New Moon Reminder — September 13, 2015

Since our New Moon in Virgo is a Partial Solar Eclipse it carries more dynamic energy than other New Moons, and has longer lasting effects. We should try to write out our affirmations in order to take advantage of the positive output of this New Moon. The Moon in the sign Virgo can be constructive if we want to improve our health, find ways to get rid of clutter, and find efficient ways to do our jobs. The Moon in Virgo is a no-nonsense practical Moon — seeing what has to be done and doing it efficaciously.

As the New Moon crests in the wee hours of the morning, all day long is perfect for writing out your affirmations, desires, and wishes. Nothing is off the table — you can write out any positive goal that you can envision. The Universe is listening — and writing out your wishes will impel your thoughts into the Galaxial ether to become your reality.

We can tap into the mysterious world of memory, ideas, imagination and wonder — with a stroke of our pen, we have this transcendent  world at our fingertips. There is magic and enchantment here, a place where miracles can happen and dreams and visions can come true!

Tap into your own imagination to find those hidden gems of thought, passion, and desire — and put them forth into the Universal ether to be awakened and acted upon.

Bring magic and wonder and love into your life and the lives of your loved ones — to be happier, more loving, and aware of all the gifts of Nature. Peace!


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