Mars Enters Cancer — June 24th 2015

Mars, our Planet of passion, energy and courage will enter the Cardinal Water sign Cancer on June 24th at 8:34 AM EST (add one hour for DST). With this combination we are trying to combine Fire and Water — and we all know that this blend can create a sizzling and steamy eruption! Having gotten used to working with Airy Gemini, Mars will find it a bit difficult to immediately move into the flow of Watery Cancer. Both Mars (ruling sign Aries) and Cancer are Cardinal signs — so both feel the need to be “in charge”! There will be confrontation and emotional flux — however, Mars is a fast learner, and will soon have a handle on Cancer’s raison d’etre. Mars is well aware of his own persona, his own challenges, and his own reasons for being. He will soon meld with his Watery companion in an uneasy truce of sorts, in order to move his own agenda forward. Actually these two working in concert can cover a multitude of ideas and emotions. Mars can use some of Cancer’s more forgiving  responses, and can learn to moderate his reaction to adverse stimuli when Cancer is in the mix. We might find a more emotional Mars in the sense that his kinder and gentler feelings are to the fore. Still, challenges await this duo until they decide to coexist within their delicate and fragile framework of peace.

The sign Cancer is ruled by the Moon and reflects the light from the Sun during Earth’s darkest hours allowing us to be transfixed in wonder at the infinite night sky — it also has rulership over the feminine mystique, domesticity, water sports, short journeys, and anything of a transitory nature. Physically Cancer rules the breasts, stomach and brain matter. Often those with a strong Cancer presence in their charts will have issues with indigestion, acid reflux, and ulcers, and often when upset these areas are strongly affected. Mars  in Cancer usually doesn’t like admitting to feeling unwell, and will avoid seeking medical advice. It behooves those Mars in Cancer loved ones to be aware if anything has gone on for too long and chide their reticent “tough guy or gal” to get a check-up! Of course, on the other side of the coin, we might find a chronic complainer and it is like the “Boy Who Cried Wolf” — we just don’t hear their complaints after a while — still one must be aware, when and if, there is a change in their demeanor or the tenor of their complaints to assure that something chronic hasn’t become acute.

We all have the sign Cancer in one of our Zodiac houses — we should all try to understand how Mars in Cancer will affect each house — and if there is a Planet within the realm of that house, how Mars will impact their meeting. Mars is energy personified and will bring excitement, movement, and opportunity wherever it roams. Our job is to use this Martian power in a positive manner to enhance our lifetime here on Earth. Work with the Universal flow and latch on to a very good thing! Life can be so much easier, more fulfilling and more rewarding when we know and work with the rhythms of the Planets.

As Mars in Cancer moves through the month in the coming weeks it will be in good aspect to the Moon in Scorpio on the 26th in late afternoon bringing warm feelings for your loved ones — perhaps you can plan a quiet dinner for two, or a rousing night out with friends — either way it will be an upbeat time. On July 1st we have the first Full Moon of the month in the sign Capricorn, later in the evening. However, around the noon hour Mars opposes the Moon in Capricorn, so thorny feelings might be exposed — choose your lunch companions carefully. On the 5th Mars tussles with Jupiter in the late morning hours, you might want to sleep in and avoid this aspect. However on the 8th Mars and Neptune team up to bring some inspiration at dinner time, listen to your inner voice. The 15th brings   a challenge from Pluto perhaps at an early morning office meeting — stand your ground but don’t push too hard. Our New Moon in Cancer crests at 8:25 PM EST, also on the 15th bringing a need to be aware of your loved ones safety and other necessities. Later in the evening, you might be discussing your ideas with someone who will listen carefully and give you good advice. Venus goes Retrograde at zero degrees of Virgo on the 25th, some of our plans for vacations or other pleasurable activities might be put on hold. When she returns to the late degrees of Leo on the 31st you may be able to revisit something you left undone.  Also the second Full Moon (Blue Moon) crests on the 31st in Aquarius, giving us a spurt of renewed if  quirky energy.  Saturn turns direct on August 2nd improving our chances of forward motion with our plans if they have been thoroughly vetted. Venus meets up with Mars on August 5th, in a pleasant milieu, enjoy this moment of loving connection. Mars and Jupiter get together briefly on the 7th for a last minute debate about family, and Mars will then move on to the sign Leo on August 8th where he will feel more at home in this lusty fire sign.

Mars in Cancer Love Style 

Our Mars in Cancer brethren are a combination fire and water mixture that is both emotional and needy, yet strong and determined. Loyal to a fault, and devoted to their families, they encompass an old-fashioned “patriarchal” element that isn’t always appreciated in today’s world. They like the feeling that they are the Head of the Family. Hard working, steady and a bit rigid in their idea of just what is needed for his family to be brought up correctly and to become an integral part of society. At times stern in discipline and a bit stubborn when challenged, he can be swayed with reasonable conversations that are well-stated and make sense to him. He often hearkens back to “What my Father said, did, believed” — and therein can lie the problem. Not always happy with the speed and movement of technology, there is often a longing for the “good old days.” However, his heart is in the right place when it comes to the well-being and safety of his loved ones. Indeed, a hero of sorts, he will face any challenge to the integrity of his family unit with fiercely  protective armor — and will defend his loved ones with all of his abilities.

This is a difficult combination to integrate within the family dynamics, he wants to be everything to his family and has difficulty when it appears he doesn’t make the cut. His ego is a bit fragile, and he can blow hot and cold when he feels he has somehow let his family down. What saves this persona from destroying what he loves most, is his deep love for those in his care. He will, with a little patience learn to moderate his more bombastic leanings and can enhance those softer feelings when his loved ones realize he only wants what is best for everyone. Loving, caring, nurturing — are all a part of this duo, and those are the emotions that have to come to the fore so the more domineering and smothering issues can be sidelined. Wisdom and time are the best modifiers when living with a Mars in Cancer person — they are so devoted to their offspring that often other issues will be ignored. A balance must be struck early on in this relationship, wherein the Mars in Cancer person is made aware of how to be their best self. An autocratic and domineering attitude won’t make for the loving and comfortable home this individual is truly looking for in his life. Moderation will enhance the chances for the idealistic life they are looking for, and the realistic rewards of a family dynamic that works for everyone.

Loving, caring, nurturing and deeply committed to the ideals of family life, they will never give up on their loved ones. Loyal and concerned that he provides the very best for his kin, he will be there through thick and thin, calm and storm, and sickness and health. A forever-after devotee, he could become the “Father of the Year” to those he loves.

We must remember that there are many modifiers within anyone’s Zodiac chart, and other influences from the stars will combine to create variables withing this persona. No one is just one aspect or group of Planets — we all are a combination of input from the whole of the Universe, and it is up to us to glean the best and the most positive and useful elements we have been handed. Learn the strengths of your own chart and find the way to enhance all of the optimistic and confident features that can be brought to the fore. We are a work in progress, we are human BE-ings — let us all try to be our best selves.




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