De Part This World to Say Hello — Jone Victoria — March 9, 2009 — Jone’s Method of Connecting with the Departed

This post is a direct response to Andy and some others who have questioned if “they are receptive enough” to receive messages from their departed loved ones.

Being contacted by the deceased has little to do with our belief system. The dead are going to try various ways to contact you, as a means of comfort for the grief and loss you feel. Often they use electricity as a means of gathering energy to manifest some form of physical action. It’s beneficial to be aware of the subtle signs of communication.

Someways that the departed contact us are:

Lights flicker

Lamps (i.e., lightbulbs) blow frequently and need to be replaced often

The telephone rings in short bursts or it rings frequently to find no one is on the line when you answer

In dreams, as they talk to you

Hearing our name called

Hearing walking in a room

Seeing shadows move

Feeling someone lightly touch you

Feeling sudden joy well up in your heart when you think of them

Feeling the hair on the back of your neck suddenly raise up

The television, radio or lights power on after you are certain you shut them off

The sense of someone standing very close to you

A draft of air where no source can be detected (i.e., open window, ceiling fan, heat register, etc.)

A sudden feeling of drowsiness; you cannot keep your eyes open and must lie down

Objects that move from the place you put them or disappear altogether

Waking up with tears on your face and not knowing why


For the deceased there is no death, no ending – there is only a change of energy. They hear you, see you and find ways to communicate.

Today my daughter and I took a break while the kids were napping and went to the TV room. As we sat on the couch she said, “maybe there’s a good movie on”. She turned on the TV and put on the movie channel. Tora, Tora, Tora was listed. We looked at each other and had to laugh. My Dad had only seen about three movies in his entire adulthood and this was his favorite. Coincidence? Perhaps.

Our loved ones find their way to us in our personal darkness of loss – how extraordinary these gifts are!


It might take a little concentration, but we all can “feel” that frisson of energy that seems unfounded in the light of the real world. Most of us brush away any idea that it might be our loved ones trying to let us know that they are alright, and aware of our continuing lives. Jone often will let her presence be known by calling my name, having cardinals (especially the males) make an appearance, touching the back of my neck, and often by giving me an answer to a question, or clearing up some confusion I am experiencing by literally handing me a solution! I find it comforting to “feel” the closeness of those who have crossed over — they are just happy to see us go on living our lives and they are gladdened and  aware of our sadness at their loss. We are coming up on the Fifth anniversary of Jone’s departure from this mortal coil, in many ways it seems like yesterday — and then on other occasions it feels as if we have been missing her for such a much longer time. I know our loved ones are okay on the other side, they regain their youth and health — they continue to learn and evolve — and many may one day return as a newborn in our lives. We continue to work and grow with those we have lived with in past lives — karmically our families and close friends will have been the most important figures we incarnate with again and again. We are born – we evolve – we learn – we teach –  we feel – we touch – we bond – we love – we age – and eventually we die – yet our spirit our soul lives on — and we thrive! Peace.




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