweetest persona.

Hint — find your love while doing your taxes, in a stylish boutique, looking for an extravagant gift, taking a cooking lesson, while arranging a bridal shower, being a bride’s maid, attending a school reunion, buying flowers, seeing a drama, dining in an elegant restaurant, having your hair done, in your local chocolate shop, or hobnobbing at the country club.


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