May’s Planetary Activity — Retrograde Mercury in Gemini

We start the Merry Month of May off with a Full Moon on the 3rd at 13 degrees of the sign Scorpio at 10:42 PM EST (add one hour for DST). All those born on or near this date will be affected a bit more than the rest of us, and should try to use caution if out and about within this time frame. Scorpio being a fixed sign opposite its Taurus brethren will cause attitudes to be more pugnacious than usual, and will have people digging their heels in about their opinions. Best to avoid all those who seem on edge or a bit out of control. Staying cool and calm is the best measure to resolve any dispute, or just walk away from any situation that seems to be heading out of control. Adding to the fray are difficult aspects between Mercury, Uranus and Saturn — Mercury ruling communications, Uranus bringing the unexpected, and Saturn our taskmaster, always ready to teach us our lessons that haven’t been learned! Try to avoid any contentious meetings or unnecessary legal issues until a later more auspicious date.

On an upbeat note, Venus will enter the sign Cancer on the 7th at 5:52 PM bringing us the desire to get closer to our families and friends. With Mother’s Day on the 10th, it would be apropos to arrange for a get-together with those you love. Lady Venus in Cancer is our warm, nurturing and protective feminine persona, who will always be there for us in times of need. Ever loving, kind and generous with her time and possessions — she cherishes every moment spent with her loved ones. Perhaps the epitome of unconditional love — our Lady Venus in Cancer will embrace us and love us in spite of any, indeed perhaps because of our frailties.

Mars in Gemini will be adding to the frustrations of our daily lives with an opposition to Saturn in Sagittarius — we must be aware that under stress it might seem easier to take the short cuts of life — try to muffle that little voice saying  “it’s OK just this once” — instead, rise to your highest levels of self and be truthful, honest and upright in all of your dealings. Using the positive pathway to your goals will always give you the best return, and you will suffer no regrets.

Our New Moon crests at 11:13 PM EST on the 17th in the sign Taurus at 26 degrees giving us a new lease on our hopes and wishes. It is important to write out your affirmations and wishes as early as possible after the New Moon crests, because on the 18th, Mercury will begin its Retrograde motion at 8:49 PM in the sign Gemini at 13 degrees. Mercury Rx in its own sign is usually a bit more onerous than when in other signs during retrograde times. So plan ahead — try to get any new plans started earlier rather than later, keep your computers backed up regularly, and make sure your vehicles are up to date on all inspections and that you have a full tank of gas when heading out. Otherwise, plan to delay your new ideas until Mercury is once again in Direct motion on June 11th at 4 degrees of Gemini — allow a day or so to be sure Mercury is advancing in a positive manner. A little forethought will bring about a more positive and constructive outcome to whatever it is you want to accomplish.

Jupiter in Leo is moving forward and bringing its warm intensity to us by shining its glorious optimism and joy into our soul! We rejoice in the balmy and comforting aura of this halo of Jupiter’s sun-like intensity. We are more positive in our own forward movement, feeling the confident vibes of our planetary neighbors stimulating our psyches. Of course, there are still global issues festering, and clashing Pluto and Uranus are slowly easing their ties and there is somewhat less anxiety and angst in the ether.

Unfortunately, with the volcanic actions in South America, and the Earthquake in Tibet — we can feel the underlying and hidden depths of roiling magma and sliding Earth — creating unsettling feelings, knowing how powerful Mother Nature truly is and fearful that her show of power is not yet done. We send our most heartfelt compassion and solemn prayers of love, healing and empathy to those who have suffered loss and sorrow during these cataclysmic ordeals. May they find peace within their hearts and be healed and whole once again.

We must use the power of mighty Jupiter during these trying times, its ability to help us see our most positive pathway that will help us find our true selves. We can then relate to all those who have a positive and healthy outlook for the future — don’t allow the nay-Sayers to influence what you know in your heart to be true! Find your soul-mate with the help of generous Jupiter and with the help of Mars in Gemini after the 11th. Mars in Gemini brings an upbeat and perhaps giddy feeling of overwhelming emotional attachments to those who are searching for their true love. Allow yourself to feel the intensity of your most passionate depths. We are sentient beings who are meant to feel the gamut of every emotion we are capable of having. Give yourself permission to let go of shyness, reticence and any inhibitions you may harbor and just feel! You will instinctively know when your feelings are true and honest.

Our New England weather should improve and that will bring a warmth and renewal into our hearts and spirits. The Sun enters Gemini on the  21st with its burgeoning love of life — it brings us back to our child-like innocence of yesteryear. We can tap into the naivete of Gemini’s always youthful sense of expectation. Ready and able to join in any adventure or playful escapade that beckons to us, our Gemini brethren are our companions wherever we may wish to roam.

Flighty, capricious and ever-ready for fun — Gemini is where we find our sense of adventure in our charts — able to bring us back to our childhood joys with abandon and glee! In these times of prodigious changes, climate issues, and turmoil — we can tap into the awe and wonder of our Gemini persona to find that once precious ability to see the silver lining of life with the eyes of a child seeing the world anew! Enjoy our Merry Month of May and bask in the smell of newly mowed lawns, of spring flowers bursting forth from the once frozen ground, of the Sun’s rays gliding over your skin infusing your body with all the vitality of its potent energy. Renewal, regeneration and rebirth is the gift of this season — embrace the essence of your surroundings and be revitalized in the light of this new day.










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