New Moon in Gemini — June 16th 2015

Our New Moon in Gemini crests at 25 degrees of the sign at 9:05 AM EST (remember to add one hour for DST). The New Moon in Gemini brings a bit of whimsy and a flare for the innovative into our lives. Ideas are milling about in our heads and we have trouble separating the truly inspired from the mundane. Take a moment to sit quietly and think about what it is you want to achieve — try to sense those ideas that will bring about an outcome that you can accomplish and that will be an improvement in your life. There is a bit of help ahead of the New Moon when the Sun meets up with Mars in Gemini on the 14th, with an energetic flip of the switch to spur us on to bigger and better things. After the New Moon crests, we get another boost from Jupiter in good aspect to Uranus at 20 degrees of Leo/Aries on the 22nd! Make sure your New Moon affirmations take advantage of this brilliant aspect ahead by including those “over-the-top” ideas you don’t think have a chance — this is the time to appreciate the bounty of the Universe and the magic at your fingertips!

It seems to me that the first six months of this year have been especially stressful and out of sync with our hopes and wishes. Especially the last Retrograde Mercury period that just ended on the 11th! It felt as if everything that could go wrong, be delayed, or just couldn’t get off the ground was the norm. Now that Mercury has begun its forward motion once again, it is almost as if a waft of fresh air has blown in to clear out the cobwebs of our old habits and “stick-in-the-mud” ways! Breathe in the invigorating freshness of the cleansed and rarefied air. Clear out any old and fusty ideas that haven’t worked and bring into the ether those new ideas and thoughts that can move you forward into a new realm of wonder.

We have the opportunity to empower ourselves for the better with the power of the New Moon in Gemini, and there is nothing to lose when you take pen to paper and write out your affirmations and wishes. You may find a dream coming true — take the time to think about what would make a difference in your life and the lives of your loved ones. Gemini is open to all experiences and elements — they thrive on variety and the innovative. Our Gemini brethren are the joy and happiness in our lives, with their acceptance and ability to see the bright and beautiful in everyone. Possibly a bit naive, but always loving and aware that none of us is perfect, they welcome everyone into their realm.  Decision-making isn’t their strong suit, however, when they do make up their minds they are loyal, true and always in your corner. Gemini’s are our ever-young, ever-playful, and ever-willing companions.Usually nonjudgmental, they accept us as we are — warts and all.

Saturn in Retrograde mode will slip into the late degrees of Scorpio until mid-September when it returns to Sagittarius — Saturn turns direct on August 2nd, and we will be getting more positive energy from this ringed Planet — we can use Saturn’s stay in Scorpio to review the past few months and perhaps correct some lingering issues from Saturn’s last turn in Scorpio, and we can make plans for the more inspirational vibes we will be getting as the Planet moves back into Sagittarius. We can learn from our past mistakes, and the errors we may have made if we are honest with ourselves! Allow yourself to really look at your relationships, your job, and your lifestyle to find the inherent ways you are not being realistic in your outlook and evaluation of those difficult situations in your life, and those persons who are holding you back. Be bold in letting go of any toxic relationships in order to take your power back! You deserve respect, kindness and true love from those who profess to be on your side. Be sure you are not just getting “lip-service” from those who would just use you and your goodness for their own deceptive needs.

Venus in Leo will help to spice up our social schedules and bring new people into our lives — we should all take advantage of any invitations during this transit of Venus. Elegance in fashion, food and design will be at the top of the charts and we can enjoy these parties or get-togethers with a feeling of relaxation and recreation — after the busy first half of this year, we are entitled to take part in all events of a celebratory nature. Venus in Leo is loving, caring and supportive of all your desires — be bold in asking for what you want — Venus in Leo loves luxury, ease and contentment.

With vibrant Mars in Gemini until the 23rd — our minds will be awash with ideas and fidgeting with all we want to accomplish — however — Gemini can be a little scattered and unfocussed, so it might behoove us to wait until Mars enters Cardinal Cancer before we follow through with our unique ideas. With Mars in Cancer we will have the acceptance and help of our family and friends in forwarding our plans. And you might find an ally at a family reunion or amongst old friends.

With the New Moon in Gemini, everything we can think of is on the table — Gemini is a Mutable Air sign and as such our intellect, education, and writing skills are highlighted. Gemini’s ruling Planet Mercury, now in direct motion can and will give us that mental boost to incorporate our visionary ideas into real world solutions. Allow yourself to meditate for a few moments before writing out your affirmations, wishes and desires — think what issues will serve you best throughout the next few months and concentrate on the best way to express your needs. For instance if you wish to learn a new skill, ask that an appropriate teacher or class opens in your area — be specific about your goals. Need to be able to concentrate better on the job or in school — ask that you can learn how to calm your busy mind, find a way to focus on the task at hand, and use breathing as a method of lessening your anxiety. Still have a dream of writing that great novel, short story or just a letter to a friend? Use the energy of the New Moon to find a mentor, and draw toward yourself those who will be helpful in preparing your way for success. The New Moon crests at 9:05 AM EST, so all day on the 16th will be the most potent when writing out your affirmations, however the next 24 hours are also still a viable time span to write down your desires and wishes.

The Summer Solstice arrives as the Sun enters Cancer on the 21st — this gives us a boost of vitality to pursue our dreams — the ancients were endowed with the knowledge that Nature has its yearly rhythms that herald a new season of growth and development — we should all try to flow with the innate cadence that tempers our lives. Working with the natural way enhances our ability to create an orderly existence for ourselves here on Earth.  We search for Ease — as opposed to Dis-ease! Use the Universes momentum and syncopation to re-order your own life. Your spirit will soar with its new-found ability to move freely and unbound. Use the magic of the Natural world and find your true pathway Peace!


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