Venus Re-Enters Virgo — October 8, 2015

Venus will re-enter the sign Virgo on October 8th at 12:30 PM EST until entering Libra on November 8th at 10:31 AM EST, leaving elegant and generous Leo with a flourish and a Queenly wave. Knowing her days of lavish spending are over, she tentatively enters the sign Virgo, expecting to have to rein in the extravagances of those Halcyon days of Leo’s bounty!  Meeting up with Saturn on the 10th in the evening seems to give credence to her fears, and on the 16th Venus opposes Neptune in Pisces furthering her recognition that a more austere time may be ahead.

Now the good news is that Venus in Virgo acknowledges that before we can be helpful to others we first have to take care of ourselves. Before the Holiday entertaining begins, you may want to join a gym, try a new dietary plan, or have a makeover! Venus in Leo gave us a fanciful outlook and made us feel beautiful and young — with Venus in Virgo, we are more practical and realistic about our current health and fitness. Your eyes are open to the few gained pounds from Summer barbecues, maybe your hair could use a refreshing new style, cut and color, and your fall wardrobe seems out-of-date with this year’s new Autumn shades. Venus in Virgo will have the ability to find the best way to revitalize yourself and especially with her eye for decor — you might redo your surroundings.

On the 21st Venus and Mercury have a pleasant moment that is uplifting and gregarious, on the 23rd Venus trines Pluto in the early hours of the morning perhaps bringing vivid dreams of karmic past lives, or a new idea that has been simmering at the back of your mind. Allow your idea to become a vision and carefully nurture it until you find a way of implementing it for the most reward. Remember, Virgo needs careful and accurate planning before taking on any new project. Perhaps by the 25th when loving Venus conjuncts generous Jupiter you will be ready to unveil your new plan, idea, or look! Plan on celebrating you and reap the rewards of all your hard work. Be aware that on the 27th the day of the Full Moon, you may find some unexpected hindrance or issue being raised that will be a tad frustrating. On November 2nd, Venus is riding with Mars in Virgo and this might bring some criticism to the fore, and you may find that others feel your methods are too restrictive for many to embrace. Loosen up a bit if confronted by those who don’t understand your way of operating, and explain your meticulous viewpoint with a smile and genuine interest.

Venus is always loving and aware of our needs — in Virgo we find a more staid Venus, but nonetheless still warm and able to embrace life with all of its ups and downs. When Venus enters Libra on the 8th, it will help us to be aware of the true meaning of the Holiday season and what really matters during our lifetime here on Earth. Family, friends, partners, acquaintances, all of the people we come into contact with on a regular basis are the core of our being. We love, respect, honor, and venerate our loved ones, but we should also be aware of those who are on the fringe areas of our lives. Every human-being deserves to be treated fairly and with a spirit of justice. The old adage “Do unto others, as you would have them do unto you” isn’t just a bunch of words to be repeated by rote — it is to be taken deep into our psyches, to take hold until it is an everyday part of your humanity. Be the light of acceptance, equality, fair mindedness, and love. Without love our human spirit dies a little bit every day. Allow caring, allow light, allow beauty, allow love into your heart and soul. Believe!

Hint — find your Venus in Virgo love at the library, at an upscale mall, in a fine dining establishment, flying first class, in the emergency room, at a Whole Foods store, a Farmer’s market, attending a class for clean living or improving health, at the gym, volunteering at an animal shelter, at a rally for human rights, on the golf course, jogging, bringing donations to any charity, helping out at a soup kitchen, at a fashion show, buying top-quality running shoes, at a local playhouse, and having tea at a specialty shoppe!



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