June’s Planetary Activity

As I am writing this post on Memorial Day Weekend, I would like to send my thanks to all the men and women in the military who serve honorably and who’s families continue to make great sacrifices in order for we here in America to remain safe at home. God Bless!

We start the month of June off with the Full Strawberry Moon at 11 degrees of Sagittarius on the 2nd at 11:19 AM EST (add one hour for DST). This is a bit more dynamic because the Full Moon will oppose Mars, and Mercury in Gemini. When we add in the fact that Mercury is still in Retrograde mode we can see that there might be some noticeably worrisome activities that may occurs. Tempers may flare, angry words may be exchanged and traffic could be impacted. Being aware of these aspects and using your knowledge to maintain a steady and calm persona if things are in turmoil, will stand you in good stead. You many find construction issues lead to backed-up roadways, summer hot-spots and the highways getting to them may be overcrowded, and many may not have gotten a good night’s sleep with the Full Moon shining into their bedroom windows. Allow time when traveling, and be a courteous driver — a few minutes delay won’t spoil your vacation time — better to arrive safely and be able to enjoy your Summer fun.

That said, the Moon in Sagittarius will meet up in good aspects with both Jupiter later in the day, and Uranus in the wee hours of the 3rd. So improvement is in the stars as we traverse the early days of the sixth month of this year! Retrograde Mercury is still in play until the 11th of the month, and I don’t know about anyone else, but this Rx seems particularly frustrating — I actually went to a function on the wrong day — One week early — even though I am thoroughly aware of the aspects surrounding meetings and dates. Also, trying to work through some necessary issues has been extremely arduous and repetitive for myself and other family members. Of course, after returning a few times to the offices involved — things are apparently sorted out and hopefully are being handled by their respective offices with professionalism and expediency. One can only be hopeful!

Our New Moon this month is at 28 degrees of Gemini and crests on the 16th at 9:05 AM EST — bringing a flurry of activity, social gatherings and family get-togethers. We will feel the energy of the New Moon as it meets up with Mars earlier in the morning and gets our juices flowing so that we will want to engage in lively activity and happy on-goings. A Gemini New Moon is full of opportunity and unexpected prospects. Our New Moon dynamic stays in place for a couple of days and we can use this Galaxial power to write out our affirmations and wishes with a happy heart. (More in the New Moon Post later on.)

Pluto although Retrograde is still causing dust-ups because of past experiences that haven’t been resolved. Pluto is always trying to get us to look deep within in order to free ourselves of old and worn out visions that we use to thrash our psyches . It is time to let go of childhood disappointments, sibling rivalries, being bitter about our lot in life, and not forgiving ourselves for minor transgressions we have been holding on to for years. Look with a realistic eye at where you are now, what you have accomplished and how successful you have been. You may not have reached all of your goals, still if you are like most of us you are still working on achieving them, and perhaps readjusting your end-game to a more accurate representation of what it is you really want out of life at this period of time. We all have a need to be loved and to love, and we strive to be worthy of approval and appreciation.

If somehow we are not getting the positive input we need to feel good about ourselves we hear our inner voice belittling us, and denigrating our accomplishments. Stop that NOW! You are the arbiter of your own life, and no-one should have the power to make you feel less than worthy — do not give anyone that authority over you. Life can be difficult and stressful in so many ways and just being able to get up and go to work, take care of your family and live a good life is all we can strive for here on Earth. If you have gone that extra mile and have given to those less fortunate — you are indeed to be esteemed. Lighten up — feel your inner spirit — and live each day fully — our time here is precious and divine — and time goes by in the blink of an eye. Use your time well, and believe in your humanity, your sacredness, and your worthiness.

Saturn in Sagittarius is also marking time in Rx mode and again this is a signal for us to recapitulate our actions and deeds during the last six months. I believe that when the Planets Retrograde they are giving us a chance for a do-over, a time to right any wrongs, to rethink plans and the pathway we are on and allowing us to truly “see” in a clearer way what plans we need to adopt in order to move forward in our lifetime here on Earth. Along with Jupiter in Leo in good aspect to Uranus in Aries, we can find innovative ways to improve our lot in life. If you have an extraordinary talent — be it in art, cooking, finance, or fashion, or any venue — you can find ways to use these talents to help others. An artistic home-made greeting card can bring joy to a shut-in, a plate of warm cookies can bring a smile to the face of a child or an elder, just the thought of brightening someone’s day is fulfilling and gratifying. It is often the little thoughtful touches that reach someone’s heart. A smile, a wave, a cheery hello to a neighbor might be all someone needs for them to get through their day with a song in their heart!

Venus will be entering the fiery sign of Leo on the 5th, the change from watery Cancer is a giant leap for Lady Venus and she will be sizzling hot as she departs Cancer. Romance, children’s care, fashion, and ego will climb to the top of Lady Venus’ chart!

The Sun will enter Cancer on the 21st heralding our Summer Solstice with family occasions, summer fun and the magic of the stars. We will find we are more caring of the tribe’s elders, want to spend more time with family, and bask in the seeming infinity of lazy Summer days. Enjoy the month that welcomes our New England Summer season with good health, a hearty outlook, and fond memories of times past. Peace!







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