Venus Enters Gemini — April 11, 2015

Lady Venus will enter the ever youthful and sprightly sign of Gemini on the 11th at 10:29 AM EST (add one hour for DST) until she moves into Cancer on May 7th. It’s as if Venus has become the essence of Spring — I see her with a cascade of flamboyant and radiant flowers in her hair, a long sheer flowing gown of sparkling iridescence, and a mischievous twinkle in her eye! Lady Venus always enjoys her stay in Gemini, she is youth incarnate, optimistic, effervescent and flirtatious. Her demeanor is one of joy and pure delight, however, she is a bit too flighty, can’t be pinned down, and is in love with the idea of love! A bit of a teaser and often able to attract the attention of others with her whimsical and coquettish flair. She loves being the center of attention and revels in her ability to win people over with her charm, her elan, and her amiable smile.

Lady Venus in Gemini has a bit of a capricious fickleness in her inability to make a decision about almost anything! Whether clothes, shoes, or lovers — she sees the beauty and possibilities in each choice  equally and invariably desires both. Her closets are probably filled with two of everything, since she often opts to give in to her duality and purchases both of the items she can’t choose between. Of course, with inanimate objects there isn’t much of a problem if there is the room to store all of the excess — however, in choosing a mate — there is a great deal of difficulty. Having a choice between two or more suitors is anathema to our Lady Venus in Gemini — she suffers greatly as she pours over the pluses and  minuses of each contender. She will often choose not to choose — opting to find another candidate for her capacious ability to love. Her ideal mate might be someone just as unpredictable and finicky as she is herself! They may just find they compliment each other with their many-sided personalities, their facile mental capacities, and their unquenchable curiosity about everything!

How we love our Venus in Gemini friends and family members, they always give us a sunny smile, are willing to go along on our adventures, and will often help us through some dark days with their ability to find a silver lining. As an air sign, Mutable Gemini is also a very intelligent sign, the problems most Gemini’s have is their capacity to see both sides of an issue with equal value, but their acuity will soon find other avenues to follow — they can argue and debate with the best of arbitrators and mediators, often having the upper hand with their diplomatic abilities. Swift minded, capable of instant retort, and usually fully aware of the problem at hand, they can be found in courts arguing for civil rights, in the business field touting the latest and greatest innovations, and they can be among the speediest chatters on the internet. Their talents cut a wide swath because of their amazing capacity and thirst for knowledge — they find everything of interest and seek out truth wherever it may lie. Loving and kind, their capacity for caring brings them to reach out to anyone or any creature needing help. They have a soft spot for animals and will champion them wherever there is a need.

It is to be hoped that they have good backup for their ingenuity, because although they are among the most amazing innovators at the onset — their follow-up might be lacking in follow-through! Easily bored and always looking for new avenues to explore, it’s best if there is someone in the group who has the knack of finishing up whatever our lovely and brilliant Venus in Gemini begins. On the cutting edge of fashion, beauty, and anything to do with interior decor our tasteful Venus can find a place within the vast pantheon of the beauty or fashion industry. Her innovative flair will find a place among all who want to be in the forefront of all that is new, state-of-the-art, and groundbreaking! A facile mind that finds the latest fashion forward fads, our Lady Venus will be admired and noted for her distinctive originality. Perky, petulant, piquant and spry — our Venus in Gemini persona is always welcomed wherever she goes (even when she arrives fashionably late). With her upbeat air and pleasant acceptance of all, our eccentric Lady Venus in Gemini is a friend and cohort to be valued throughout our lives.

Hint —  your one and only may be found in a thrift shop, volunteering at an animal shelter, at a psychic fair, watching the latest play, at a musical revue, helping at a food pantry, up front at a fashion show, having a manicure/pedicure, letting her ideas be known at a town meeting, coaching soccer, garnering attention with her flamboyant fashion sense, teaching kindergarten, racing by in her convertible, and braving the elements to attend a rally for civil rights.



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