September’s Astrological Activity — Autumnal Equinox — 2015

This September should prove to be an interesting and active time span as there will be two Eclipses occurring — a Solar Eclipse with the New Moon on September 13th in the sign Virgo at 20 degrees. This aspect has been building power for some months now — and it will crest at 1:41 AM EST (add one hour for DST), and its effects will continue for several weeks. Anyone born on or near this date or having the Moon or a Planet near this degree of Virgo may see some unexpected happenstance occur. For those whose birthdays coincide with the New Moon Eclipse it can be a karmic and upbeat year beginning a new solar cycle, those whose birthdays are in opposition may have to deal with pending long-term issues but they can resolve them with fortitude and patience, and the New Moon energy is often a positive in one’s life. If we learn to simplify our lives with the movement of the Sun, Moon and Planets, we can enjoy a modicum of control over our experiences. Of course, we all have stressors, changes, and difficulties in our lives, but being one with the Universal flow is tantamount to breathing! We live, grow, evolve, and come to grips with the idea of not being infinite on this Earth — however — we are infinite in the Universal ether. We are energy incarnate — full of the dynamic essence that makes up all of our Universe — able to be changed, but not be destroyed. We will always Be!

The second Eclipse, a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse occurs on September 27th at 9:50 PM EST, and will energize the sign Aries at 4 degrees. As with all Full Moons the potential for excessive power being expelled is high, and in Aries (ruled by Mars) we might expect some upsetting issues or angry words to be brought forth. Especially those whose birthdays might be near or opposite this degree will have to be wary of entering into any volatile discussions or opposing anyone who is already out-of-control, angry and perhaps spewing forth hatred and bias. It would be advisable to back off of any heated confrontation if possible, or try to diffuse anyone who appears ready for a fight. Of course, this sort of advice is the bottom-line during any Full Moon period. Learn to use the volatile combustion of this Full Moon by arranging some activity of a Mars nature — see a boxing match, go to a demolition derby, find a fast-moving action film to go to see, attend a High School football game, use this time to enjoy the freedom of rooting for your home team or being agape at the speed and action of a car race! Allow your activity to follow the positive motions of the Lights and Planets. Work with the natural harmony within the Galaxy. Find your excitement in a controlled setting, and yell your head off, hoot and holler as loud as you can, and enjoy the tension and thrill of whatever activity you most enjoy.

Most of us will find these days or evenings will pass relatively unnoticed — however, all of us should be aware of the potential for controversy rearing its ugly head. Staying calm, cool and collected will be the best advice for all concerned. Walk away, don’t engage, and allow time to pass before revisiting the issues. Nothing is as important as maintaining your equilibrium and strength of character, being right isn’t the most important thing, rather listening and really understanding the other persons viewpoint can help to stem any fractious and precipitous actions. Be the beacon of light and love to all those who enter your realm.

Venus will meet up with Mars on the 1st at 14 degrees of Leo — sparking a few new romantic ideas, and perhaps precipitating a sudden “love-at-first-sight” meeting! However, Venus is in Rx mode, so it might be better to wait until the 6th when Lady Venus turns direct before believing this is the love of your life — time is a great arbiter of truth — allow time to mellow the early glow until you find the reality of the infatuation.

Pluto will turn direct on the 25th but will be in negative aspect to Mercury — batten down the hatches and make sure your financial situation is stable. With Mercury in the mix one should be wary of speaking out of turn and making a fuss without all of the facts. Be circumspect in all of your dealings during this time span. You don’t have to explain or apologize for something you “didn’t” say!

Of course, September always brings our magical Autumnal Equinox, this year it is on the 23rd as the Sun enters the Cardinal sign of Libra at 3:21 AM EST. The Equinox always send a shiver down my spine as I feel the ancient power of the old ones using the energy, dynamism and vitality of this day to begin their harvest, thankful for all that Nature had bestowed upon them. With invocation, prayer and ritual, they thanked the Gods for their bounty and honored their pledge to return to the Earth that which belongs to the Earth. Balancing their needs with the responsibility of caring for the land, taking only what they needed to flourish, they worshiped the life-giving ground upon which they trod. Careful to  nourish the soil, not overwork their land and rotate their crops — they were successful in their ability to survive and indeed thrive. Giving obeisance to the Gods of the land, sea and sky — they honored all of the natural world, and in turn were given the bounteous gifts of life. Humble, meek,  hard-working and full wonder at the miracles they beheld, they respected the ephemeral world they could never understand, but knew existed. They had faith in the benign workings of the Universe, and they in turn were given the promised land, and the ability to build upon their blessings of fertile soil and burgeoning crops. They held the Gods in high esteem, devoting their lives to the rhythms of the Natural Order. The Equinox marked their successful working of the land with a bountiful harvest to be gathered for the long winter month ahead.  It allowed our ancestors to believe they would survive for another year and that they were worthy of continuity in the rugged and harsh world they inhabited. Believing in their Gods, believing in themselves, and believing in their future they carried on with dignity and a fervor for life itself.  Today our Equinox is noted by those few who realize its importance in our timeline of evolutionary success — mystical rituals lost in time renewed and celebrated as a paean to those who have gone before us. As we stand on this island World, alone and unique in a Universe yet to be understood — we are humbled by the bravery and insight of the old ones, as they seemed to realize our role in enduring each life cycle and overcoming the odds. Immerse yourself into the rhythm of the Equinox — sit, meditate, ponder all that you have sown this past year and find the harvest you have made for yourself. Reward yourself with a moment of inner peace, reflective memory, and rejoice in your humanity!

Saturn will be returning to jolly Sagittarius on the 17th bringing a more uplifting energy to our everyday experiences. We may have resolved during Saturn’s Rx period in Scorpio to move forward with our plans and we can now see that our goals are within reach. Saturn expects hard work, and a focused attitude but will give generous rewards to those who follow his teachings.

Mercury will be Retrograding in Libra from September 17th to the 9th of October (starting at 15 degrees of Libra and ending at zero degrees on the 9th before turning direct) — relationships issues may be brought to the fore, any situation needing to be balanced will be on the front burner, and we should be careful of our communications and transportation. Don’t sent that snarky email to your boss, your ex, or anyone while you are still upset about any happening, wait at least 24 hours and re-read your note — you will probably find you are glad you didn’t send it and if you still want to vent, find a more intimate way to bring up the subject in person. Also make sure your cars have been maintained properly, any trips are double checked for cancellations or delays. And be flexible in your response to any glitches you encounter.

There is a lot going on this month, it will serve us well to concentrate on the positive happenings we can enjoy and will help improve our lives. It does no one any good to wallow in a negative pattern of anger or bitterness. Hatred eats into one’s soul and erodes the inner core of our innate  goodness — if we can find our way to seeing the beauty that surrounds us everywhere, to look into the soul of loving kindness that is in each of us, to appreciate our uniqueness and magnificence, we would all be amazed at our singular happiness. We are a band of brothers and sisters meant to work toward a common goal of communion, empathy and spiritual union. May we all reach for the stars in our quest to come together in love. Peace!





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