October’s Astrological Activity — Halloween — All Soul’s Day

October is such a transitional month — the Summer temperatures are gone and we are enjoying the cooler air of Autumn, the colorfully changing leaves and that brisk air that invigorates our psyches. October also is the gateway to our busy Holiday Season — some folks actually starting their shopping and planning now. I am more of a wait-and-see person, who sometimes waits too long and then has to play catch-up! I think it makes for a more exciting Holiday time — although perhaps exhausting. We are also still in the throes of Mercury’s Retrograde period until the 9th, and last month’s Lunar Eclipse in Aries which is still reverberating throughout the ether. If you can, put off any new plans until Mercury goes direct — allow a day or so to pass as Mercury transitions to moving forward in Direct motion once again.

October’s New Moon crests at 7:05 PM EST on the 12th of the month in the sign Libra at 19 degrees, Libra often brings beauty, love and balance into our lives. A Cardinal Air sign, it also has an artistic side that tempts us to see the magnificent in the mundane.  However, this New Moon opposes Uranus, the Planet of the unexpected! You might be piqued by that handsome stranger or beautiful co-worker, but take the attraction with a grain of salt — Uranus is great for that initial overwhelming fascination, but soon reality rears its ugly head, and the allure fades quickly. Just saying!

The Full Moon appears on the 27th at 7:05 AM EST, in the sign Taurus at 3 degrees of the sign. A Fixed Earth sign, Taurus brings an intensity to the Full Moon with some deep feelings but a practical approach to whatever is going on in the world. Just be aware of your spending habits, you might find your plans for Holiday shopping will have to be somewhat curtailed. Don’t put yourself into debt with lavish gifts you really cannot afford. Instead try to be creative and think about what the recipient truly enjoys — you may be surprised to find you have a handle on unique and welcome presents that give of yourself and your time, that will be more appreciated than a store-bought item.

Mars in Virgo will be in opposition to Neptune in Pisces on the 6th creating a schism between needs and desires — try to be realistic in your everyday routines and don’t go overboard in trying to garner praise from superiors. It won’t work at this time and might sideline you for future advancement. Instead, keep up with your usual steady and upward work ethic to gain positive notice when it’s due. Also, anyone who is usually picky, disparaging, or  disapproving may spew forth unwelcome criticism that will have a backlash effect. Best to keep any condemnation to oneself, and rethink your attitude about how others do their jobs. On a positive note, Mars in Virgo may spur us on to think about joining a gym, or being more aware of our eating habits. Especially just before the Holiday Season of celebrations with food and drink, it makes sense to prepare our minds and bodies before the onslaught of over-the-top temptations lead us astray!

With the Sun in Libra most of the month, it can bring our creativity to the fore, find the craft, talent or flair for the artistic you naturally have and enhance it with a class — you might be surprised to find that your abilities are clever and perceptive. Mars and Jupiter in Virgo will also give you a boost in honing your gifts to a professional level if you wish to pursue that course of action. Open yourself to new ideas and different pathways during your time here on Planet Earth.

Toward the end of the month there might be an uptick in invitations to Holiday festivities and/or family reunions. Try to accommodate all those who want you to enjoy some quality time with them — this is the season to connect and reconnect with friends and family. There may be a surprise or two visited upon you during these last days of October!

Many of us will be celebrating the magic of Halloween on the 31st — with Trick or Treaters at our doorstep, fantastic parties, and whimsical costumes galore! Ghosties and Ghoulies, Witches and Cats, Scary monsters and people in masks — all make for a night that’s eerie and fun, join in with the celebrants ’til daylight has come! I love the excitement of the little ones as they pick out their treats and quickly return to their parents waiting at the end of the walkway. Super heroes, princesses, witches with pointy hats, cowboys, astronauts, monsters and ghosts, all make for a night we look forward to every year. Then November 1st, All Soul’s Day — a day to remember all those who have crossed over — we implore that their Infinite Spirits are free and they are at peace, and knowing we will always remember them with love!

Saturn in Sagittarius will be in a wide aspect to Neptune in Pisces, perhaps bringing vivid dream states and a generally uneasy feeling. You can use the energy of this loose square in a positive manner by being realistic about what is going on in your life. Forget about Pie-in-the-Sky schemes or unrealistic goals (you know what they are) — and concentrate on the constructive steps you can take to reach those goals that are practical and useful. We all love to dream big dreams, but we usually understand that they are just that — dreams! If we can manage to put those big dreams into a mundane and prosaic setting, we might have a chance to do something really worthwhile. We don’t want to let go of our ultimate fantasies, but it is here in the real world that we must make our mark. Modify those unlikely plans for a more attainable goal — and keep your nose to the grindstone to make it happen. How wonderful to realize that a magical but practical idea can become reality!

The Sun trines Neptune on the 30th allowing our imaginations to soar with creative ideas for our Halloween (Samhain) celebrations! Use all of the inspiration from the ancient ones to spur you on to an inventive and totally unique experience. Feel the heartbeat of all those who have been celebrants of all of the ancient secrets and rituals that have evolved into our modern ceremonies. With incantation, supplication, prayer and invocation we ask that our requests are made pure, and our journey here on Earth will be remembered with exultation, love and joy!






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