Venus Enters Virgo — July 18th 2015 — Retrogrades Back into Leo — August 1st

Lady Venus enters Virgo on July 18th at 5:39 PM EST (add one hour for DST), and we will find that she has quite a different experience in Virgo than she did in Fiery Leo! Virgo is a Mutable Earth sign that will dampen Venus’ joie de vivre a bit, and may bring her down to earth with a reality check. However, Venus in Virgo turns Retrograde on July 24th bringing a slowdown to those plans we may have made to refresh our wardrobe or home decor. Venus remains in Virgo until the end of the month and then returns to late Leo on August 1st, moving Rx through to 14 degrees of Leo at the end of the month, and finally turning direct also at 14 degrees of Leo on September 6th, not returning to Virgo until October 8th, where she will remain until entering Libra on November 8th. Whew — so we can look back at the Venus in Leo Post (June 5th) to review Venus in Leo’s style with the caveat, that in Retrograde mode, we don’t get the most positive vibes from the Planet. We will have to modify any lavish ideas and perhaps move on with a more moderate plan as we move forward. You may get a chance to re-do or go over something that went amiss, and be able to correct or improve the outcome.

Venus has so much love and caring within her realm that she will in time soften Virgo’s stuffy, staid and mundane view of life, and will bring into play true  love and the sheer joy of living! With Venus ensconced in Virgo, we may find that our eyes are opened to the reality of our loved one, no longer will we be enchanted by their every move. We will perceive our beloved in a new light of reality and truth. With our eyes opened, we can be sure of “seeing” the genuine article — no warm fuzzy aura of enchantment — but a true picture of their pros and cons! After all — we are all just humans and we will all have our strong points and our weak ones. It’s up to you to determine the value of each trait for yourself and decide how compatible and harmonious your relationship can become.

Our Lady Venus in Virgo will bring us some new ideas about our “style” — with exceedingly good taste in decor and fashion, our Venus in Virgo will prompt us to evaluate our present lifestyle. If found wanting, she will encourage us to refresh our wardrobe and/or home. No glitz or glam for this practical Lady, only the most discriminating of fashion will be brought to the fore. Current fads or momentary fashion statements won’t be in her purview — she will look for long-term value that will stand the test of time. Almost always the picture of perfection, our Lady Venus in Virgo presents herself with confidence and elan. Her home is her pride and joy and will reflect all of her highest standards in sedate luxury and comfort. Her colors will be pastel hues of every shade of blue, and there will be nothing out of place! Neat, orderly, and no-nonsense — the Lady of the House will reign supreme in pristine, pleasant and immaculate surroundings.

Lady Venus in Virgo is also concerned about living a healthy life — conscious of proper nutrition, a well-balanced exercise program and generally being aware of what it takes to be and remain in good health. Often drawn to the healing arts, we will find many of our Venus in Virgo brethren in medicine and holistic endeavors. Perhaps a bit overly concerned with living a “germ-free” life, our Venus in Virgo folks might be a tad phobic about anyone around them sneezing or coughing. With her trusty bottle of antiseptic and antibiotic wet-wipes — her home, desk and any living area will be pure and clean. Living her life as unadulterated as possible, our Lady Venus is the epitome of a wholesome, healthy and natural beauty who knows the value of Nature’s true path. Particular and fussy at times about how clean and fresh food really is, and finding the best of produce at farmer’s markets or at stores that proclaim their foodstuffs are all natural and organic, our Lady Venus wants only the best and purest for herself and her loved ones.

Having Venus spending so much time in Leo in Rx mode, and then returning to Virgo for the rest of her stay, will impact those houses of the Zodiac in your chart that hold Leo and Virgo. Look to your chart to see where Lady Venus will be concentrating her loving and caring persona, and use this time to connect with family, friends and others who are important in your life. If there is some disconnect between you and your loved ones, perhaps this is the time to reach out and mollify any differences you might have with them. Prepare to enjoy this sojourn of Lady Venus in both Virgo and Leo as she sashays her comely self between the two entities. Full of fiery passion in Leo, and fastidious and particular in Virgo — we can experience so much of what Venus has to offer as she is decidedly tossed about in the turbulent sea of Galaxial dynamics. Learn the many ways that Venus can influence our lives with her often flirtatious and coquettish air. Winsome, loving, full of curiosity and inquisitiveness, she plays with the signs as a kitten with a ball of yarn, finding new ways in which to promote her own agenda. Ever our beacon of loving kindness, our Lady Venus can blend within a sign or will boldly make it her own with a fiercely bold guise. Bring all of your intuition, perception and instincts to the fore, in order to get the most out of Venus as she transits not only Leo and Virgo, but throughout all the signs of the Zodiac. Believe in Love!

Hint — find your Venus in Virgo love at the library, at an upscale mall, in a fine dining establishment, flying first class, in the emergency room, at a Whole Foods store, a Farmer’s market, attending a class for clean living or improving health, at the gym, volunteering at an animal shelter, at a rally for human rights, on the golf course, jogging, bringing donations to any charity, helping out at a soup kitchen, at a fashion show, buying top-quality running shoes, at a local playhouse, and having tea at a specialty shoppe!







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