Mars Enters Virgo — September 24, 2015

Our dynamic and passionate Mars will enter Virgo on the 24th of this month at 9:18 PM EST until November 11th. Having enjoyed his stay in fruitful and generous Leo — Mars will find his match up with Virgo is quite the change in attitude and thought. Since both Mars and Leo vibrate to Fire and therefore can come to an agreement once they have settled the alpha-male issue, they will find a way to work together.

However, with Virgo in the mix there is a decidedly different vibe and definitely not a match made in Heaven. Virgo is cautious, capable, efficient, concerned with health, might be a bit picky, neat and proficient in any project they care to tackle. Now — Mars likes capable, efficient and perhaps even neat — however — cautious isn’t in Mars lexicon! Mars likes to confront problems head-on — loves to get into the fray with his booming presence and passionate zeal. Our stately Virgo, wants none of the fanfare or folderol that Mars so enjoys! There will be sparks — which will be controlled by Venus’ cool demeanor and “careful” handling of anything that is heating up too fast. Oh — this combo will be a battle of wills, with Mars trying to overwhelm Virgo with his “bigger than life persona” — and Virgo in her own stately and elegant way ignoring all of the sound and fury, finding a way to assuage Mars bombastic shouts, while soothing his brow with her cool calm demeanor. We can look forward to a more elegant use of Mars energy whilst He engages with Virgo’s insistence on quality and grace!

On October 6th Mars in Virgo will oppose Neptune in Pisces setting off an evening of confusion, as Retrograde Mercury is also still in play in the sign Libra, you may want to double-check reservations, meeting places and confirm any plans you may have made. If you have decided to join a gym or new diet plan — you might want to wait until Mercury goes direct on the 9th of the month. Mars trines Pluto on the 15th, if you have some practical chores to get done, you will have the positive impetus of these two dynamos to help you get to work on them and the tenacity to get them done. The best time to carry on with plans you have made might be the 17th when Mars will conjunct the Planet Jupiter at 14 degrees of the sign Virgo! As long as you have crafted your plans with every detail outlined you will get a boost of Mars in Virgo energy and the largess  of Jupiter’s bounty, this positive combo can help you proceed with optimism.

The Full Moon in Taurus on October 27th may bring a plethora of activity that seems intense — use caution when confronted with those who seem to be out-of-control, or who are aggressive in going after what they consider their due. Venus and Mars will ride in the skies together in early November, perhaps a time for a romantic interlude, meeting someone special or just enjoying a close connection with an old pal. The New Moon on November 11th in Scorpio will conjunct Mercury increasing the intensity of our emotions and urging us to connect or reconnect with family and friends. Mars will exit Virgo on the 11th and will enter the Cardinal sign Libra which will have its own idiosyncrasies.

Mars in Virgo Love Style — Mars is all about passion, energy, emotion, and a more is better philosophy — Virgo is all about caution, planning, restraint, and compatibility! Mars in Virgo is a complex and interesting mixture of both with the onus of Mars always trying to be in control. However, our Virgo is no shrinking violet, and will give as good as she gets — fastidious and sometimes quite demanding, Virgo will not accept a “command” given by Mars just because he voices his “instructions” in a booming voice and pompous and pretentious manner. No, Virgo will give a gentle smile, seem to be in accord — and will hone Mars impetuousness with her moderate and careful outlook, changing his ways with a subtle smile and pat on the shoulder. Virgo will moderate Mars energy and passion into a more loving, caring persona and less of a war-like warrior.

Mars in Virgo becomes a more persnickety confidante and lover and will often be critical of his loved one’s habits. It will take a strong personality to overcome a Mars in Virgo mate as they have a code of conduct they find difficult to be shunted aside. A Mars in Virgo will have a set of standards they are unwilling to let fall by the wayside — indeed — as they mature, they sometimes can become more ingrained in their routines and standards so as to be quite unwavering in their decisions. It will take a strong and determined helpmate to hone the obdurate side of our Mars in Virgo lover.

The benefits of dealing with a Mars in Virgo mate can be worthwhile because they are usually loyal, willing to bend (a little), are hard working, looking to climb the ladder of success, and will want only the best for their loved ones. Devoted to their families and friends, our Mars in Virgo folks are usually a pillar of the community, keeping their standards high, working to benefit him or herself while also being of benefit to others. Happy to volunteer their time to worthy causes, especially anything to do with the health and welfare of others, any animal concerns, and their religious affiliation, they give of themselves with a generosity of spirit. If you can manage to rise to the high standards of a Mars in Virgo lover or spouse, you will find a rewarding lifestyle of comfort and companionship. Mars passion is somewhat tempered by Virgos fastidiousness and perfectionism. Still with a deep desire burning within, but seldom in an open and unrestrained manner. If what you want is someone who openly will display their love for you — our Mars in Virgo persona isn’t the One, but if you want someone who will cherish and care for you all of your days — you may want to take a chance on a Mars in Virgo who will bring a deep and eloquent love your way.

Mars in Virgo may be your dream come true with a realistic and honest approach to what life is really about — love, family, friends and working hard to maintain an authentic lifestyle. No frills, no subterfuge, no playing games, no fairy-tales — Mars in Virgo wants truth, transparency and true love! Isn’t that what we all desire?

Solid, steady, stable, sustainable and sensual will be life with your Mars in Virgo companion or spouse if you can live up to their high ideals and love them for all of their positive qualities — your Mars in Virgo will return your love in kind with infinite affection.


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