New Moon Reminder — June 16th

Just a heads-up for those interested in writing out their affirmations and wishes with the New Moon in Gemini energy! The New Moon crests on June 16th at 9:05 AM EST (add one hour for DST). The best time to write out your wishes is after the New Moon crests — that’s when the energy is the most powerful.

For those whose birthday is near the 16th, this is a new Lunar cycle for you and your affirmations will be all the more able to enter the ether to manifest into your reality. Use the gift of the natural order to enhance your chances of influencing your life for the better.

For all of the rest of us, wherever Gemini is in your chart will be where the emphasis of the New Moon will be most powerful — get to know your own chart and then you can use the rhythms of the stars and planets to better your experiences here on Earth.

We all can help ourselves by using what Nature so generously gives to us — take advantage of these moments in time and write out your affirmations, dreams and wishes in order to live your life to the fullest.

Live, Love, Laugh — draw all the good things in life into your realm. The magic is at your fingertips. Peace!


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