New Moon in Cancer — July 15, 2015

Our New Moon this month crests on July 15th at 8:25 PM EST (add one hour for DST), at 23 degrees of the sign Cancer. This New Moon energy gives us the opportunity to write out our affirmations, wishes and dreams for ourselves as well as for our loved ones. For those whose birthdays are near the New Moon date it is a new lunar cycle for you. The New Moon in its own sign has an ancient power that can reach deep into our psyches. We can feel our emotions roiling underneath our outer armor. Just like Cancer’s sign, the Crab — our outer shell often keeps our true feelings deep inside a protective layer where we know we won’t get hurt by sharing them. Still the New Moon in Cancer may allow us to tap into our deep emotional abyss to bring to light those things that we yearn for and haven’t yet been able to reach. Allow yourself to be more open, honest and vulnerable, and you may be surprised to learn that you will find a sympathetic and understanding listener.

Our Moon sign has reign over domesticity, our Mothers or those who take the place of our Mothers. As the Moon has rulership over our emotions, there might be some issues that are fraught with sentiment that we will encounter during the different phases of the Moon. I sometimes feel on “high alert” when the New Moon or Full Moon nears in certain signs, as I expect some topic to be raised that will bring out an emotional response. It can be one of overwhelming love and caring, or one of conflict and pain. If your natal Moon is in good aspect to your Sun, Venus or Mercury — you may have an easier time of controlling your emotional reactions and won’t have the angst of always feeling under stress. There are so many possible combinations that it is difficult to pin down any particular way in which you might react when your own Moon is in the spotlight. It is good to know in which sign your natal Moon appears — finding how it influences your Sun sign, will help you to understand your “inner-core” emotional profile.

Jupiter in Leo is rapidly moving towards its meeting with Virgo next month, if we have any lavish plans, or any ideas for a big vacation — it would be well to complete your agenda before Jupiter enters Virgo. Jupiter in Virgo although still exacting about quality and getting more bang for the buck, is much less likely to go along with any over-the-top ideas that will break the budget. More conservative and less extravagant than Jupiter in Leo, you will find roadblocks to any grandiose scheme. Of course, a well-planned and needed overhaul of your decor or wardrobe will probably be acceptable to our Jupiter in Virgo — but good taste, quality and value must be at the core. As always, Jupiter will bring inclusion and acceptance to us, a bigger is better philosophy,  and will bring positive feelings galore, we can feel good about ourselves and our pathway here on Earth.

The Sun in Cancer until the 22nd when it moves forward into Leo will keep us family oriented and willing to share our caring with others. Both the sign Cancer and Leo have a deep love of family, children and their ancestry. Both feel the pull of family values and care about those traditions of our ancestors. We can bond with one another on a deeper level and become aware that all humanity has a similar history — our closest support comes from our family unit and the clan, tribe, community that we relate to with love.Open your psyche to hear the heartbeat of your most ancient kinfolk, know that your family lineage is as ancient as the stars, and you are the culmination of Nature’s evolutionary march forward in trying to perfect our species.

As time marches on later in the month, we will be experiencing the second Full Moon (Blue Moon) on the 31st in the sign Aquarius, stimulating our creative side and bringing a quirky need for the newest and best of today’s technological devices. On the other side of the coin, there will be those who will delve into the ancient arts in order to become more attuned to the rhythms of the Earth and the natural order of life. A deep-seated need will be piqued as we begin to understand that to evolve ever higher, we must use the gifts of the Earth in a more conservative manner, in order not to pillage the last vestiges of  our natural heritage. We are finite — the Earth will go on and heal. How much better if we are to continue to grow and prosper as allies, rather than as adversaries.

Now to our affirmations and wishes on this New Moon in Cancer — we can use this powerful time to put our thoughts and dreams into the ether by writing out our deepest desires. Since the sign Cancer is paramount, any family issues can be addressed, also if you are having difficulty in changing any negative habits, now might be an auspicious time to ask for some positive input and people who will be of help to you. Need to have a conversation with a friend or cohort, allow yourself to speak from the heart and be amazed at how well your message is received. Just want more positive energy to enter your realm, meditate and “see” yourself surrounded by the ancient power of your ancestors and their innate knowledge. Bring beauty and love into your life with the purest of caring friends and family members who will embrace your true self.

The New Moon crests on July 15th at 8:25 PM EST (add one hour for DST), so all evening and the next day will be apropos to write out your affirmations and desires. Think deeply about what will bring the most positive changes or benefits into your life and the lives of your loved ones — and be as specific as possible in your wishes. Your ideas, wishes and dreams will move with the flow of the New Moon’s energy into the ether to take hold and begin to manifest into your realm.  Bring the beauty and majesty of Universal harmony into your life — prepare to be amazed at the wonder and power of the Cosmos.  Rock on mighty little Pluto — King of the Kuiper Belt!







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