Mars Enters Taurus — March 31, 2015

Passionate and action driven Mars enters ponderous and patient Taurus on March 31st at 11:27 AM EST (add one hour for DST), staying until entering flirtatious Gemini on May 11th 2015. This doesn’t seem like a match made in Heaven, yet they have a lot in common. Mars feels deeply about love, desire and affection — so does Taurus! Mars needs to feel needed and is always in a hurry to get things started and finished. Taurus — not so much — our Taurus persona likes to be needed, but doesn’t like it if things are moving too fast. Mars believes in love at first sight, but doesn’t always realize that “knowing” someone might be the best way to go. Taurus is slow in deciding on that perfect someone, and is usually in it for the long haul. Still — both are deeply emotional, committed to their goals, want what is best for their loved ones, and often feel they are misunderstood.

Together this combination of Mars in the sign Taurus is forceful and bring each other some things each of them truly need. Mars revs up Taurus usual plodding pace and piques his desire for love and companionship. Taurus gives Mars the time to really be sure that he/she is the one! Working in concert theirs might look like a  dance macabre, but they can be in rhythm with a little work from both sides.  It might seem like indomitable Mars has all the power on his side of the realm — but our Taurus folks know how to work with those who are a little bit fast off of the mark. Taurus will rein in some of Mars eagerness and precipitous manner of leaping before looking. Slowing Mars pace a bit gives more time to really get to know that special someone, and will offset some of Mars over-the-top bravado!

Mars feels a little underwhelmed by the staid Taurus persona, wanting to leap into the fray! Taurus will inevitably keep Mars from being too impulsive and finding he’s chosen the wrong path. Their strength together is a blending of Mind over Matter.  Taurus has the willpower to stay on course and to delve deeply into whatever road he wishes to take. No unthinking fool, but a wary and thoughtful planner who will eventually find the right route to his ultimate goal (whether in love, business or his place in society). Mars will bluster against this more thoughtful manner of reaching his immediate goals, but with Taurus holding the reins, Mars eventually sees the beauty and sense of biding his time. Still there will be frustration with any impediment that slows him down, and he will push to free himself from the mundane ways of Taurus. Once they both come to grips with their inevitable connection for this brief spell, they can work together to enhance each one’s best qualities. Noble, brave, solid and earthy, but with a fiery inner core — they will manage to bring the best abilities from each side. Love of family, eager to please, wanting to belong, and being able to use the merits of Fire and Earth to bring them to their respective goals.

No shrinking violets here — they have their opinions, their beliefs, and they are not willing to give up on anything that moves them emotionally. Fixed, opinionated and somewhat dogmatic in their ways, our Mars in Taurus folks can be tricky to handle. It is their deep and passionate need to be loved, to be of service, and to have their loved ones at hand, that will tip the scales of societies standards. Ever willing to stand their ground, but also able to see the wisdom and beauty of common sense! Our Mars in Taurus folks have qualities we all admire and they are willing to go the distance in love, and in any area that is close to their heart.

After a brief skirmish with Saturn on the 6th which may cause delays or frustrations, Mars meets up with Neptune on the 12th which can bring new solutions to a problem or an enlightenment that will enhance your current project. However, on the 17th a clash with Jupiter might find you jumping into the fray without a thoughtful plan. Take a few days to allow this transit to fade, and perhaps give yourself a chance to reconsider your actions. Possibly on the 21st when Mars is in good aspect to Pluto you might find your ideas moving forward with speed and practicality. On the 22nd Mars connects with Mercury and fixates your mind on accomplishing your goals — the caveat here is not to let your enthusiasm overwhelm your common sense. Strive for balance and honesty. The 24th brings some unexpected help in imagination and intuition — just don’t go off on a tangent with your zealousness.

Mars in Taurus Love Style — if your loved one has this dynamic duo in their chart, you have your work cut out for you! Mars brings an intensity to Taurus that is sometimes overwhelming and often seems extreme. Taurus tries to assuage the passions of Mars with his practical and pragmatic outlook on life, but these two often struggle for the Alpha position within a relationship. Mars has the indomitable energy of its fiery nature, coming in with monumental feelings of love and even worship for the one they have chosen. Used to getting his way, Mars will not even notice if there is some hesitancy on the part of his intended — indeed just saying “not interested” is more likely to spur him on with his immediate goal of getting your attention!  Combined with Taurus, there is a doggedness to his intensity that seems incredibly resolute. Taurus will be the arbiter in the long run — finding that trying to engulf someone with his emotions just isn’t the way to a healthy and happy relationship.

Taurus will rein in Mars libido with the power of the Bull that is his symbol — commanding and mighty, our Taurus brethren can wield a mighty blow to Mars hotheadedness. When the two are working together they are a force of epic proportion — Mars energy and passion connected to Taurus deep-seated love and sense of duty will bring them to a equitable place of togetherness. Cardinal Mars and Fixed Taurus have a deep-seated sense of morality and honor when in combination. Think of the honored war hero, or the charitable philanthropist, or maybe just the local vet who’s practice is open to all whether they can pay or not. There is an inner aspect of these two that brings out the best in both — their love of family, their passionate desire to reach their goals, their sense of fairness, justice and equality. These are the traits that help the Mars in Taurus persona rise to the top of their game.

Challenging, interesting, and goal-oriented — our Mars/Taurus folks are always amazing us with their depth of feeling, their ability to reach their goals, and in the amount of love they have for their loved ones and indeed all of mankind. Salt of the earth, upright citizen, a moral compass, and a pillar of the community — all describe our Mars in Taurus persona. Lucky are those who have someone with this combination in their lives — someone to count on through all the vicissitudes of life — a forever love!





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