7 Natural Laws of the Universe — Jone Victoria — June 26, 2009

Write these words nine times each day as a positive affirmation.

To center your energy prior to meditation or before performing healing work, visualize the following points in your mind.








Silence Now and Zen


Jone had so many unpretentious ways to improve our lives — breathing, meditating, allowing, being, and sometimes doing in a mindful manner. A humble way of keeping in touch with Universal energy, and something we all can do with ease. She studied with many masters and took away lessons in her own unique way — digesting them for weeks or months before presenting us with a simpler, more manageable method in which to become more enlightened. Jone believed that we all have the ability to achieve a kind of Nirvana within our psyches. She felt we all had our own answers and could find our own Bliss. Full of wisdom, wise beyond her years she left us all too soon — but I return to her life lessons time and time again. You are still teaching dear friend — we humbly thank you for your generosity in sharing your truths. Peace! 


2 comments on “7 Natural Laws of the Universe — Jone Victoria — June 26, 2009

  1. Carol says:

    Hi Nancy, Enjoyed reading your blog.. Thanks

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