Venus Enters Cancer — May 8, 2015

Lady Venus enters the sign Cancer on May 8th at 5:52 PM EST (add one hour for DST) until moving into Leo on June 5th at 10:33 AM EST. Our frivolous yet fascinating Venus in Gemini is suddenly transformed into compassionate, comfortable and loving Mother mode. No longer the schoolgirl with multiple crushes, longing for one adventure after another — we find our more settled Madonna persona in place. Nurturing, fertile, caring and protective — Lady Venus in Cancer is the epitome of all that we consider our Mothers should be. Always ready to listen, comfort and enfold with love into their waiting arms, Venus in Cancer will protect their young throughout their lifespan.

Our relationship with our Mother is one of the closest if not the closest connection we will ever have — they can be karmic, loving, conflicted, casual, comforting, close, and fraught with a gamut of emotions that no other relationship will ever conceive. It seems we have no choice, we are born of woman — and from the start as our eyes meet there is a symbiotic rapport that begins a new chapter for each of our lives. Not everyone will rise to the epitome of “Mother of the Year” — the challenges of bringing a new babe home can be one of extreme anxiety and fear in spite of the love involved. I believe that most Mothers begin their journey with all good intentions — but life has a quirky way of bringing us tough challenges and conflicts that we hadn’t expected. Each Mother/child relationship is different and cannot possibly be compared to any other.

Are we the first-born — long awaited, cherished and beloved from conception? Are we the 4th, 5th or 6th child born in limited circumstances to a Mother who is physically worn out? Was our Mother too young, too flighty, too overwhelmed to be a Mom at the time of your birth? So many scenarios and ways that our relationships with our Mothers are formed. Ideally, you are created in love with two doting parents that welcomed you into their lives and were prepared to meet your every need. Today, the stressors of life find children born into far less beneficial circumstances. Yet — I believe the majority of parents take their responsibilities seriously and try to do their best for their offspring.

Mother —  the word brings a plethora of emotion, memories, love, frustration, anger, angst, recollections and need. Most of us have a need for our Mother’s approval, for ourselves, our lifestyles, our choices and our being. And fortunately many of us receive this gift throughout our lives. When we don’t seem to live up to the standards of our family’s ideals, we suffer and strive to be accepted for ourselves. Venus in Cancer has the greatest capacity for unconditional love — nothing will interfere with her intense and overwhelming love for her children and family. On the more obscure side, Lady Venus in Cancer can be smothering, controlling and needy. Using any means to keep her brood by her side, she can be manipulative and interfering. Our choice is to be true to our own pathway, always keeping our Mothers in our hearts as the giver of life. Our lifetime is a series of relationships and familial obligations that we accept or not as is our due. Family dynamics are often contentious with siblings vying for their parents attention — none of us is perfect for every child at every age — our own needs and wants and duties can interfere with the smooth running of day-to-day activities. We all just do our best at any given time, and hope that we do not inflict our biases or fears upon our young.

Venus in Cancer will easily sacrifice their careers, monies, and even their life for their children’s benefit. Extremely loving, giving and attached to their young they will rise to any occasion to make sure their babes not only survive, but thrive! Venus in Cancer is the poster-child of Motherhood — and takes her role as matriarch of the family seriously. Knowing, intense, moody, emotionally vulnerable and caring — our Lady Venus in Cancer will nurture and love from the deepest abyss of her soul. We all can benefit from her doting and affectionate nature, that will encompass all who enter her realm.

Venus meets up with Saturn on the 10th in the early morning hours perhaps bringing a little disappointment or a need for dependency. However, on the 16th our Lady Venus has a luncheon encounter with Neptune where she finds her exquisite sense of art, imagination, and intrigue piqued. On the evening of the 21st Venus opposes Pluto in Capricorn and may bring disharmony for those who are easily vexed — also later in the nighttime hours our Lady Venus encounters Jupiter and there is a silver lining to any earlier discourse.On the 25th a square to Uranus might create a disconnect with those for whom we care. Lady Venus can traverse through most of the challenges she faces with elan and grace — usually never crass or insensitive our Lady Venus in Cancer bestows her loving refuge on all of Mankind.

Hint — find your love anywhere there is a warm welcome, at your church or temple, in the local bakery, shopping in the supermarket, in a flower shop, at a fine restaurant or your local diner, at a food bank, visiting a nursing home, reading to children at the library, while car-pooling, at a PTA bake sale, at the theater or a play, while daydreaming at the beach, swimming at your local pond, picnicking at the park, welcoming new neighbors or helping an elderly one, sharing your home-grown vegetables with friends.




One comment on “Venus Enters Cancer — May 8, 2015

  1. Christie says:

    Well Done! 🙂

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