Summer Solstice — June 21st 2015

How evocative is the sound Solstice — conveying ancient memories of ritual, invocation and tribal ceremony. The sibilant sound of Solstice stirs our subconscious reminiscence of primordial events lost in the mists of time. Still there remains an unnerving sentient pull at our psyche today that conjures up a Universal consciousness of hazy recollections that lie deep within the abyss of our souls and spirits. We feel a need to commemorate this day as a tribute to our elders and our ancestors, all those whose spirits have passed before us in a procession of antiquity and grace. Our heritage is entwined with all those who have departed, from the earliest of mankind to those whose lives have transformed recently — they all now have the answers we so intently seek here on Earth. The whys and wherefores of our being, our humanity and the journey of our soul. The Summer Solstice brings renewal and light and a brighter way of seeing our forward pathway.

Heralding the hot and steamy Summer season, we here in New England delight in having more sunlight to enjoy the outdoor pleasures we look forward to all winter long. Summer sunlight and warmth is especially needed after the brutal winter season that we endured this year! We bask in the Sun’s warm embrace as our Summer unfolds with parties, barbeques and family reunions. We feel the healthy aura enter our bodies as we romp in the open ocean finding lost treasures buried in the sand, lolling by the lake, the Summer days seem to linger as the red and orange Sunset slowly descends below the landscape. We breathe in the earthiness of the hot fusty air as the flora bursts forth in every color of the rainbow. It seems the Earth is also grateful for the Sun’s warmth as the gardens bloom with fruits and vegetable of every variety. A veritable cloak of many colors patterns the ground as each plant vies for its piece of fertile land. When the crops mature and are ready for harvest, our bounty is replete with a vast array of wonderful produce. Sun warmed earth — fertile and fecund — has once again given of itself a plethora that is ours for the taking. Nature once again returns us to the ancient magical circle of life. Cycles within cycles, century after century, eon after eon — we dance to the primeval tune of the Earth’s phases. The harmony of  Universal rhythms mark each and every year of our lives, we move in concert with the predictable and unpredictable whims of Mother Nature. We delight in knowing how each season will bring us new and exciting adventures. From the idle and lazy days of Summer, the beauty and majesty of our New England autumns, the inevitable cold and harsh realities of our Winter snows, and then the hope and renewal of our blessed Spring season. We bow to the elements of our Earth in obeisance of its power and magnificence. Bringing life-giving rain, the powerful rays of the Sun, or battering us with mighty storms of undeniable devastation — we endure, and though we may suffer,  yet we overcome, we rebuild, we thrive and we triumph over tragedy.

Solstice — ancient, basic, primal and full of the magic of the Universe — we silently pause to intuitively feel the primordial rhythmic cadence as the Earth turns in its never-ending rotation. We bond with the Earth as if our feet are rooted as are the great oaks. We feel our belonging to the Earth was part of the greater picture that history has painted for us. This is our land, our environment and our World. We belong as did our ancestors before us, and our offspring will long after we are gone. We are the organisms that can help or hinder this World of ours — it behooves all of us to care for this fragile entity with loving kindness. For I believe we have a sacred trust in caring for this land, this Earth, this tiny blue planet that gives us so much succor.

The exact time the Sun enters Cancer this year on June 21st is at 11:38 AM EST. Take a quiet moment and breathe in the aromas that surround you, feel the aura that is touching your skin, contemplate how this Solstice has brought you full circle in your life’s pattern. Allow all of your senses to awaken as every fiber of your body and psyche tunes in to the mysterious elements that are now encroaching upon your body. Be the totally intuitive person you are meant to be and notice the subtle vibrations in the air — the atmosphere is telling you an ancient story of history and life. Do you feel a tingle running through your fingers? Can you hear the harmonics of the Earth’s music? Do you sense a deep connection to this Earth? Are you totally immersed in this moment of Being? The Solstices are part of our journey, and we must become aware of their primal power to bring us to an understanding of what our part is in this World. Bring the Light of the Solstice into your reality and reap the wonder of the ancients. How well they understood their World and how much they treasured the Earth. We can return to that innate knowing with a little practice and open-mindedness.

As we look forward to this Summer Solstice — prepare yourself to accept the Universe’s gifts of conscious knowing and psychic understanding. Believe in the magic and miracle of our Being. Peace on Earth!


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