Psychometry — It’s a Hands on Thing — Jone Victoria — April 2, 2009

This story is for people who think they have absolutely no psychic abilities.

The year was 1973.

I had been professionally teaching classes on psychic development for a year, and was always fascinated at the cross section of people who walked through the door. Bankers, town officials, homemakers, bus drivers, construction workers, and the general curious sat in my classroom. A few were serious students, with some basic knowledge of intuitive thinking, and some thought they didn’t belong; that’s how I met Carol Baker.

As we went around the room, students introduced themselves and told why they had signed up for this pioneering class. Carol sheepishly admitted that she signed up for a different class, but the class was full. She made it clear that she had absolutely no idea what I was teaching and would it be OK if she stayed and audited my class for one night. Knowing, there are no accidents, I welcomed her to stay.

The first class was on sensing and seeing auras. I chose Carol as my partner. With her assistance, I demonstrated to the class using the palms of my hands how to sense the energy field around a person. When I moved my hands to her head there was a discernible shift of energy, so I asked her if she had suffered an injury to her head. Carol told me she was deaf in one ear. At the end of the class, she turned to me smiling and said, see you next week.

Carol was an attentive and dedicated student. She often became frustrated at not “feeling intuitive” enough. Her thought process and ability to intellectually understand the exercises were excellent, the barrier was in feeling and using all her six senses to pull information from her deep consciousness.

The week I taught Psychometry, which is a focused method of using an article of clothing, jewelry, or a photo to receive intuitive impressions, was her turning point. I had asked students to bring a personal piece of jewelry or an article of clothing from someone they knew. When an object is worn by a person, for a length of time, the energy of that person clings to it. We would “read” the energy of the object and give our impressions based on using our senses.

I announced that each student would try this experiment, thus instructing everyone else to keep quiet so we could maintain an environment of concentration for the “reader.”

Carol was given a wedding ring from another student who sat four seats in front of her. Try as she could, there were no impressions forthcoming. After a minute she stood up and handed the ring back, clearly frustrated and insisting that she just “didn’t have it.” The student who provided the ring placed it on her desk. Carol sat down, and as she did, the ring fell off the desk and BOUNCED BACK four desks and landed in Carol’s purse which was open on the floor. You could hear a pin drop in that room. You have a gift, and I want you to try again, I said to her. All of us in that room were laughing with disbelief at what we witnessed. You must develop a leap of faith that you are on the right path, when seemingly innocent events manifest.

Carol was measurably more successful as she read the ring for a second time. There was a margin of confidence gained by that benign intervention of manifestation.

The story does not end there.

Carol took my classes for a couple more years, and we became friends. After several years of teaching adult education I took time off. Carol asked if she could borrow my lesson plans and notes to continue my style of teaching until I decided to return. Carol grew into one of the most gifted energy healers in the community teaching her own classes.

Carol and her husband George have passed into a better realm, but their friendship and genuine love to educate those who wanted to learn will always be a treasured memory.

So, for those who do not feel that you possess any abilities in the arena of psychic awareness, remember this story. You can’t read and study your way into your gifts. It’s a hands on thing, so pick up your “ring.”

I am thinking happy thoughts about Jone today on her birthday (May 27th) — having passed over 4 years ago — I miss her sprightly laugh, her irrepressible spirit, and her loving friendship — and her mystical knack of realizing the potential in others.¬† Well done dear friend!

Carol Baker became a trusted healer and reader locally for many years, admired for her insight and psychic abilities. She always seemed to have a shy smile for everyone, and her quiet demeanor drew people to her. Humble and grateful for her gifts, she readily shared her thoughts with others. I remember that at one class, she approached me with a gift-wrapped box — and smiling said “She reminds me of you” — I had no idea of what the “she” could be! I hastened home to unwrap my gift and was delighted to find a tiny porcelain statue of Kwan Yin — the Chinese goddess of Mercy and Calm. We remained friends until her untimely passing.

Jone and Carol, two women of incredible character, healers, psychics, and friends — wise beyond their years and gone too soon — my heart still weeps!


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