Jupiter in Virgo — Part II — Through the Zodiac Houses — August 11th 2015 to September 9th 2016

Jupiter in Virgo will bring all of us opportunities to try another route or pathway through our lives. Jupiter is always up for a good time and a “more is better” philosophy — however in Virgo, the brakes will be put on any outrageous or over-the-top plans that just don’t have a chance of helping us make it to our goals. Jupiter in Virgo is more thoughtful, more capable of planning for the long-term, and will bring us new and insightful ideas of how to go about achieving our deepest desires. Jupiter in Virgo will also help us to get in shape, find a cause, give of ourselves, and do good works.

Each House of the Zodiac has several specific areas that it offers to us in order for us to use each House fully whilst Jupiter in Virgo resides there for the next year, we will try to give a few hints as to the best way to enhance our lives by engaging this duo most effectively throughout the Houses of our personal Zodiac.

Jupiter in Virgo in the First House — The First House is where we dream our dreams, where our hopes and wishes lie, and where, because it houses our Ascendant, our outer facade is put on display. Often when our Sun sign and the sign on our Ascendant don’t mesh, there is a disconnect between how we perceive ourselves and how others see us. If our Sun and Ascendant are in tune with each other, there is a more realistic profile that we project and others will see with a more rational eye. When Jupiter in Virgo passes over our Ascendant it opens a new cycle for our pathway this year as Jupiter will traverse your First House throughout the coming year. There will be new opportunities to review your goals and a more practical way of seeing your forward motion. If you have been feeling “stuck” in a job or other dilemma — Jupiter in Virgo can help you see the reality of your situation, and may show you other options you may be able to take in order to change your lifestyle. Virgo doesn’t usually bring a lot of fanfare and rousing changes, rather a practical and steady plan to encourage you to perhaps take a chance on something entirely different and new. If you need to get in shape, you might have to work a little harder to stick to your diet plan as Jupiter tends towards weight gain, however while in Virgo, Jupiter is quite likely to be more amenable to some dietary restrictions and exercising. You may decide to join a gym for your own health benefits, and to find new outlets for your bountiful ability to help others.

On the other hand with Jupiter in the mix, there might also be a wonderful chance for you to break free of your “rut” by studying your options in light of new experiences and previously unforeseen opportunities. You will have a “light bulb” moment whilst Jupiter in Virgo transits this House of the Zodiac, and it will be up to you to be prepared to take advantage of any new prospects that come your way. You have been preparing for this exact occasion for a long period, and it is time to reap your rewards! Able, accurate, knowledgeable, hard-working, loyal and prepared to do your best at all times — it is your year to shine — accept what the Universe is offering and improve your life and the lives of your loved ones by being open to all of the bounty that will be presented to you in this year of Jupiter in Virgo!

Jupiter in Virgo in the Second House — The Second House of the Zodiac is where we find our earned and unearned monies. We all know the stories of Jupiter’s largess in giving and getting bigger and better rewards, however whilst in Virgo, Jupiter’s generosity might be squelched by Virgo’s practicality. When these two work together in concert, there will be occasions when you may get the chance to find a new source of income. (Yes — you might win the lottery — but that’s probably not likely). There could be an inheritance (2nd House opposite the 8th of death and regeneration), but with Virgo in the mix it may not be as much or as expansive as you expected. Or there may be strings attached to any unearned monies coming your way. It will be your choice whether or not to partake of these offerings. With Jupiter in Virgo in the 2nd House, it will be up to you to take the reins and lead the way to a life of more financial security. A hobby might be the way for you to add to your income, or a talent may blossom with an opportunity for you to shine. Don’t negate any suggestion of help or a class that will show others what you have to offer. If you do already have some other form of income, try and expand your audience — craft fairs, eBay, or home parties, and local functions can get you noticed and your work into the public domain.

Another way Jupiter in Virgo can impact our 2nd House is through it’s opposite sign Pisces, bringing us vivid dream-states, visionary ideas, and enhanced intuition. You may be surprised to find you “know” certain things before they happen, or have an inkling of how a situation will work out. Allow yourself to be guided by your innate knowledge and trust in your instincts. When you have a good feeling about someone or something, breathe in and take a moment to really feel your entire body and what it is telling you. Also, if you have a negative feeling about a person, place or situation — be fully aware of your surroundings, and let your “Spidey” senses guide you to a safe conclusion. We all have the ability to grasp the aura of people, places and things — and our reaction is often just instinctual. No red flags, no rhyme or reason, just a “knowing” that something is positive or negative!

This could be the year you get your financial house in order, to plan for your future and retirement, and find a way to enhance the possibilities of having a comfortable nest-egg when the time is right.It’s worth the effort to carefully go over your finances — you may find a forgotten bank account, an IRA or 401K left behind with your last job, or a new source of income you never imagined. Perhaps some old Savings Bonds you were given as a baby — so many unimagined ways to improve your bottom line. Look carefully at any bonds or stock certificates that might be in a safety deposit box, check jewelry boxes for baubles that might have some value, and do dig into that attic or cellar where “old junk” is stored. You may be in for the surprise of a lifetime! Make this Jupiter in Virgo year work for you and your financial future.

Jupiter in Virgo in the Third House — The Third House of the Zodiac holds our neighbors and neighborhoods, aunts, uncles, cousins and close relationships. Also housed here are beginning educational goals, short journeys and old-fashioned letter writing. Opposite the 9th house it may draw in some legal questions, higher education and vacation plans. It is kind of a transitional house that we use in our every day life — taking care of our abode, greeting neighbors, looking in on those in our area that are elderly and perhaps in need of help, pitching in to improve our communal living areas, and making sure our school systems and town or city facilities are up to par. Even if we live in a large city — our neighborhood surrounds us with its unique aura of hectic and active movement, or in pastoral settings a quiet and refined feeling of contentment. We cannot always choose where we have to live, our jobs, family obligations, personal desires and financial situations often control these decisions. It’s our job to make our situation work for us in the most positive and personally gratifying manner as possible.

Jupiter in Virgo can bring changes for the better, although we might not perceive it as such at the moment. In hindsight we will be more able to judge that those decisions we had to make were for the best, and we have grown and prospered because of our choices. There will be opportunities to be found locally and we might even be thinking of getting into the political scene to help improve our neighborhood. You will be thinking idealistically and will want to create a bigger and better school system, town government, day-care facility, lunch program, adult day-care, road improvements, animal shelter, or indeed — whatever piques your fancy. Jupiter in Virgo will bring healthier ideas, an urgency to improve your overall living conditions, and the ability and strength to follow through on any plans you have for your ideal future. Your own health will also become a focus of your interest, whether because of a desire to look better, feel better or just overall to have more energy and stamina. Virgo is usually quite particular about diet, clothing, furnishings and lifestyle — and while enjoying Jupiter’s stay will use the expansive and novel ideas that Jupiter puts forth to improve their health and daily life. Jupiter in Virgo in the Third House can bring amazing changes that were never before thought about, and will attempt to better the lives of those whose charts have Virgo lodged within. Look forward to the opportunities that will present themselves to you, and prepare yourself to be able to take advantage of the largess of Jupiter in Virgo.

Jupiter in Virgo in the Fourth House — This transit of Jupiter in Virgo through the Fourth House may prove to be an amazing and productive time for you. Herein lie our foundations, our first home, our introduction to life itself. Ponder on the possibilities of this year ahead and marvel at the beauty of recreating, redecorating, and renewing all that you have learned. Open your heart and mind to the opportunities of Jupiter in Virgo’s unique combination of Bigger is Better, but with practicality and planning! Home, family, community will come into focus some time during this year ahead — you will be urged to follow your childhood mores and family traditions, your earliest lessons in life. However, Jupiter in Virgo will also be shaking up the status quo in order for you to get rid of any rules and regulations that no longer fit into your lifestyle. We now know enough to “look both ways” when crossing a street — we know we should be respectful to older adults — we have learned to say “please and thank you” when something nice has been done for us. But some strict or onerous teachings can be put aside because we are now adults and we can choose what ideals and traditions we want to follow or indeed pass on to our own offspring.

Karmic and often holding a sense of our ancestry the Fourth House is wrapped up in our psyches with messages and lessons from our youth. We want to build on a strong foundation that was passed onto us from our parents and grandparents — if we were lucky enough to have loving and responsible people who cared about us and our needs. Often there might be a disconnect with one parent who perhaps was not always present — job issues, health problems, so many difficulties not expected. Now would be a good time to heal those wounds or reconnect with any estranged family members — it might not be easy, but in the long run it will be worthwhile — even if all your questions are not answered to your liking. This transit of Jupiter in Virgo can wipe the slate clean of any angst or controversy from your younger days, allowing you to move on without that onus of angry or long-held feelings of resentment. You may find your remembrances aren’t like those of your parents, siblings or others in the household at that time. Everyone’s experience is unique and differs according to so many factors — find your truth and free your soul.

Opposite Pisces, you may have drawn some talent in the arts or theater arena, or perhaps are extremely intuitive and sensitive to the aura of people around you. Finding your true path might have been a struggle and you still feel a need to find a more fitting job or career that will fill your need for creativity and practicality — with Jupiter in Virgo you can move forward and take a chance on something you left on the back burner because you hadn’t the ability to get into a specific field. This can be your year to rid yourself of any old frustrations, and find that niche you know in your heart is right for you to pursue. Allow yourself to be open to new opportunities and be brave enough to take a chance on your own talents and abilities. You could end this year with a whole new outlook and dream that you know you will be able to fulfill. Go for the gold!

Jupiter in Virgo in the Fifth House — Fun, family, freedom and pleasure are at home here in the Fifth House of the Zodiac! Jupiter in Virgo here can bring an abundance of good things, with a practical and useful component. So probably not winning the lottery — but increasing your quality time with family and friends is surely on the table. This house also has a dark side because we will find gambling, addiction, obsession and alcoholism herein. Jupiter in Virgo may be a good thing for these problems by bringing common-sense solutions to the fore. Perhaps if in good aspect to a Planet residing within your Fifth House, Jupiter in Virgo will bring out the problem and help with follow through to control or even find a solution to get things straightened out. Jupiter in Virgo can wrest out underlying issues in the family dynamic, and will shine a light on the difficulty so that it can be addressed in a positive and controlled manner. If you are struggling with any difficult issues of this sort, Jupiter in Virgo can and will help you to find the right solution and the right people to help you correct the situation if you are ready and able to address the truth of your condition. Seek those who will be of service to you in your time of need. Virgo will give you the strength to conquer your struggle, and Jupiter will be there cheering you on your way!

Generous Jupiter in Virgo in the Fifth House can bring new life into your realm, if hoping to have a child now might be the time to prepare — also children in general are in the spotlight with jolly Jupiter in residence. This year will be a wonderful time for that awesome family vacation, a trip to see grandparents that live far away, or you may even be thinking of buying a summer or winter get-a-way. The aspects are generously egging you on to find your bliss this year. Also, if you have wanted to expand a natural talent that you have, but have let it be sidelined by family obligations, this might be the year for you to explore classes or areas where your talents can be showcased. Whether you are ready for a one-man show, or just want to improve on a basic ability — this could be your year to shine. Love the theater — now might be right for you to get involved with a local theater group or Summer playhouse! Hone your talents whatever they are and become more independent and feel the energy of breaking free of any shyness or hesitancy that has been holding you back.

Of course, this will be a magnificent time to connect and reconnect with family, spend more quality time with the children, or your beloved, or if you have been distant from some loved ones, this will be a good time for you to try to get back into a positive relationship with those who have drifted away. All it may take is a phone call to someone from the past, or if there has been a long span of time with ill feelings, you may have to encourage a conversation about the divisive issues. This time span will help to bring a positive and rewarding ending to a long-term contentious situation. It is worth the effort — most of us truly regret those things we didn’t do, the conversations we didn’t have, putting forth the effort to correct those injustices. Allow the best side of your Humanity to be brought forth and be the peacemaker. Jupiter in Virgo will bring an abundance of opportunities — find your gold ring, and reap the rewards of knowing your own truth.

Jupiter in Virgo in the Sixth House — This house is a natural for Jupiter in Virgo — it has rulership over service to others, our day-to-day jobs, our own health, diet, and exercise, and our coworkers, and it also has dominion over our small pets. Virgo also has an interest in medicine and therefore we will often find many health professionals who have strong aspects to the sixth house in their charts. Jupiter brings bigger and better to the house it is transiting so we might expect our jobs to become busier, our day-to-day lives becoming more involved with others, and we might be thinking of adopting a new pet (or two). We also may find we want to get in better shape — joining a gym or health club — finding a new yoga or tai chi class and improving your diet. This might be the year for you to train for that marathon, start jogging, or join a spinning class. You will be looking for something different and you will want quick results. Take your time in choosing your venue, and be sure you have your Doctors approval for any extreme sport.

We may also find we have an elderly parent, friend or neighbor who needs some extra care or daily wellness calls — Jupiter in Virgo will help you find the right people, adult-day-care facility or home health care worker that will fit your needs. You also may find you will have to carefully moderate your schedule in order to take care of these extra obligations — however — Jupiter is enfolding you in a golden aura of protection at all times.

You might find you are going to have more responsibility at work — extra hours or chores — if you can find a way to incorporate others in order to be able to designate some of the extra load. Often, our supervisors take us for granted — but don’t allow yourself to be overwhelmed by responsibilities others should be handling. You will be able to strategize a way to be more efficient without allowing any productivity to slacken.

You know your abilities better than anyone and with Jupiter in Virgo’s help you will be able to make this year one of success and innovation — you can bring the extra benefits of Jupiter into your everyday life. If you have a hobby or other talent, you may be able to increase your audience and find another way to enhance your life. Feel the energy of Jupiterian joy, elan, and style and make it your own. Opportunity will be at your doorstep, you just have to be prepared to take advantage of its bounty!

Jupiter in the Seventh House — In the Seventh House we find our partners, both business and marriage and indeed any partnership that works for both of you. Jupiter in Virgo might bring a plethora of choices in all areas of partnership — there could be many offers for you to choose from and your job will be to find the best and most compatible choice. If you are contemplating a business alliance, you have to be sure you do adequate vetting of those you will allow to enter your realm. Seek out any area that will give you good information and find everything you need to know to make the right decision. If contemplating marriage, Jupiter will bring abundance and joy — still in Virgo, there will have to be some semblance of common-sense — no over-the-top outrageous functions — rather a tasteful and moderate family occasion that all will enjoy. Virgo is ever practical and sensible, and although Jupiter tries to get her to go outside her comfort zone — Virgo will most likely prevail.

This house is also prone to a change in living quarters; a new job, marriage, or other life-changing situation may force you to move elsewhere. Being aware of all the changes that are coming your way will help you adapt more easily to the move — most of us resist change in any form — yet if we are to grow and mature — change is one of life’s frequent lessons. With Jupiter in the mix this may be a move up the corporate ladder, buying a bigger and better home, getting a new job out of state, or marrying someone whose life is in another area. Moving can be a happy and better fit for you at this time and worrying or fretting about it won’t make it any easier. Rather put your Virgo common-sense to work — write out the pros and cons, evaluate each entry and see how you can make it yours. Virgo’s are great strategists and planners and can find a way to improve their lives by being open to new adventures.

Don’t underestimate your abilities and make allies wherever you work in order to build a solid foundation, Use this year of Jupiter in Virgo to fine tune your relationships, whether business or companionable, and find new ways to enhance the quality of your rapport and strengthen your alliances. Also, keep your eyes open for those opportunities that come your way — you will be meeting new and interesting people, be on someone’s radar, and will find you have those who will always have your back . Don’t allow this Jupiter in Virgo year to slip by unnoticed — find new friends, seek out more appealing work, and bring your “A” game to whatever you choose. This year could be the year you find your Bliss!

Jupiter in Virgo in the Eighth House — The Eighth House of the Zodiac has rulership over death, taxes, regeneration, rebirth, inheritances, other people’s money, perhaps retirement funds, and secrets. This House usually makes folks a bit uneasy as we don’t always enjoy talking about the end of life or paying our taxes! This House is where your expenditures occur (opposite the 2nd House – earned monies) and where many mysteries of life are housed. When Jupiter in Virgo transits this house there are a variety of things that can be put into motion — perhaps you have an elderly parent or relative who is nearing the end of their days — they are putting their “house in order” — delegating folks to “speak” for them when they no longer can do it for themselves. Also wills, estates, and legacies are being written and vetted by families for fairness and expediency when the time comes. The Eighth House is important to all of us as it might hold an inheritance, or some bauble that someone wants you to have when they are gone. This house is an emotional house in that we are forced to “feel” emotions that might be painful and long-lasting. We face the loss of loved ones and we will have to follow their passing with legal issues and governmental officialdom.

Jupiter in Virgo will bring a beneficent aura of acceptance and a feeling that it is alright to move on. Virgo is aware of the journey that our lives must take and has a practical and commonsense viewpoint that this is how it should be. In combination Jupiter allows Virgo to not only see the big picture, but brings the inner beauty of just what our lives encompass. We are born — we grow, prosper, learn, procreate, we begin to wain and we face our mortality. Some of our journey is painful and difficult, much of our lives are surrounded by love, kindness and caring — if we are cognizant we appreciate each and every moment we are given on this magnificent Earth. We are loved, and in turn we love — we follow our ancestral patterns as did our parents — as do we. It is an age old parade of tradition, customs, ritual, belief and folkloric history gleaned from the mists of time.

Karmic and as old as time itself the Eighth House holds many of our deepest fears, our most honored loved ones, the end of life, our reincarnation, and the magic and ritual of infinity. For we believe that after death is regeneration and rebirth. We are awed and amazed at our being — we eventually come to grips with our mortality, and we learn to live deeply and with all of our senses in order to commit ourselves to our humanity. Unique and irreplaceable — each of us has a story to tell, a life to be lived to the fullest, and the opportunity to find our Bliss, we are the anointed and the privileged to  have been born onto this tiny blue orb. We must find a way to make our lives count — with Jupiter in Virgo in the Eighth House there is the opportunity for growth and wisdom to enter our realm — make the most of this time span — find your mystical roots, and become immersed in your Karmic pathway, know that you are a beloved child of the Universe.

Jupiter in Virgo in the Ninth House — The Ninth House is a very busy area in our charts, having realm over our higher education, traveling long distances, religion, our future plans, and the law. Jupiter is very much at home here in the Ninth House his natural domain, however in Virgo there seems to be a kind of cloud over his usual buoyancy and joyous outlook. Jupiter gives us our ideas about our future — planning great things for us to complete — and generally wanting us to enjoy life, love and all good things. Now with Virgo in the mix there is a damper on any outrageous plans we might contemplate. That once in a lifetime vacation might be put on hold, because the saved money is needed elsewhere, you may be facing some legal issues, you have to help with college expenses, you need another car — almost any scenario can play out with delay because of Virgos practicality — however — Jupiter will do his utmost to see that some of the fun things you have planned will come to fruition — perhaps in a less dynamic way than you had contemplated.

You may also find yourself in a House of Worship for a special occasion, wedding, baptism, confirmation or a solemn memorial for an acquaintance. Or you may decide to look into a denomination other than your own, seeking answers that you haven’t yet found, and hoping to be enlightened with wisdom and knowledge about the infinite. Jupiter in Virgo will dig deep into any area that needs clarifying and openness. This combination will seek out the truth and demand answers that will satisfy the questioner  and fulfill his demands. Any situation that requires a truthful response will have a good chance of being answered honestly whilst Jupiter in Virgo reigns in the Ninth House.

There might be a need to visit some relatives during this time span, especially those who live some distance from you. You may feel an obligation to check up on older parents, aunts or uncles, or some friend from college you haven’t seen in some time. For a more lighthearted journey, you may be going to a college reunion out of state that will bring you into contact with some old friends and colleagues. Or you may be visiting Universities with a child who is ready to enter the world of academia soon. So many ways that Jupiter in Virgo can manifest in the Ninth House. Indeed if well-planned — that awesome vacation may be just the ticket for this year and you will fulfill one item on your bucket list! Work with the energy, dynamism and protection of Jupiter in Virgo to make your dreams come true — believe in the bounty of the Universe to help you create your own reality.

Jupiter in Virgo in the Tenth House — The Tenth House is so important to us — it shows our social facade to the world, holds our occupation and our lives in the professional world, profiles our accomplishments, heralds our authority and popularity. Jupiter in Virgo should prove useful to those who are climbing in society, are in a position to move up the corporate ladder and have proven themselves to be worthy of consideration of favorable notoriety. This is where we find our mentor, or become one ourselves, work with authority figures to improve our company and our community. We garner power in the Tenth House, especially if we tend to use for worthy and deserving ideals. This is where we can shine, show our talents and come into contact with those who will be willing and able to help us achieve our goals.

Opposite the Fourth House of our foundations, we may also find we have more responsibility for aging parents or a relative who is in need of extra care. With Jupiter herein, we might find our ego getting a bit inflated with our successes, however whilst in Virgo, this should be short lived as Virgo will find a way to bring us back down to Earth. Jupiter in Virgo is honest, truthful, always aware of doing the right thing and having the right stuff to accomplish their goals. If one gets a bit “too big for their britches” there will be an accounting that will bring the braggart down a peg or two. Still the opportunity for advancement in any field is wide open and with a little luck, commonsense, and genuine ability there will be offers for you to expand your realm.

Holding reign at the top of the Chart, the Tenth House opens us up to the world at large, and widens our knowledge of how things really work. We can find a way to rise to the top of our field while this combination of Jupiter in Virgo is here for the next year. Use this time span well to increase your income, to join those groups that will enhance your chances for success, meet new people who will look favorably on you and the talents you have to offer their company, business, or whatever establishment they are running. Hone your skills and be prepared to show your best aptitudes and abilities. Peruse your resume to make it appealing with one glance, if necessary find a professional resume writer to help you create a winning profile of your accomplishments.

This may be your year to shine on the stage of your own choosing — find your true pathway throughout this lifetime, and decide to give it your all — you may find you are at the top of your game when this year of Jupiter in Virgo comes to an end!

Jupiter in Virgo in the Eleventh House — Herein lie our hopes and wishes, our friendships, our larger animal pets, social groups and clubs, and old acquaintances. We hold a lot of our hopes for the future within this house — as we dream our dreams and hold out hopes for a better future. With Jupiter in Virgo, we may find some of our deepest wishes are coming to fruition because of the way in which we have lived our lives. The good will we have sent out to others has a way of coming back to us in unexpected ways, and this may be the year you will experience a breakthrough in seeing positive results in enhancing your life. It may be from an old friend whom you helped many years ago and although you have only been in touch sporadically throughout the years, they remembered your kindness and are going to repay in kind. It might be that in your job you impressed a superior with your willingness to take on extra work during a difficult time, and now they are presenting you with a job offer that will give you more economic security and a higher profile within the business community. It is here in the Eleventh House that our dreams can come true — it is as if we had put money in the bank and now the interest it has earned has surpassed anyone’s imagination. Good will eventually bring good!

We may also be contemplating getting a new larger pet, a large breed dog that we can now afford or perhaps a horse or pony for the kids — now that they are capable of enjoying riding the trails, and more importantly taking on the care of the animal. Or you might just be adding a few new animals to your already busy home. It is as if the timing is right for you to expand your outlook and your capacity for taking on new challenges. You may be getting involved in a 4H club so that your children will learn the beauty and trials of taking care of a living creature. Joining clubs or social groups may be on your agenda for business reasons, or just to become more active in your community.

Jupiter in Virgo will bring you opportunities to expand your interests wherever they lie, as long as you are willing to assume the extra responsibility of meeting those expectations that others have of you. Know just what you are taking on, and be aware that the job, trusteeship, club membership or pet ownership may hold more difficulties or obstacles than you had envisioned. When you are sure you want this new opportunity and feel you are up to the task — go for it! You may find a new pathway that brings you much joy and contentment. While Jupiter in Virgo is in this house, it might be the year you find your ultimate dream coming true!

Jupiter in Virgo in the Twelfth House — At the end of the Zodiacal realm is our Twelfth House, within this house are our fears, the area where we feel least in control, hidden secrets, our self-limiting issues, confinement —  whether in hospitals or prisons, and where we often are more critical of ourselves than are others. This is a difficult area to explore because each individual has such diverse issues and “hang-ups” that all manner of happenstance can occur within. While beneficent Jupiter in Virgo resides here for the next year, we have the opportunity to look within ourselves, and determine whether we are using our innate skills as effectively as we might. Jupiter will soften any negativity we constantly tell ourselves about “not being good enough”, not rising to the top of our profession,  generally not coming up to par in this lifetime, letting our families down, and seemingly not caring what others think of us. With Virgo in the mix, we will get a more realistic viewpoint about where we really stand — you may be surprised to find that many people admire and respect you for your efforts in several areas of your life. Have you overcome addiction, poverty, illness, alcoholism or any other dependency you know was making your life a misery for you and your loved ones? This year could be your breakout year to overcome all the odds and find yourself victorious at the end of this transit.

Working with Jupiter in Virgo can be the epitome of the past few years where you have been trying to change your life, you may have sought counseling or rehab, you may have improved your health, you may have finally gotten a good job and are on a new road to success. Keep your eyes on an eventual positive outcome and remember what disastrous results will occur if you fail. Not that you might not have a few chances to grow and overcome any difficulties you might have, but it is you who have to recognize the issues at hand and vow to work toward a solid goal of independence and self-reliance. Just think how good it will feel to be in control of your life and how helpful you can be to your family when you have a balanced and healthy body and mind.

Of course, many of us will not be facing actual physical or mental problems, rather that nagging feeling we just aren’t living up to our potential. It’s time to rid yourself of any naysayers withing your group, find those positive people who “know” you have a lot to offer, and work within a framework of knowing you are worthy. Jupiter in Virgo will bring opportunity and new prospects your way, but you must be able to take advantage of this largess. If you need more education — find a way to get it or take on an apprenticeship in any field you are interested in pursuing. Don’t let this unique time span pass you by — you know yourself better than anyone, and even with a few doubts, you can overcome any inadequacies you feel you have with a little effort and a lot of heart! Make this year the year you reach your goals, or are on the pathway to success. It’s up to you!


In Conclusion —

Going through the Houses of the Zodiac with Jupiter in Virgo is a complex and challenging subject, there are so many variables for each of us and so many Planetary aspects that modify or test our abilities that no one answer will help everyone. We can only give a thumbnail sketch that is an overview of issues that may relate to your life at this particular time. Take these suggestions with a grain of salt and use them as a guideline and alter them to your own needs. If you have a Planet in any of the Houses that make contact or aspects to your Sun or Moon, there will be more intensity involved in any quest. We hope some of this is helpful in some small way in order to allow everyone to use the positive transit of Jupiter in Virgo to their best advantage, and that some good will come your way. Life is always about change, adaptation, acceptance, and moderation — if we can accept our lot in life, find some simple ways to improve it, and enjoy each day we are given — we are winners in the game of life! We are born of woman, we grow and learn with time, we procreate and find wisdom, we accept our fated end, and we will rise again in the mists of infinity. Peace!






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