New Moon in Taurus — May 17th 2015

Our New Moon crests at 26 degrees of Taurus at 11:13 PM EST (add one hour for DST). This is a powerful New Moon in Fixed sign Taurus as it is within an out of sign opposition to Saturn in Sagittarius. Mars also enters the fray in early Gemini to further frustrate the situation. These opposing factions may hinder our plans and make it difficult to bring to conclusion a favorable outcome. With Retrograde Mercury slowing to its stationary position before turning backwards on the 18th also in Gemini, we must be sure to have our plans fully committed and a pathway that is clear and concise. I’m afraid it is the same old refrain of having to be aware of shifting plans, being ready to shift gears in the face of upsetting new information, and realizing that we can work through any and all impediments that we may be faced with in this time frame.

That said, our New Moon energy is usually one of positive and constructive vibrations that can inspire us to greater heights and loftier goals. In Taurus our Fixed Earth sign we can find a deep-seated determination to move forward and to reach the epitome of our karmic pathway here on Earth. We must pull from the Universal flow that positive energy that will fulfill our destiny and our desires. In Taurus we may be thinking of renovating our homes, adding on or just freshening up the interior. With patience and a thoughtful plan we will be able to accomplish our agenda in an orderly fashion if we work with the confidence of our practical and common-sense persona. Taurus is conservative, steady, straightforward, determined (stubborn), loves luxury and ease — but will work tirelessly for his future security. Having a plan and following it step-by-step is Taurus usual manner, they enjoy working toward their goals with an evenly planned pace. They don’t usually need a big push to continue on their merry way — just those provisions that they have set for themselves.

Taurus is ruled by Venus and has the hallmarks of all that Venus encompasses, love of family, love of luxury and beauty, music and art. An intense sense of duty and a strong work ethic are also a Taurus trait. We can find Taurus folks in all sorts of business settings, as diverse as fashion or finance, our Taurus brethren will soar to the top of the managerial summit. They are great employees with their zeal to get the job done, and are often the last to leave the office. However, they might be a bit bombastic as a boss or supervisor because their standards are high and they expect as good as they give. So if you are in a work situation with a strong Taurus superior, you must expect to be judged accordingly. Doing your job in a so-so manner will not cut it with these folks — you will have to excel and also work with a good attitude. Rewards will be generous as Taurus doesn’t skimp on gifts or compliments to those he perceives as good and deserving workers.

Jupiter in Leo can be our anchor of good-will and positivity this month as it moves towards a good aspect with Uranus in Aries. We can feel the dynamic energies of these Planets as they begin to shine their combined golden rays down upon us here on Earth. We can work with Jupiter’s beneficial glow and the unexpected quirkiness of Uranus playfulness. In these fiery signs our own psyches will be stimulated and inspired to seek new ways of improving our lives. We can tap into the harmony that will be in concert between these giants and bring new ideas and concepts that we can work with to enhance our plans and provide a clear pathway forward to our ultimate karma.

Neptune in Pisces continues to pique our most intimate need for seeking truth, we can begin to tap into our deepest spiritual depths to find our own individual reality. Until we dig into the deepest recesses of our abyss of nothingness can we truly find ourselves. Therein lies our individual and personal unpretentious, humble and modest selves. Unadorned and open to all onlookers, we stand vulnerable and exposed, natural and earthy, awaiting our fate. There is beauty in all of us just waiting to be unleashed in love and kindness. We can rise to the apex of humanity and be brave in facing all of life’s inequity. Strong, spiritual, sensual — mystical, otherworldly and transcendent — we are human beings not human has-beens!

As always, our New Moon gives us the power to expand our personal goals, wishes and affirmations, and it is better to work within the realm of the sign of the New Moon. This month’s Moon is in Taurus a sign that is Earthy and Fixed. Within its realm we can ask that our lives become more useful in a practical manner, Taurus loves the good life and we can ask we have more financial success, or we can affirm that we are on the right path for this lifetime, also if you want to rid yourself of any negativity (bad habits, angry thoughts, stubborn ideas), you can ask to draw those folks who will help you change any negativity and realize your true potential. Allow yourself to dream big dreams and profess your desire to be on the right pathway during this lifetime on Earth. Reject any negative thoughts by focusing on only those things that will bring you joy, happiness and fulfillment.

Remember that Mercury will be Retrograde from the 18th of this month until June 6th — so plan accordingly. The sooner after the New Moon crests is the best time to write out your affirmations, so any time after 11:13 PM EST on the 17th would be apropos — however since many of us aren’t night-owls, the daytime hours of the 18th should do the trick! Be wise, be honest, be aware, and be sincere in writing out your wishes for yourself and your family. Use the New Moon energy to enhance your own life for the better.

Galaxial Blessings — and Peace on Earth!



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