New Moon in Leo — August 14, 2015

This month’s New Moon is in the sign Leo at 21 degrees, and crests at 9:54 AM EST (add one hour for DST). It’s always fun to have a Leo New Moon as it epitomizes the height of our New England summer months, warm and golden with the Sun glowing high in the clear bright blue sky. Life is good as we appreciate these brief summer days before the falling leaves of autumn herald the season’s change. Vacationers abound on our rocky shores with all of the bountiful activities of our ocean-side communities. Boating, swimming, picnicking and just enjoying the scenery and beauty that surrounds us all. Unique in so many ways, New England offers a multitude of fun and fanciful ways to enjoy oneself. Lucky are those who live here and can partake of all of Nature’s wonders.

When the Moon is in Leo it brightens our outlook and brings a warmth and love of family and friends to the fore — we appreciate our heritage and the foundations of our lives. Who we are and where we are going is up to us as individuals, our ancestry is written in stone and will always be a part of our nature, our genes, and our persona. We are who and where we are from, and through the centuries our individuality has been honed by the choices others have made — now it’s our time to create and develop those new traditions, customs and mores we wish to live by — we build our lives upon the karma of the past but with our own one-of-a-kind experiences and wisdom. The New Moon in Leo brings us a positive outlook, a feeling of joie de vivre and the desire to improve our lot in life. Ruling social standing, job advancement and public figures, we can expect some encouraging news to come to light. We ourselves can take confident steps with the energy of the New Moon in Leo to improve our lives and the lives of our loved ones with optimism and hopefulness.

If we all use the power of New Moon energy in a positive manner we can influence the pathway of our own life with a few well-chosen affirmations and wishes. When we write out our affirmations in concert with the dynamism of the New Moon we send our thoughts (which I believe have substance and value) into the ether to be carried upon the Universal waves of harmony to be manifested back into our world. We are essentially putting our deepest desires out into the infinite aura of limitless possibilities to become our reality. Our thoughts have substance and when we put out positive thoughts and emotions they return in a positive and constructive way — negative thoughts will also return to wreak havoc within our souls and our realm. It is your choice to bring more harmony and balance into your life and the lives of your loved ones. Be proactive in drawing toward yourself only the most beautiful and wondrous virtues we humans are capable of engendering — love, kindness, compassion, empathy, caring, protection and faith. Rise to the apex of our human proficiency with wisdom and consideration for others.

We will get some help in the form of Saturn turning Direct in after a long Retrograde period, and with Jupiter moving into the sign Virgo there will be a shift in outlook that is more practical and useful for our everyday lives. Also with Venus and Mars in Leo this month our romantic lives will be stimulated insofar as their positive vibes connect with our own charts. There will be a golden aura of comfort and opportunity for all of us, the possibilities bound only by our imaginations and our desire to work tirelessly toward our ultimate goals. Allow this special time of the New Moon in Leo and the aura of optimism surrounding us to spur you on to take a few moment to write out your own affirmations, wishes and desires. Be sure you are in a calm state of mind, breathe in to the count of four and out to the count of eight — a few times — relax  and meditate for a few minutes before you begin. You can be as  specific as you wish — try to envision your wishes coming to fruition — be in the moment.

The New Moon in Leo crests on the 14th at 21 degrees of the sign at 9: 54 AM EST — since the Moon is in Leo we can concentrate on moving up the social ladder, getting a better job, increasing our public profile, drawing positive and loving people into our realm, being noticed for a job well done, learning to enjoy some playful “down” time with our children and families, being more optimistic and outgoing, finding new ways to promote your own agenda, and generally finding your perfect pathway throughout your lifetime here on Earth. All day on the 14th will be the most powerful to put forth your affirmations and get them into the ether — but the New Moon energy will last for the next day or so. Be proactive in guiding your own life — and in turn better the lives of all whom you love — we have all of our own answers, and we can have the most dynamic influence when we proceed with knowledge, humility and belief. Believe in your humanness and take the reins in leading the life you want and deserve. Peace!


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