Autumnal Equinox — September 23, 2015

How swiftly the days seem to speed by at this time of year — as the days shorten and our weather cools to a crisp and chilly temperature, we are reminded that our holiday season will soon be upon us. We gather our thoughts as we gather our harvest in order to prepare for the joyful celebrations of Samhain, Thanksgiving, Christmas and Hanuka — but also the bitter winter weather to come.  We will endure and overcome all of Nature’s whimsy and tribulations and we will survive!

September always brings our mystical Autumnal Equinox, this year it is on the 23rd as the Sun enters the Cardinal sign of Libra at 3:21 AM EST (add one hour for DST). The Equinox always send a titillating shiver down my spine as I feel the ancient power of the old ones using the energy, dynamism and vitality of this day to begin their harvest, thankful for all that Nature had bestowed upon them. With invocation, prayer and ritual, they thanked the Gods for their bounty and honored their pledge to return to the Earth that which belongs to the Earth. Balancing their needs with the responsibility of caring for the land, taking only what they needed to flourish, they worshiped the life-giving ground upon which they trod. Careful to  nourish the soil, not overwork their land and rotate their crops — they were successful in their ability to survive and indeed thrive. Giving obeisance to the Gods of the land, sea and sky — they honored all of the natural world, and in turn were given the bounteous gifts of life. Humble, meek,  hard-working and full of wonder at the miracles they beheld, they respected the ephemeral world they could never understand, but intuitively knew existed. They had faith in the benign workings of the Universe, and they in turn were given the promised land, and the ability to build upon their blessings of fertile soil and burgeoning crops. They held the Gods in high esteem, devoting their lives to the rhythms of the Natural Order. The Equinox marked their successful working of the land with a bountiful harvest to be gathered for the long winter month ahead.  It allowed our ancestors to believe they would survive for another year and that they were worthy of continuity in the rugged and harsh world they inhabited. Believing in their Gods, believing in themselves, and believing in their future they carried on with dignity and a passionate fervor for life itself.  Today our Equinox is noted by those who realize its importance in our timeline of evolutionary success — sacred and mystical rituals lost in time renewed and celebrated as a paean to those who have gone before us. As we stand on this island World, alone and unique in a Universe yet to be understood — we are humbled by the bravery and insight of the old ones, as they seemed to realize our role in enduring each life cycle and overcoming the odds. Immerse yourself into the rhythms of the Equinox — sit, meditate, ponder all that you have sown this past year and find the bountiful harvest you have made for yourself. Reward yourself with a moment of inner peace, reflective memory, and rejoice in your enduring humanity!




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