Mars Enters Leo — August 8, 2015

When Mars enters Leo on August 8th, at 6:32 PM EST (add one hour for DST), it will be a sizzling mix of water and fire meeting for a moment of powerful energy being dispersed in a steamy and sputtering miasma of confusion. Mars will remain in Leo until entering Virgo on September 24th, at 9:18 PM EST. However, Mars will soon happily be ensconced in Leo, and will be basking in the blazing fiery warmth Mars enjoys so much. Mars in Leo is a compatible mix as both have the same fiery passion and zest for life. The controversy here will be who is going to be in charge! Both Mars and Leo like to be front and center in any venue — so there will be some bickering back and forth until each Alpha entity has their say. Given time, these two will form a close bond working together to bring forth the most positive and passionate agendas which inspire each one.

Mars in Leo can be a bit particular — that sounds more like a Virgo combination, however in Leo, Mars seems to become a bit more pretentious. Perhaps it is because Leo is enamored of the spotlight, and Mars is more than willing to partake of the adulation. When in its own sign Aries, Mars is macho, uber-male, adventurous, war-like,  and  totally in charge. While in Leo, Mars becomes more gentlemanly, clothes conscious, and more mindful of his appearance (especially in regards to how women perceive him). Not our usual He-man — rough and ready for confrontation, in Leo our Mars will soften his usual air of disdain and confrontation to a more amenable and charming fellow. Now we are not saying Mars in Leo isn’t a manly man — Leo is all things masculine — strong, protective, sophisticated, a charmer, a loving partner and father! Mars puts a little different spin on the suave Leo man-about-town, and brings more of a no-nonsense, earthy, and levelheaded outlook. Of course, there could be a bit of a temper with our Mars in Leo, not apt to put up with slackers, he will demand top-quality in every product or service he deems he requires.

Mars in Leo can be a particularly appealing persona, handsome, well-built, concerned with health and well-being, and willing and able to entertain, charm, and ensconce himself into the hearts of all who will admire his physical and mental attributes. Witty, clever and a bit “full-of-himself” — he can charm the birds out of the trees, and will attract many admirers of the opposite sex. Man or woman, if their chart holds Mars in Leo, they will have a mystical charisma that will appeal to many suitors. However, once their heart has chosen their one-and-only, they are loyal and true — although still enjoying the attention of others. Once our Mars in Leo person begins a family, their children are of utmost importance and they will strive to provide the best for their offspring. Fun loving, playful, often willing to act silly, they will never be happier than when spending quality time with their children. You will often see a Mars in Leo Dad, with two or three children in tow — heading for the local fishing hole, the movies, or the library to help them choose books they’ll both enjoy!

Now we also will often see our Mars in Leo persona driving by in his bright red sports car! Loving speed, adventure and being admired is what prods them to go just a bit over the top in their lifestyles, their personalities, and their zest for living life to the fullest. Not shy about letting everyone know how “well” they are doing, offering their opinions of any venue, idea or subject, our Mars in Leo’s will often become a bit too ostentatious and flamboyant. It’s all bravado, because there is also a very soft and easily bruised ego that is being hidden deep in the abyss of their psyche.  Our Mars in Leo brethren can be deeply hurt by a careless criticism or casual remark that disparages him in any way. Not able to easily forgive, our Mars in Leo can hold a grudge — although with time they will come to grips with whatever critique was hurled their way, and will make peace with it in their own way. Sometimes it may come as a complete shock to them to think they are perceived in such a manner, and their intelligence will cogitate on the insult and will decide if it was constructive in any way. If they find truth in the affront, they will decidedly try to correct the deficiency. They will not suffer fools easily, but will accept any truth that alters their idea of who they are in the real world. Eager and ready to befriend one and all, our Mars in Leo is the epitome of the “Hail fellow well met” persona. It is easy to love a Mars in Leo person — they add zest, elan, and a joie de vivre to our lives.

Mars in Leo Love Style — Romantic, devoted, ecstatic, loving, and enthusiastic — our Mars in Leo persona is in love with love! His or her proclivity to be attracted and attractive can cause some difficulty when a relationship is ongoing. Mars in Leo needs constant reinforcement about his/her appearance, desirability, charm, charisma and appeal for the opposite sex. This can cause issues when in a committed relationship, especially when the desire for approval isn’t coming from their partner. A fragile ego is the culprit here although you might never suspect they are anything but confident and sure of themselves.

They need a constant input of compliments, approval and appreciation, and will seek it out when it’s not coming from within a relationship. Not that they will follow through with any untoward behavior. However, this overwhelming need of approval can make it seem as if they are always seeking the good auspices of others — especially of the opposite sex. Someone who has a Mars in Leo mate or companion, will have to make sure they always are appreciative of their beloved’s actions, appearance and any positive activities they take part in doing. Even their exercise programs, grooming, and clothing choices will need to be complimented. It can be an exhausting task to always be aware of when your significant other needs positive feedback. Mars in Leo can be so sensitive that there is never enough, and so they seek approval from others.

Usually, when a Mars in Leo has chosen a lifetime partner, they are loyal and true — searching for approval outside the relationship can just be invigorating, uplifting and acknowledges their “awesomeness”! They can go on their merry way feeling good about themselves — however, it things are going through a rough patch within the hallowed halls of their home base, they can be tempted into casual “friendships” that they won’t acknowledge as dangerous. Hiding their head in the sand and basking in some others complimentary adulation, they might cross the line of good behavior — without actually breaking any holy vows. Still connected to a Mars in Leo persona, one has to remember their fragile ego and sensitive psyche. Being aware and knowing your partners usual “tells” can often avoid any long-term issues — and our Mars in Leo truly loves his home and family without doubt. I kind of think it’s like keeping them on a long leash — one that can be quickly shortened if things are getting out of hand.

Romance with a Mars in Leo is exciting, busy, always loving, perhaps erratic at times — but always passionate with a playful and ardent emotional connection. You’d be smart to bring them flowers, or their favorite treat — find activities to share, and always remember to be their biggest cheerleader. They will return the favor with a forever love!





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