April’s Planetary Activity

We always hear that April showers bring May flowers — and we are hoping after our excessively snowy winter that this particular old adage is true. Having shoveled snow, scraped icy windshields, and slogged through slush for several weeks — I think most of us are ready for some milder and warmer Spring weather. That said, April appears to begin with two of the personal Planets having changed signs, i.e., Mercury entering Aries on March 30th, and Mars entering Taurus on March 31st — the tenor of our daily lives will be somewhat off-kilter as these two Planets start to feel at home in their new signs. Especially with Mercury, the pace of our activities will speed up as the energy of Aries prods Mercury to an ever faster pace. Mars will have issues with being in Taurus after his stint in Aries and will take a few days to adapt to his new slower schedule. I already feel the tipsy-turvy vibrations in frustrating little ways. It  seems nothing is easy right now — a simple phone call becomes three — a quick-fix just doesn’t work, and when did I become so clumsy? Dropping, spilling and generally making more work for myself by not taking the time and patience to do things right the first time!

As usual, things will become more even-handed, and as the Planets settle into their new routines, so our daily tasks work out a just little better. Of course, April 1st is called “April Fool’s Day” — a day of good-natured pranks, a few office gags, and if the kids can put one over on their parents — so much the better! All in good fun — and enjoyed by all. Having a sense of humor during our stay here on Planet Earth is a bonus that helps to keep everything in perspective! Make sure your “funny-bone” is in good working order and be able to laugh out loud when it is tickled.

Our Full Moon Lunar Eclipse this month will crest on the 4th at 7:06 AM EST (add one hour for DST) in the sign Libra at 14 degrees. Opposing Uranus later in the morning, and squaring Pluto there will be upsets and disorganization. Thinking ahead and preparing for those contingencies you can foresee will help in getting you through this fractious time-span. The morning commute might become an issue, listen to the local news to get updates about alternate routes. As usual, use common sense, and don’t get riled up over petty issues — and stay calm while driving and don’t engage anyone who seems out of control.  You may already have been feeling the power of this coming lunation for several days, anxiety is rife and a calm mind a godsend. With the Full Moon in the sign Libra, we will need to find a balance between our needs and desires and the needs of others. Allow yourself the gift of time to truly understand all of the ramifications of any action you may be taking.  Some help arrives on the 8th with Jupiter in Leo turning direct after its lengthy retrograde — more positive emanations will ensue, and any delayed plans can be put back on the schedule. Venus will enter Gemini on the 11th bringing us a lighthearted gaiety and a renewed sense of hope. Venus in Gemini bubbles over with enthusiasm and optimism.

Mercury is moving quickly now and will enter Taurus on the 14th catching up with Mars on the 22nd at 16 degrees of the sign. As my mother would say it’s a good time to “hold your tongue” — try to moderate your anger response if piqued by some thoughtless persons retort. Be mindful of your surroundings and if some kind of scuffle seems to be brewing — just walk away! Pause and reflect before hitting “send” for an email. There also may be some angst with the tax deadline on the 15th! Finances may be in flux and you might find you need to find another source of income. Saturn is in Retrograde mode in Sagittarius returning to the early cusp degrees of Sagittarius — all those Mutable sign folks born near the cusps will be revisited by Saturn in order to review or re-do some lesson it wishes to impart. Depending on house position and any other planetary influences this might be an onerous task that you thought was already finished. Saturn is a tough taskmaster, but is always trying to improve your life — and the rewards for following Saturn’s guidelines are great.

Another mighty force in the form of tiny Pluto will be influencing our decisions as it turns Retrograde in Capricorn on the 16th — allowing us to reflect upon our recent strides and follies. We are being prodded to really look into our deepest and most fragile needs to see what we must do to keep moving forward on our journey here on Earth. There is  planetary synergy that will give us the tools to help ourselves if we can tap into the Universal rhythms. It behooves us to learn to use the messages of the stars to help us grow and evolve into the highest of human beings. Pluto wants us to plumb the depths of those areas of our life that we don’t like to talk about — but sometimes allowing the light to shine on these profound issues brings a new insight that can help us correct or indeed eliminate any negative areas that are holding us back.

The New Moon will crest on the 18th at 1:57 PM EST at 28 degrees of Aries — I feel the New Moon in Aries signifies the start of new possibilities and opportunities. As Aries is the first sign of the Zodiac, there is a lot of vitality and a zest for life when the New Moon energy is in this dynamic sign. We can tap into this positive and vibrant spirit to enhance our daily life and to help our loved ones on their pathway throughout this lifetime. Prepare your wish list ahead of time, and revisit it as your needs and desires might change throughout the month. Use meditation and dig into your inner spirit so that you “know” the best way to proceed with your New Moon affirmations.

On the 20th the Sun enters Taurus helping us to organize our lives, and giving us the doggedness to make solid  plans for our future. On the 28th there is a beautiful sextile between the Sun and Neptune that can bring us a unique spiritual experience, allow our inner beauty to shine, and bring us to the awareness that we are our brother’s keepers. We are hoping that a true Spring will have arrived by the end of the month and we can once again enjoy the outdoors with elan. The  Easter holiday and Passover are in concert this year — so we send good wishes to all as they celebrate their holy seasons. Peace!





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