Mars Enters Gemini — May 11th 2015

It is a major change for Mars to go from Fixed Taurus to Mutable Gemini on the 11th at 9:41 PM EST (add one hour for DST), where it will remain until entering Cancer on June 24th at 8:39 AM EST. Where Mars and Taurus have a need for control and getting things done, and can find neutral ground for agreement, in Gemini Mars is quite overwhelmed with input and exaggerated eagerness. Mars has lots of energy to expel, and that’s OK with Gemini — it is the way each of them responds to those outer stimulants that get the pair into flux! Mars wants to be the leader, and find the adventures he wants to follow — in Gemini there’s usually just too much going on and Mars frustration level can hit overload a bit too easily. Where to find common ground to be able to use Mars bountiful power, and Gemini’s whimsical ideas of fun and exciting escapades. Gemini is light and airy, intellectually vital and possibly a bit scatty or disorganized. Mars is forceful, masculine and likes to know exactly what’s going on in his kingdom.

It would appear we are in for a roller-coaster ride of unbridled excesses and extremes — there seems to be no ability to put the brakes on this dynamic duo! Although Mars has the capacity to go off on a tangent of brute power and in-charge command that doesn’t sit well with Gemini’s sensitivity and mental capacity for seeing all the contingencies of a plan, they both want what they want. So — our Mars in Gemini must learn to blend the two discordant sides of their personae — yes they both want to experience the heights of emotional excess and need to feel that frisson of energy from pushing the envelope to the edge. Mars can easily get out of control in his zeal to be the best, baddest, boldest dude at the race, game or competition! He is a player indeed of mighty determination — Gemini — is more interested in the mechanics of the game, the strategies needed and the skill that will bring the prize.

Their goals may be the same, but their ideas of how to accomplish their end game can be miles apart — working in concert, they can and will outrun, outsmart and out-think any and all competition. Using Mars amazing strength of fiery vitality and Gemini’s airy waft of brilliant oxygen to increase that inner fire will bring an unquenchable inferno of ability and smarts. Mars will try to overcome airy Gemini with his massive vigor, but Gemini will easily out think the too focused Mars. Bending Mars to her winsome ways, Gemini will hold sway over all of Mars power and use it to advance her agenda. Together they are a force to be reckoned with indeed!

Mar’s opposition to Saturn on the 15th might bring some temporary challenges, just stay true to your course and find a way around any obstacles put in your way. On the 17th Mars will encounter Uranus in Aries for a minor dust-up — just be aware of sudden impediments and be prepared to adjust your plans accordingly. On the 25th Mars challenges Neptune at 9 degrees of the signs, plans become elusive or disappear completely, folks don’t show up for meetings, and there is a miasma of foggy thinking that abounds. Also take note that Retrograde Mercury will begin on the 18th also delaying and impeding our progress. Being aware of the movement of the Planets can help avoid mishaps and delays — double check, confirm and be succinct in your directions, places or ideas.

 Mars in Gemini Love Style

If your love has Mars in Gemini, you may often be confused as to his true feelings — a bit fickle and distant at times, he just assumes you know that he cares! He is like a butterfly flitting off onto the next flower but only seeking the secrets of its nature — he enjoys picking up the input from folks of every ilk — it is in his character to be curious and perhaps a bit absentminded about who and what and where he finds new and fascinating information. He is always learning and loves talking with someone who is an expert in their field — nothing is off the table with our Mars in Gemini friends and family members — they love facts, figures, statistics and the more exotic the better. Their interests are far flung from local sports to world economics and will cover a multitude of subjects many of us haven’t even heard of much less follow. More importantly — they retain the information they garner so that friends will often have an esoteric question they just know their Mars in Gemini pal will have the answer to. A true free-thinker, their knowledge branches out like the limbs of a tree — each branch spreading out further and further with offshoots and twigs and leaves holding more and more knowledge. Of course, this can be quite frustrating to those who love these quixotic folks — just know they can be loyal and true, but if you have a Mars in Gemini partner, spouse or lover — it will take some work on your part to keep them interested and you will have to follow their lead as to what their current interests are at any given moment. Always keep them guessing — it will insure that they will find you more fascinating than any others they encounter. Generous, gregarious, occasionally a gadabout, smart, witty and a born leader. In Gemini, Mars has a more capricious nature than other Mars combinations, the ability to laugh at themselves is one trait that make this duo less bombastic and more amenable to listen to the ideas of others. They often are in love with love itself — finding beauty within each person they meet, and able to connect to the spirit of those they encounter. Not as judgmental as other Mars combos, our Mars in Gemini folks can be truly sweet, compassionate and although not always thoughtful, they are ever grateful for those who love them. Knowing full well that they are not everyone’s “cup-of-tea” — they realize that those closest to them appreciate and cherish their quirky eccentricities and have learned to love them for themselves. We love our Mars in Gemini persona because they bring a bustling love for life into ours. Usually upbeat, able to inspire others, compatible and accepting of all they meet along their karmic pathway — how sad it would be not to have a Mars in Gemini family member or friend in our lives. They are our perennial childhood friend, our need for gaiety and fun is with them, and always a friend in need who will come to our aid.

Loving, caring for, and living with a Mars in Gemini person can be fun, challenging, quirky, amusing, frustrating, and very romantic — enjoy this time with Mars in Gemini and spread your wings to the muse of laughter and happiness. Fiery, airy, and with the potential to burst forth into laughter, tears, anger, merriment and emotional excess — we cannot do without our Mars in Gemini brethren — they are our funny bone, our compassion, our empathy and our commitment to one another throughout their lifetimes. Sit back and enjoy the ride!




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