July’s Planetary Activity

July will prove to be a very active month with two Full Moons shaking up the status quo. Our first Full Moon is on the 1st in the sign Capricorn at 9 degrees, cresting at 9:19 PM EST (add one hour for DST). This Earthy Cardinal sign can be quite fervent in its more zealous capacity, people might “dig in their heels” about their current protests with the government, how their jobs are being impacted, or how their lifestyle is slowly being eroded because of the economy. Capricorns can often be stoic and self-contained, but when goaded beyond their ability to ignore certain stressors of life, their reaction can be stunning to those who thought they knew them. Indignant would be the mildest of terms I’d use to describe their ire when they feel they have been taken advantage of by any of the workings of officialdom. It behooves all of us to rein in any over-the-top reactions to any local or national news, before we have all of the facts. Actually there is some help in the form of a pleasant conjunction of Venus and Jupiter in Leo! Our outlook can be boosted by this charming duo so that we might be happy to enjoy the upcoming holiday and look forward to the rest of our Summer warmth. The Cancerian Sun trines Neptune in Pisces allowing us to tap into our artistic side and we might be able to use our intuition to create a masterpiece. We can also use this combination to reach a soul level that will stir us to look for that silver lining no matter our current issues. Allowing the Sun to shine within the watery abyss of Neptune allows a spiritual light to brighten the deepest yearnings of our nature. Still the aura of the Capricorn Full Moon will bring us back to Earth when the monthly bills are counted and have to be paid.

In the middle of the month, Venus in Leo and Mars in Cancer both engage in a tussle with Saturn in Scorpio, making our relationships a bit more difficult to handle. We might find we have to work longer hours, or a business trip might make us miss some family occasions, bringing stress into our realm. Keep an open mind when plans go a bit awry, and try to find some common ground for cooperation. The 15th brings a plethora of challenges with Mars in Cancer opposing Pluto in Capricorn, all while the Moon is in sensitive Cancer. Don’t let feelings get out of control, as my Mother would say “Bite your tongue” if you are about to spurt out offensive or hurtful rhetoric towards a loved one, supervisor, or anyone else. There is no ability to take back hateful words, so choose your speech and tone carefully and remember, what isn’t said cannot come back to haunt you.

You might find it’s time to resolve any lingering family issues, work stressors, and personal habits that are holding you back. We cannot move forward on our true pathway here on Earth without cleaning out the cobwebs of our angst and anger. What really is going on in your life that makes you unhappy — and ask yourself “Do I have the ability to change this situation?” If the answer is yes, then you must begin to enable yourself to make those changes — these are the easy steps in life when we realize we do have the power to impact our own life with positive results. Start today with those things that will make you happy, get you out of your rut, and turn around your negative outlook. You can begin with “baby steps” — give yourself small goals — and when those are completed, go on to the next level. Don’t sweat any lapses — just dust yourself off — and begin anew. NOW — what about those situations in which you have no control and no power to change what you believe is wrong. This is all about acceptance, being realistic, and perhaps finding a new pathway. Hate your boss, job, home situation, the government, people, how the world is going to the dogs? These feelings have a basis in some deep-seated area of your psyche that has to be reached with a common-sense approach, and a true sense of self. You are not going to be able to change the world, your boss, or the government’s actions — but you can alter your perception of where you fit into the equation.

NO — this isn’t an easy fix — but given your circumstances you can find a way to come to grips with your life as it stands. If you truly hate going into work each day it takes a bit of your soul away and you become a shadow of yourself. You may have to decide to look elsewhere for employment — if this isn’t possible — you must find a way to make it as palatable as possible. HOW? Find all the positives you can in what you do — ask for help — inquire if there isn’t a way to do things better, work smarter — you know yourself better than anyone — use your intelligence and know-how and tweak what it is you do to become more in line with what you want. Life gives us challenges at every level and age — it is up to us to find the positive road and learn to avoid the speed bumps as much as possible. I have no magic bullet that will solve everyone’s issues — but I do know from experience that the phrase “This too shall pass” is inevitable. Things change, life alters, we grow, we learn, we can flourish if we use all of the instincts, intuition and resolve we are born with. Get some control in just one area of your life and you will feel more confident — find your strengths and bring about those changes that you can alter. Being out of control allows us to spiral down — knowing you can be in control of some areas of your life will boost your self-reliance and self-assurance.

With Uranus turning Rx on the 26th at 20 degrees of Aries, we might find there is a feeling of relief that some pressure seems to be off — things have slowed down and we have some breathing room. It might just be we are on vacation and can let all of our anxieties go for the moment, but it could also be that breakthrough we know we achieved because we changed some facet of ourselves, our environment or our outlook. Venus also begins Rx on the 25th returning to late Leo on the 31st and can bring a renewed feeling of needing to be pampered — Venus will be Rx until September 6th when she moves forward at 14 degrees of Leo until reentering Virgo on October 8th. This long stretch in the sign Leo will allow us to recapture any elements of love we have been ignoring or just not feeling. It can help to reconnect us to those who love us unconditionally, and help us realize that we are needed and appreciated by those closest to us. We can channel our inner Diva to enhance our outlook, and we can tap into our artistic side to bring us out of our mundane ways — think about creating changes in your appearance, in your home and in your viewpoint.

It is time we all tuned in to our inner core, our psyches, and our intuitive selves to find those pathways that will bring us the most satisfaction throughout this lifetime here on Planet Earth. We are meant to be happy, productive and selfless human beings that will evolve ever higher on this Earth Plane. Life can throw us curve balls, and can keep us from realizing our true potential, but only if we let the material world get in our way. We are beings of light and energy that can overcome all impediments by not allowing the meaningless elements of life get us down. It is a struggle to maintain that positive outlook all the time — but when we feel ourselves slipping into despair — it behooves us to  recognize our own difficulties and begin to address them in a steadfast and proper manner in order to bring ourselves back to stasis! We can regain our equilibrium and begin to work towards fulfilling our true destiny.

Use the energy of the New Moon in Cancer on the 15th to propel your new agenda and remember to write out your affirmations to help re-order your life or bring in more positive personal power. Emotional, nurturing and family oriented — this month is all about connecting with loved ones and finding new ways to interact within our social fields. All of this hyper-activity is taking us into the second Full Moon of the month (Blue Moon) in the sign Aquarius which crests at 7 degrees of the sign, at 5:44 AM EST. The vitality of an Aquarian Moon is quirky, innovative, imaginative, off-the-wall, and often extremely exciting! It can be a roller-coaster of a time with the Uranian power surging forth in an unrestrained heart-stopping rush! Prepare to be breathless and swept off your feet with the excitement and eccentricities of this Planet of the unexpected that can get you out of your comfort zone. Enjoy the ride!








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