Venus Enters Leo — June 5th 2015

Lovely Lady Venus will leave watery, emotional and motherly Cancer on June 5th at 10:33 AM EST (add one hour for DST), and will enter the vibrant, fiery and passionate sign Leo. Lady Venus will remain in hot and sensual Leo until entering the sign Virgo on July 18th at 5:39 PM EST. Changing from Cancer a water sign to a Leo a fire sign is an overwhelming and cataclysmic reorientation for Venus. Feeling rather at home in the sign Cancer, all of her nurturing and familial feelings have come to the fore. Her persona in the sign Cancer was one of service and caring for all those she loved. When Venus leaves Cardinal Watery Cancer, it causes water to collide with fire in a sizzling bursting retort of explosive steaminess. However, once ensconced in Fixed Fiery Leo, her entire persona is metamorphosed into a sultry charmer with her vivacious smile,  her halo of golden hair, and her touchingly beautiful appearance.

No longer the motherly Cancerian Madonna, in Leo she quickly sashays her comely guise into the hearts of a multitude of would-be suitors. Flirtatious, wise in the ways of mankind, and ready to tweak the amorous sensitivities of likely partners, she adorns herself in the golden armor of the Leonine Sun God. Able to separate those worthy admirers from those less suitable, she chooses her partners with care and precision. Still our Leo Venus is true to those she loves and is willing to sacrifice for her family without hesitation. Perhaps overly protective of her children, she is the mother lion, and when any danger challenges her offspring, she will leap into action to protect and defend them from all threats. Loyal, brash, uplifting, spirited, and wanting only the best for herself and her loved ones, our Lady Venus in Leo will know no bounds in working towards her goals. Determined in her upward mobility, she is a fashionista of renown, a decorator of exquisite taste, and a seasoned net-worker in her social group. Happy to volunteer, seeing what needs to be done, she is a dynamo in leading the way in charitable and worthy deeds.

Lady Venus in Leo is a head-turner whatever her status, she knows her assets well, and is able to enhance and flaunt them in any venue. A strong sense of self, perhaps a bit of an ego, but a sensitive and fragile inner core — her feelings can be hurt easily with an unkind word. Thoughtless and mean-spirited slights will not be forgotten by our Leo Venus, she can hold a grudge, but usually her sprightly and joyous love of life will overcome any momentary affronts. She knows her value, and holds her head up high with just a hint of humility. Warmly welcoming to all, charitable throughout her life, and ready to entertain in a nanosecond — our Lady Venus in Leo is a delight to all who call her friend, partner, sister, daughter, or mother. Just don’t diss our Leo Lady and all will be well — she can be love incarnate — and we all need more love in our lives.

Lady Venus in Leo can climb to the heights of the corporate world, lead the local PTA, find her bliss in the fashion world, and become Mother of the Year whilst running her Fortune 500 company! Dynamic, driven and decidedly goal oriented, our Lady Venus in Leo can be anything she decides to pursue. On the softer side of our Leonine Lady Venus, is her love of children, and their plight in the world, organizing charitable works, volunteering for after-school programs and generally keeping an eagle eye on her local neighborhood; making sure the playgrounds are safe, the school system is above average, and there are in-school programs for those in need. A veritable champion for all those young folks who will one day be in charge of this, our fragile Earth.

On the 6th, lovely Venus in Leo is in good aspect to Saturn in the wee morning hours, shoring up our efforts for the day ahead. Work with the positive aspects in the stars to enhance your daily life and draw more good vibes into your realm.Venus and Mercury mix it up early on the 10th, if you need to have a conversation with someone — plan on doing it at breakfast or right when you get to the office. The aspects provide a good basis for friendly and comprehensive talks. Just don’t get involved with a “Chatty Cathy” who drones on and on about nothing — just saying!  On the evening of the 13th as Venus has a brief skirmish with Mars don’t let thoughtless words or feelings disrupt what could be a magical moment of understanding. After the midnight hour on the 16th, don’t allow anyone to fluster you or perhaps allude to devious information that will prove false. Use your innate instincts and allow time to find the truth of any issue that seems fabricated. The truth will become clear when you go to the source for a first-hand account. On the 21st, at a family function or outing you may find someone undermining your reputation — set the record straight and move on in order to release your pent-up frustration. In the late hours of the 28th and early hours of the 29th, you may meet up with someone who piques your interest — this may be an exciting and passionate moment, but it might not be long-lasting! Enjoy the excitement and adulation but be realistic in your appraisal of the situation.The Moon in Sagittarius on the 30th creates a nice aspect with Venus in Leo around the lunch hour — try to make sure your luncheon companions are compatible and fun, and enjoy being the center of attention as the epitome of a Venus in Leo golden girl!

Hint — Find your love at the country club, dining in a fine restaurant, at a fashion show, at the playground, at a PTA meeting, on a business trip, in your doctor’s office, while shopping at an upscale department store, volunteering at an after-school program, buying a luxury car or home, at a sunny beach resort, aboard a yacht, when buying flowers for your garden or furniture for your home, at a local political rally, having your hair styled, and at a summer concert or dramatic play.



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