New Moon Reminder — May 17/18th 2015

Just a heads-up to remind everyone that you can write out your affirmations and wishes all day today! The New Moon is in the sign Taurus, and we can tap into the energy of this New Moon to enhance our lives.

Take a moment to write out your deepest desires, wishes and affirmations in order to allow their message to enter the ether and to manifest into your reality. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by doing this simple task. Write out in clear concise form anything you wish to happen in your life — it can be a quick prayer for good health, a wish for more income, a blessing for a newborn, or a complex goal that you have set for yourself and need a little positive input in order to complete the job. Anything you perceive as bettering your life and the lives of your loved ones can be written down and as you think about what you are writing your thoughts take form and enter the galaxial mists to become real.

We do get this chance every month at the time of the New Moon — and each month the emphasis is a little different depending on what sign the Moon is in during that month. Tap into all of the potential of the Universal flow and believe in your destiny!


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