Full Moon Eclipse in Aries — September 27, 2015

Just a quick heads up to remind everyone of this month’s Full Moon Eclipse — we know that an Eclipse adds just that extra amount of tension and energy that can spill over into our activities.

The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse occurs on September 27th at 9:50 PM EST, and will energize the sign Aries at 4 degrees. As with all Full Moons the potential for excessive power being expelled is high, and in Aries (ruled by Mars) we might expect some upsetting issues or angry words to be brought forth. Especially those whose birthdays might be near (March 21st to the 25th in Aries) or opposite (September 21st to 25th in Libra) this degree will have to be wary of entering into any volatile discussions or opposing anyone who is already out-of-control, angry and perhaps spewing forth hatred and bias. It would be advisable to back off of any heated confrontation if possible, or try to diffuse anyone who appears ready for a fight. Of course, this sort of advice is the bottom-line during any Full Moon period. Learn to use the volatile combustion of this Full Moon by arranging some activity of a Mars nature — see a boxing match, go to a demolition derby, find a fast-moving action film, attend a High School football game, use this time to enjoy the freedom of rooting for your home team or being agape at the speed and action of a car race! Allow your activity to follow the positive motions of the Lights and Planets. Work with the natural harmony and energy being expelled by the Galaxy. Find your excitement in a controlled setting, and yell your head off, hoot and holler as loud as you can, and enjoy the tension and thrill of whatever activity you most enjoy.

If we are aware of the positive and negative aspects of the movement of the Planets, we can better use our time to be ready for any contingency that might occur. Using all of our senses and knowledge can bring us some awareness, and the ability to be prepared to take action if needed. And we can avoid any danger by recognizing when things are starting to get out-of-hand and dodging the situation entirely.

As always, staying calm in the face of any emergency will go far in keeping the circumstances from snowballing out of control. We all make quick decisions and reach conclusions every day — during a Full Moon we sometimes act too quickly without assessing a situation clearly — make sure you are the voice of reason if things get heated and talk everyone down if possible.

For most of us this time will pass without incident — and we can enjoy watching the Eclipse with our loved ones in our back yards or from our windows. Try to experience the beauty of Nature’s bounty, and breathe in the magnificent vibrations that can energize our psyches. Peace!





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