Freedom From Negative Energy — Jone Victoria — July 4th 2009

In light of July 4th, I was thinking of what post would make sense. Then I looked around my room. Clutter — books piled high on the floor. Clean laundry to be put away. Winter clothes folded and placed in bins stacked one upon the other. Clutter is a definite symptom of my ongoing insomnia; and why can’t I make a more concerted effort to get my act together?
Negative energy seeks dark and unorganized spaces within your home. It can keep the light from coming in to your sacred space. There’s truth to the saying Cleanliness is next to Godliness. If Godliness is, in essence, the Light of Being then cleanliness maintains the Light in one’s life.
If there is excessive clutter in drawers, closets, on top of your home gym, washing machine, garage, under the bed, dishes in the sink, etc, it needs to go. Negative energy will make you feel confused, out of sorts, and depressed — GET RID OF IT! Clutter sucks you in — it makes you apathetic, unmotivated — it’s not unlike smoking pot. You just stare at the clutter and don’t really see it. You brush it aside to get an outfit to wear in the morning, or wash one bowl and spoon because you need to make a meal.
Break free! Celebrate your FREEDOM from clutter.
My Clutter ‘Tis of Thee — Sweet Light of Liberty — Of thee I Sing.
Jone always seemed to have a sense of humor when faced with any situation, whether dire or just annoying. She was able to address most situations with common sense, a flair for the absurd, and an abundance of “just get to it or through it-ness”! This post was apropos to me as I was “rearranging” my clutter before our Fourth of July barbeque this year. What amazed me, was that just a couple of weeks ago, celebrating Father’s Day — I had done this same task! How did it all become so topsy/turvy once again. I could see the smile on Jone’s face as she saw me typing this post — probably chuckling too! Granted, with the pool open and all of the beach towels stacked up, and the extra necessities for summer living about, I felt as if there were some excuse for the “clutter” — however that didn’t cover the half of the sofa filled with books, photo albums, newspaper ads, and yes on and on! NO — I don’t always see the clutter — so humbly taken to task from the great beyond — I am sending myself a message to get more organized, more orderly, and more aware. Sigh — let’s hope it works this time. Alas!
Happy Fourth of July to All

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