Jupiter Enters Virgo — August 11, 2015 to September 9, 2016 — Part I

Having ruled the roost while in his royal stay in the sign Leo, Jupiter moves into a rather more austere Virgo on the 11th at 6:13 AM EST (add one hour for DST). Jupiter enjoyed being in the Fire sign Leo where he could allow his most fantastic and elaborate plans come to fruition. Both Jupiter and Leo love the good life, so more was better — bigger – bolder – badder – beautiful – bombastic and bountiful — that is Jupiter in Leo’s persona. Now with his entry into the staid and perhaps old-fashioned Earth sign Virgo he is in for a major change. No longer the boisterous and bold center of attention, Jupiter will have to accept a calmer and more subordinate role during his journey through Virgo. Not that there won’t be fireworks, indeed — Jupiter will make his presence known wherever he roams. Still — Virgo, ruled by Mercury will try to settle him down into a more malleable persona — don’t count mild Virgo out by any means — this sign might seem a bit shy, reticent and  restrained — however — our Virgos can pack a mighty punch with their abilities, intelligence, strategy,  and determined attitude. Jupiter will bring to Virgo a more upbeat attitude, whisking away any dour stance on any state of affairs — Jupiter brings joy, and excess, and a bountiful outlook on all he surveys. Not so our Virgo friends — a bit distrustful of any offering, they study and peruse all offers on the table, looking for flaws, checking statistics and perhaps nitpicking the proposal. Jupiter encompasses all those who are willing to play his game of bigger is better — but Virgo hesitates until all the facts are totaled up! Ergo, adjustments will have to be made, and there will be jockeying around to see which side will win out. Jupiter will actually give Virgo that extra confidence she may at times lack, so with this duo, Jupiter may be his own worst enemy in attempting to rule the roost, and Virgo will adjust, manipulate, and strategize in order to take advantage of all the Jupiterian bounty that comes her way!

Virgo is a Mutable Earth sign — now when we hear the word mutable, we probably think wishy-washy, can’t make a decision, but that isn’t always the case with our Virgo brethren. There is a stern inner core that wants what it wants! Virgos may be one of the most misunderstood signs as they are amenable and team players for the most part. However, we don’t want to interfere in their forward motion as they have an unstoppable penchant for bowling over the opposition. Appearing a bit shy and awkward in some social situations, they know what they want and where they are going. Smart, with a sense of who they are, our Virgos plan their future with assurance, ability, and a compelling idea of just how they are going to get to their goal. They often know who they want to marry at a very early age — if not the exact person, then they know their occupation, social status, and educational achievements. Virgos do not leave a lot of space for “chance” in their motivated lives, as they strategize with the shrewdest abilities of any military organization. No shrinking violet, many Virgos climb the social and corporate scales with resolute action in their quiet but determined manner.

Virgo is also a sign that truly needs to serve — many health professionals, lawyers, social workers, and teachers are among their kind. Dedicated and caring, many Virgos are committed to a cause or pathway that will be of service to mankind. However, like some mutable signs, they have the ability to see both sides of any controversy or problem — and this trait can fluster their ability to follow through on any one path. They can also be intransigent when they have made up their minds about a situation or circumstance — not willing to bend if they feel they are correct about the issue. This obstinacy can bring them some grief and may lend to their being thought of as difficult. Fortunately, they are deep thinkers and usually have considered all manner of complications that abound in any situation, and their perspective can be right on the mark. Perhaps it might be the way they present their ideas to others. Because of their innate ability to truly dig into any complex issue, they will feel they have the best way to complete a job, and may perhaps bestow orders that don’t sit well with others. In time they usually find a way to soften their “requests” to make them more palatable to their co-workers. It is a lesson they must learn in order to assimilate into the workings of any company or business setting. With Jupiter in the mix — there might be more explosive confrontations when differing opinions are at odds. Our Virgo chaps are so often right on the mark in many situations, but must learn that just being right isn’t the be-all or end-all of the equation. Being flexible, open and willing  to listen to the opinion of others is also of utmost importance. Especially important when the stakes are high and the upper echelon is committed to their own plan. It behooves Virgo to listen and perhaps offer positive changes that can be integrated into the whole.

But let’s look at the bright side of Jupiter in Virgo — it will bring attention to many situations that are in need of volunteers, charitable institutions who rely on donations, and many health-related issues. We will find ourselves being more aware of those less fortunate than ourselves, and we will be moved to do something to help correct the situation. Also on a personal note, we will realize that in order to help others we must also be in good physical, mental, and emotional shape. We will be joining gyms, health classes, finding healthier eating plans, and generally paying more attention to what is best for our long-term health benefits. (I will be astonished if some new “amazing” diet plan isn’t brought into the news, while Jupiter resides in Virgo!)  Also, I’m sure attention will be given to the safety of food preparation, growing methods, and over-processed foods. We will see a plethora of new ways to get fit, and with Jupiter in Virgo we will delve into each new plan in anticipation that we can find novel, unusual and innovative ways to live longer, healthier  and better lives. Jupiter in Virgo will be a study in combining a robust and rousing love of life, with a careful and apprehensive micro-manager. We will be swinging between our love for all things bigger and better, and one who isn’t able to see the forest for “a” tree! Both will have to adjust to the other by giving up a bit of ground — Jupiter will need to slow down his need for going full-bore ahead with elaborate plans, so Virgo has a chance to get used to the incredible opportunities for growth in the big arena of her life. Once connected and able to master their differences there will be steady and upward progress to be made. Jupiter in Virgo can have the best of both worlds — believing in miracles, and finding a realistic way to make them happen!

We also know that Jupiter has rulership over the law — and while in Virgo, these two will want to practice the absolute “letter of the law” — no loopholes, no making deals, and definitely no easy path for lawbreakers. But Jupiter truly wants justice, not only punishment — and in Virgo there may be a tendency to try to stick to absolutes. Jupiter will by and large want any legal issues to be settled in a fair and equal manner for all — and furthermore Jupiter will insist upon meeting each problem with an eye to bring out all of the positive and good features of the supposed wrongdoer. Jupiter in Virgo will have some ideological differences indeed, but with Jupiterian benevolence, Virgo will in time realize that every issue isn’t black and white — and will begin to understand those areas of gray. Still, there will be a scuffle every now and then as Jupiter in Virgo gets his footing in the arena of all things within the law.

Jupiter in Virgo will, of course, run afoul of some of the other major Planets — Saturn in Sagittarius, which may lead to some butting of heads over legal tussles, a slowdown of any plans made without proper vetting, and a danger in more home-grown terror subjects that are difficult to track down. Also, Jupiter will come into an opposition to Neptune on His pathway this year and although opposites don’t usually see eye-to-eye, Jupiter has a soft spot for Neptune and they both have a harmonious temperament in wanting to see the good in humanity. There may be some drug or alcohol issues brought to light, but there also could be some beautifully creative ways in which education is made more friendly to those who have difficulty in learning. It may be made through an original art project, or some other imaginative and innovative undertaking. Jupiter in Virgo meeting up with Pluto in Capricorn may put a fly in the ointment of local governments and/or bring awareness to an underlying issue that has been hidden for years — Jupiter in Virgo can wrest out secrets that have been buried for years! Most of all we expect Jupiter in Virgo to bring positive changes in health related fields, perhaps a breakthrough for a major illness, and a renewed interest in healthy living for everyone.

Jupiter in Virgo can be an innovator in bringing deficits to the public eye, acknowledging the lack in government health programs, allowing all of us to benefit wherever Virgo resides in our own chart. Bringing a spotlight to shine upon those areas we need to change, and giving us the power of Jupiter’s massive generosity and ability for positive growth — we can begin to get our “house” in order to better serve ourselves and our loved ones. Enjoy this Jupiterian journey through Virgo — make it your year to improve your health, find new ways to enhance your outlook on life, and absorb the power of the largesse of Jupiter while He roams freely through Virgo’s pristine landscape.

Stay tuned for soon to be published Jupiter in Virgo Through the Houses — Part II — prepare your goals with this dynamic shift of our good luck Planet Jupiter. Opportunities will abound, and we can take advantage of all the positive energy and power of the Universe that is at our fingertips.






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