Just a Smudge — Jone Victoria — November 17, 2008

Smudging is a seasonal occurrence in my home. The ceremony of smudging is found in all cultures. Living in New England I acknowledge and honour those First Americans for this knowledge.

Smudging is the practice of using Sacred Smoke to cleanse the energy of a person or place.

There has been much discussion as to what to burn to create the cleansing smoke. Is it cedar, white sage, incense or sweet grass? When I was younger, I used a white sage stick. As I learned more about this custom, I was taught by a First American mentor to not use white sage as it is considered Sacred Medicine and not burnt. So, it’s your choice: sage, cedar, or sweet grass. You can purchase smudge sticks or make them.

Reasons to smudge:

To clear negative thoughts.

To clear that heavy, sad feeling in a home.

To clear energies that may be lurking after an argument.

To clear energies when you move into a new home/apartment.

To elevate your energy and let the Light into your heart.

To remove feelings of remorse, jealousy or mourning.

To participate in a Sacred Rite to honour indigenous people and ancestors who came before us.

How to Smudge Your Home:

  1. Unwrap the skinniest top and fan out the top of the braid then ignite. If using a cedar wand, ignite the shortest end.
  2. I use a very large feather to fan the flames and ensure the smudge stick is burning. Once the flames subside, there will be an abundant amount of smoke
  3. Start at the east direction of your home. (Don’t have a compass? Wherever the sun comes up is east!)
  4. Let the smoke fill the most easterly corner of your home. Walk slowly in a clock-wise direction and smudge the windows, and the door openings. Proceed to the next room until all your rooms have been smudged. You should end up at the place you began.

If you have a top and bottom level to your home do those floors as well.

Hold a large non-flammable plate or abalone shell to catch any hot ashes as you move around your rooms and you will eliminate burn holes in your floor.

Warning: you are dealing with open flames so use caution. Watch out for curtains, and smoke-alarms. You should be moving in a slow continuous motion so the smoke does not settle and hang in an area for too long.

How To Smudge An Aura:

Follow #’s 1 & 2 Above:

3. Hold the smudge stick away from the body, approximately 12″ and begin at the crown of the head. Let the smoke travel down the front of the body and have the person lift one foot at a time to smudge under each foot. Bring the smudge stick to the back of the body and travel the smoke up to the crown of the head. Use your hand or a large feather to ensure the smoke has touched the body.The person being smudged can use their hands to bring the smoke to their head area, heart and arms as well.

4. To smudge your own energy, simply light the stick or braid and set the stick in an abalone shell or bowl. Bring the bowl close to your heart. Using your hands or a large feather fan, let the smoke cover the top of your head, shoulders, and all parts of your body that you can reach.

Jone used many methods of clearing energy — smudging is a good way to actually see where the cleansing is taking place. The Spring and Autumn are good times to clear any “cobwebs” of negativity from your home — but anytime you can feel that heavy feeling in the air — you know it’s time.  I like to reiterate “May the Light come in” when smudging or “In comes the positive energy — out goes the negative energy.” Jone was very much in tune with the beliefs of the First Americans, and honored their ancient traditions. She belonged to a local drumming group that met frequently. Jone acknowledged that there were many ways of clearing energy — meditation, invocation, ritual and prayer. All have their place in the homogeneous community that is mankind. All it takes is belief. Peace!



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