New Moon Reminder — April 18th 2015

We all should take advantage of this month’s New Moon in Aries as it is the first sign of the Zodiac and allows us to begin our Astrological New Moon year with an abundance of Aries vitality! Our Aries New Moon challenges us to come up with new and unique ideas about our lives — it urges us to look at where we are and where we want to be at the end of our Zodiacal year. As our Spring season brings us a breath of fresh air and renews the Earth with new growth, brighter days, and warming breezes, our Aries New Moon brings us that same awakening of forces that can renew and freshen our lives.

We all seem to feel better after a long winter spell of snow and ice, when the Sun actually rises with healing rays and the warmth that will awaken all the living entities that have been dormant. Plants begin to emerge from the Earth’s crust, the crocus, daffodils, tulips, hyacinths in their bright happy colors bring us joy!  Hibernating animals are stirred from their long winter sleeps, and begin to forage in the fusty, fertile compost under the fallen leaves of Autumn. There is a heartbeat that can be felt in the atmosphere of life beginning anew — of sentient creatures emerging and starting their annual struggle to procreate and maintain their distinct form of life.

The air is filled with the sounds of the birds returning to their Summer homes. Robins seem to be the first to appear, then the blackbirds — grackles, starlings, catbirds, cowbirds, red-wings — then the transients, cedar waxwings, red-breasted grosbeaks, so many warblers — and then the delicate hummingbirds that flock to their special feeders and vie to hold their territory sacred from intruders. Nests are built in the hope of raising a new generation of their own kind — whether bird or beast — there is the instinct to reproduce one’s own and to flourish in the fecund dawn of a new day.

Life is abundant and miraculous in its ability to continue on in the face of so many hazards and difficulties. Life is our answer to any question — Life Is!

In order to have some kind of impact in our own lives, I believe that with the revitalizing power of an Aries New Moon we begin our own journey of fertile optimism. We understand that there are many mysterious energies within us and within our whole Galaxy that we can tap into — and we can feel that certain times are just right for us to act. With New Moon power, we can influence our own lives by writing out our hopes and wishes for our future. We can make things as simple or complex as seems appropriate and timely.

Find a quiet spot — turn off phones, TV, any unnecessary media — and meditate or quiet your mind for a few moments — just be — let your mind roam through any issues or desires you might have in a relaxed manner and when you feel ready — write out your affirmations. The best time for this month’s New Moon in Aries will be late afternoon of the 18th and all day on the 19th — the New Moon energy is with us longer of course, but the closer to the crest of the New Moon is usually the best for sending your thoughts into the ether.

May this New Zodiacal year be one of happiness, joy and abundance — and may there be Peace in the World and in your heart. Celestial blessings!





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