New Moon in Virgo — September 13th 2015

Our New Moon this month crests at 20 degrees of Virgo on the 13th at 1:41 AM EST (add one hour for DST). This New Moon is a Partial Solar Eclipse which adds to the power which will affect all of us, but especially those whose birthday is conjunct this New Moon. For those Virgos it will be the beginning of a very karmic and possibly important year. Of course, anyone who has the Sun, Moon or Planet conjunct this New Moon will feel the impact depending on the House in which it lives. Also, since this is an Eclipse, the emanations will last for a much longer time for all of us. Our Virgo New Moon will reverberate throughout the Galaxy sending waves of Solar energy wafting over one and all. Depending on what house Virgo rules in your chart, it will be therein that this New Moon will bring some extra pizzazz and some positive input for the next few months.

Lady Venus will have turned Direct on the 6th at 14 degrees of Leo, and will begin to offer her loving and caring vibrations to us with a positive flow of emotion. We can now use the best of Lady Venus’ glowing adoration and comfort in our day-to-day living. If you have a Planet, Sun or Moon at 14 degrees of Leo, you begin a new positive Venus cycle, use this blessing to improve your familial ties, find your true love, or enjoy a renewal of a loving tie. Venus in Leo will allow us to use our deepest feelings in a happy manner, and will try to bring us a new awareness of the beauty surrounding us every day. Live in Venus’ rosy glow with a renewed passion for all the blessings she has bestowed.

Retrograde Mercury begins on the 17th in the sign Libra at 15 degrees, unbalancing our usual acute mental capacity, also Jupiter in Virgo opposes Neptune in Pisces on this same day — adding more uncertainty and altering our perspective of reality. This is not a time to make important decisions or to sign important legal papers. Mercury doesn’t turn direct until October 9th at 9:58 AM EST, at zero degrees of Libra. When the sign Libra is influenced by any Retrograde Planet, it skews our thinking, delays awaited items, and generally brings confusion and the instability of not feeling in control. It’s best to go with the flow — be patient, understanding, and calm when and if things go awry. Take that extra moment to be sure you are on the right track, and then double check! There is always the silver lining of Mercury once again going Direct and our world once again returning to a more normal and comfortable pace, or a semblance of our once again being in control.

The Planet Saturn has been in Scorpio and will return to Sagittarius on the 17th, bringing a more positive vibe throughout the Galaxy. Whilst in Scorpio, we were given time to look back at our relationships, how we handled our partnerships, and we were allowed some insight into where we needed to put our efforts for the future. Now with Saturn getting back into Sagittarius, we will have a chance to implement any lessons we learned throughout the Rx period. Saturn can throw a wet blanket over enthusiastic Sagittarius for a while, but Sagittarius usual sunny and optimistic outlook will mitigate any of Saturn’s gloominess. Yes there are lessons to be learned, but the best lessons are those we learn through our successes and our failures. Each time life throws us a curve ball, we can better learn how to handle its idiosyncrasies — and find a way to make them work for us!

Mars in Leo until the 24th, helps us move forward with confidence and more positive ideas about what we truly want out of our lives. Use  this creative time to make plans and find new ways to help to make them happen. When Mars moves into more practical Virgo we will have a head-start on what we want to do, and where we want to go — Mars in Virgo will promote a cautious, but well thought out road for us to follow. Move within the cycles and Heavenly sequences of the Universe to maximize your potential for success. There truly is a special season for each of us in which to succeed.

Since our New Moon is in the sign Virgo, it would behoove us to think about those things that Virgo has reign over. Virgo is ever practical, neat and tidy, health conscious, organized, and efficient. If you need to improve your health, get into better shape, or just want to feel better — this is the time to put those needs and desires into your wish list. Want to clean out all of the old useless sales slips, old bills and bank statements that are clogging your office space — now is the time to be brutally honest and realize you don’t have to save every single sales receipt, cancelled check or bank statement you’ve had since the 60’s! Clean out those files now!!! Also, you realize your personal space is overcrowded and cluttered — infuse yourself with the energy of this New Moon and actually begin to clear up all of the detritus you have garnered for so many years — sort, label, file, box-up, whatever has been bugging you, and throw away all the unnecessary “junk” you have been holding on to for years. Just think how free you will feel after clearing not only your house, closet or desk — but you will have cleared out the dusty corners of your mind. Liberate your psyche by cleaning up your own little Galaxy.

Also — if you want to improve some of your relationships, connections or acquaintances — write out just what you want to happen. Be precise if you can — wishes work best with details, or if you just have a general idea about something — write it out as best you can. The magic is in the ether, and will manifest to improve all areas of your life. Write out your affirmations and wishes to begin a new chapter in your life, perhaps a new door will open and you will clearly see your true pathway throughout this lifetime. The New Moon crests at 1:41 AM EST at 20 degrees of Virgo on the 13th of the month — so all day will be advantageous for writing out your affirmations.

(I’d like to request that anyone who is reading this post might take a moment to say a prayer or send a blessing to my beloved granddaughter Arrian who’s Dad passed away this week  — he was a loving father, a talented artist and an all-round good-hearted person. We all will miss you Tom — may your beautiful spirit be forever free from all Earthly woes.)



One comment on “New Moon in Virgo — September 13th 2015

  1. Trisha says:

    Wonderful words which gave me new hope for my future and improve my health. Bless you and your loved ones.

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