New Moon Reminder — March 20, 2015 — Solar Eclipse — Vernal Equinox

What is in the stars when you have a triple header? Well — since it is a New Moon in Pisces at 29 degrees — also bringing a Solar Eclipse at 4:37 AM EST (add one hour for DST) — and the Vernal Equinox together on the same day — the sky’s the limit! Only you have the right answer for yourself — writing out a few affirmations, wishes or desires — will have your entreaties flowing into the ether — there to become part of the Universal whole. I believe that our thoughts and wishes are tangible, they are physical entities in their own right, that can become one with the real world to be sowed as seeds upon the soil of Universal consciousness  to manifest in our own reality.

The process is simple — take a few quiet moments to really think about what would make your life and the lives of your loved ones better. Meditate for a few minutes and dig into the deepest recesses of your psyche to reach your truest reality. I believe hand-written requests or affirmations are the best way to proceed (although in our busy lives the computer is efficient) — but however you choose to do them — write out your desires, wishes and affirmations in as much detail as possible! Leave no stone unturned in your appeal and think calmly about what you are writing.  Feel the energy of the New Moon enter your body as you send your requests into the ether, and sense the tingle right through your spine as you immerse yourself into the aura of the rightness and timing of your affirmations. The New Moon crests at 4:37 AM EST — so all day on the 20th will be the most potent to write out your requests, but the following 48 hours will still be reeling with this amazing energy.

The Universe gives us special moments in time that are meant to help us on our journey here on Earth — we can help ourselves and our loved ones to move in a positive direction with a few well chosen words. We are not just flotsam and jetsam floating on a raging eddy — we can chart our course within a few fixed parameters. As the Wise Men followed a star — so we also can follow our stars and find our own miracle!

Work your own magic — and reap the rewards of a truer, more complete, well-lived and loved life — Peace!



One comment on “New Moon Reminder — March 20, 2015 — Solar Eclipse — Vernal Equinox

  1. What a wonderful reminder about the powerful energy of the equinox today . Just what I needed this morning. Thank you!

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